July 4th, 2011 | 317 Entries

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317 Entries for “assisted”

  1. If I assisted you in your garden of life, would you assist me in mine? We could deadhead all the spent flowers and sow seeds to replace the ones that died back over the cold hard winter. Then we could sit back and share a bottle of wine, and the love we have for each other.

    By Andie on 07.04.2011

  2. How many people have I truly assisted? I think more people including myself should be assisted in a situation where being assisted would affect them profoundly. How do consciously affect someone profoundly, though? Have I truly assisted someone? Or made selfish attempts to gain credit for something? I think that Every time I assist someone, I a subconsciously assisting myself. So no matter how much I assist someone, I have really assisted myself too. Therefore, you can never really do “enough”.

    By Mackenzie Sutton on 07.04.2011

  3. customer service telecoms industry i tried helping other people with their concerns. who helps me?

    who am i? and who can help me?

    By Marc Rondera on 07.04.2011

  4. When I see the word assisted, all i can think about is that it starts with “ass”. All I can do is giggle at the fact that I’m not any better than Beavis and Butthead.

    By Katherine Elizabeth URL on 07.04.2011

  5. she was just a little girl she couldnt help herself she she had to be helped being kidnaped that young was scary it must of killed her being abducted. someone had to help her

    By Miri on 07.04.2011

  6. On the frozen nights of the winters past, I have often been assisted by my faithfuls…..A bottle of brandy…A cigar…and my lovely guitar….an ebony finish to it….What else does a lost war hero need..

    By Abhinav|vermA URL on 07.04.2011

  7. Timothy dribbles the ball down the court, throwing it off to the power forward who backs slightly before crossing over his opponent. He waits patiently as Timothy sprints to the left side of the basket. Just as he jumps, the power forward flings the ball toward him, making the perfect alley-oop. Smiling at his partner, Timothy nods at the guy who had just assisted in the game winning point.

    By AspiringWriter URL on 07.04.2011

  8. I’ve assisted a lot of people in varying ways, but rarely do I assist myself. I ignore most of my advice and it tends to bite me in the ass. We can’t all be winners though.

    By Bob Hoffman URL on 07.04.2011

  9. How many people have I truly assisted? I think more people should be assisted in a situation where being assisted would affect them profoundly. How do you consciously affect someone profoundly, though? Have I truly assisted someone? Or made selfish attempts to gain credit for something? I think that Every time I assist someone, I am subconsciously assisting myself. So no matter how much I assist someone, I have really assisted myself too. Therefore, you can never really do “enough”. It’s harder than we realize to, selflessly, assist someone. But, maybe that’s the beauty of being human. We are all connected and if I assist you and I am, inadvertently, assisted by doing so, then we can both be happy. And that’s how we are all connected.

    By Mackenzie Sutton on 07.04.2011

  10. the very well writting assisted love provided by the martians that have re-inhabited the terestrial plain. How is is that we are able to comprehend our own existence?

    By Osprey URL on 07.04.2011

  11. It doesn’t happen often, that she needs help to get something done. No one is used to the times when it comes up – they’re all used to being assisted by her. But today, she is calling for help – today her walls are coming down. He rushes to her side – she looks so scared. He is the only one who knows her secret – and she hates it.

    By silentalltheseYEARS URL on 07.04.2011

  12. “I don’t need you. I don’t need anyone,” I looked at him quickly. But tears tugged at the corners of my eyes, and I looked down and tried to furiously blink them away. “You need me…don’t fool yourself,” he smiled and looked ready to attack me with a hug. And without fail, my rebellious side overshadowed everything else. “You wish,” I said firmly and quietly, arms folded, keeping out the world.

    By Marissa URL on 07.04.2011

  13. plastic
    plastic means fantastic wich means acid that growns from your mouth and makes my pacience go round with so many msitakes, mistakes, ortographic mistakes because einglish writing ain’t easy like you.

    By Luis on 07.04.2011

  14. He gently took my hand in his and assisted me to my seat, kneeling next to me and checking my rapid pulse. His brow furrowed in confusion as he tried whatever methods he could to get my body to calm down, but I just couldn’t; the fact that he’d told me his secret, and the fact that the secret was so mythical and ridiculous and absurd, was enough to keep my heart pounding and my breaths quick and shallow.

    By Nicole on 07.04.2011

  15. i dont want to be assisted. i want to do this all by myself. but really, i cant. i need your help. i need you to be right beside me. i need you.

    By rachel URL on 07.04.2011

  16. I assisted him in getting what he wanted, a nice feeling of ecstasy and a easy night of sleep. I wish he would has assisted me in the same.

    By Stef D. URL on 07.04.2011

  17. I assisted my friends with everything. Food. Brownies. Beer. Happy 4th of July.

    By jewlze210 URL on 07.04.2011

  18. assisted.
    as in you helped me.
    i’ve got a story to tell i suppose:
    Last night, Sharayah, you were there when I needed you. You assisted me in my moment of weakness. I was just about ripping at the seams and bleeding out my frustration and anger. you assisted me. you reminded me that deep inside, i do want to get better. you sat there with me. you assisted. you helped me through everything…all of the junk i set up. but more than helping me, you assisted me. because i worked too. we both worked.
    thank you.
    and i love you.
    <3 me

    By julia URL on 07.04.2011

  19. He helped me through the maze that was my game…. I know it shouldn’t bother me that a 7 year old knew my empires and allies game better than I did. but I did need assistance and he….. well assisted.

    By Deb Ramthun URL on 07.04.2011

  20. I assisted an old guy across the street. his name was hank he had a mustache he was short and wore a brown jacket and had a walker. he was afraid of the squirell that ran in front of us as we walked across the street we went to the park together and hhis grand kids were there.

    By Emily on 07.04.2011

  21. hobbling down the street. it’s wintertime and snow is swirling around. i wipe my eyes and there you are, offering me a piggyback ride. sheepishly you admit that the other boys made you volunteer. your face is red by this point. my ankle looks like a cantaloupe with all the swelling and i stare at you for a few seconds too long.

    By roberta URL on 07.04.2011

  22. He lifted the box off of the ground. He could feel his spine straining under the weight. “Lift with your legs.” He always heard. Now he realized why. Never had he worked so hard to do such a simple task. After the end of the action, he felt 100 years older, like an old man who could only bear to lift his own body every day, when the sun rises and the loon calls out to him to awaken.

    By Carissa on 07.04.2011

  23. suicide helped was able to effectuate by the aid of another donné assez d’aide pour réaliser quelque chose brought to fruition

    By jordan smith on 07.04.2011

  24. He assisted.
    She would not know he was there, what with such a large crowd of people attending the ceremony; but, it was imperative that he attend.
    It was a way to say goodbye to the one that could have been his forever.
    And she would never know.
    As he dressed, he wondered if he went to torture himself or because he hoped she would catch a glimpse of him or simply because he could not bear the thought that he would never see her again.
    Whatever his purpose, he went.

    By B.AM URL on 07.04.2011

  25. Everyone needs assistance, but assistance doesn’t need everyone.

    By charvs on 07.04.2011

  26. I walked up the hill to my home yesterday after work, and an elderly lady was shuffling up carrying two shopping bags. I wanted to offer her help, but the last time I did the person was super offended. I crossed the road to avoid her instead this time.

    By Alice URL on 07.04.2011

  27. No one assisted him as he grabbed up his clothes in a messy hurry. While the stew smelled great, Jensen was wondering what might be in it. The whole situation seemed off the charts; a red London phone booth, a moose, a naked hottie, and now a fucking 4 foot tall crane completely oblivious to the presence of humans…in a radioactive wasteland covered in dirty fallout snow. No, things were far from normal…

    By chole URL on 07.04.2011

  28. I choke out the words to my significant other. If only my thoughts weren’t so assisted by the implications of the world today. There is no such thing as true love or falling in love at a coffee shop. Only two people who can stand to be side by side more than they can with others. They can bear each others company in the hot, the cold, the good, and the bad, but they can’t finish each others sentences or kiss in the rain… Those are fairy-tales. Those are stories.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 07.04.2011

  29. Assisted.
    She assisted him with the heavy bags…
    Where is this going?
    Well, this has been a fail and a half… :P

    By missstar URL on 07.04.2011

  30. i grasped her arms pulling her up roughly, dragging her out of the danger zone. my force was almost enough to keep her standing but she swayed ageist me, as if somehow through the haze she guessed my intend and was determined to make me suffer.

    By Eva on 07.04.2011

  31. I assisted my mother when she was home from the hospital after suffering an almost debilitating. Fall. the Fall was horrific in detail when I think abot how she fell forward in the bathroom through the shower door and landed with her full weight onto her ulnar, which then snapped. Assisted sounds so innocuous at times, like a boy scout helping an old lady across the street, but in reality is the beginning ofva long time of the endings. Assisted living, assisted someone up, assisted someone tonthe bathroom. The assisted list goes on and on until the very end when no one will need your assitance again. Until you fo. Or I do.

    By Adasra32 URL on 07.04.2011

  32. cold breeze blown over the candid pines assisted swaying away the dark memories of the past off his heavy head. deeper he strayed into the thick woods clearer his mind became and so hi conscience.

    By rndm URL on 07.04.2011

  33. always been looking for assistance, by people as weak and sometimes weaker than me! Never bothered to count on someone who could always be there!

    By Withered soul URL on 07.04.2011

  34. but that one time i helped him fix his problems i thought it was mutual respect that blossomed, i was wrong.

    By Eva lael on 07.04.2011

  35. I could have assisted you with whatever you pleased but no, you were a stubborn mule who wanted to do everything by yourself. Look at you now, lying in a hospital bed, one leg in the air and both arms by your side, broken like a window shield after a brutal car accident.

    By Karla URL on 07.04.2011

  36. He assisted during the surgery and while doing so, he saw the knife slip in the surgeon’s hand. He looked up at the circle of nurses and doctors around the bed. Had no one else noticed?

    By Karen Baker URL on 07.04.2011

  37. I assisted her onto the flat platform at the top of the rocks. She looked around, taking in the scenery. Far below, a river was cutting through the forest of evergreens. Further down the river cut off into a waterfall of tumbling, white water. The sun shone down on the valley, and us looking over it. I took her hand, she looked at me with awe-struck eyes.

    By Smarty URL on 07.04.2011

  38. She walked across the street carrying six bags of groceries. Her cell phone was ringing in her purse and she was already late for a meeting. She heard a car horn, sent a glare at the stopped car who was impatiently waiting for her to cross.
    “Would you like some help?”
    She looked over her tall Fresh Garden Market paper bags to see a man with almost a golden glow around him. Well, it seemed like a golden glow.
    She breathed, “Please!” and threw her bags into his arms and reached into her purse to shut that damn ringing device off. They finished walking across the street in silence and over to her silver Prius.
    She popped her trunk and let him put her bags safely inside. She took this time to really give him a good look. Behind his jeans and white shirt she could tell he was fit, not overly muscular but not too skinny either. His short brown wavy hair had some natural chesnut highlights on it and when he stood up and caught her blatantly staring she couldn’t help but notice his bright green eyes.
    He chuckled to himself as she quickly looked away and fought the blood rushing to her face. As she heard the town bell go off she remembered how late she actually was.
    “Oh, shit!” she exclaimed to herself. “Thank you so much for helping,” she quickly said as she walked to the driver’s seat.
    He smiled and simply said, “I’ll see you around.”
    She only thought for a second about his odd and overly-familiar goodbye as she climed into her car. As she sped off to the community center she couldn’t help but smile as she thought about the gorgeous, yet mysterious, man who assisted her with her groceries.

    By Katlyn on 07.04.2011

  39. i did my homework. nobody assisted me. i woke up, had breakfast, took the bus, got to school. still, nobody assisted me. i was 6.
    now i understand that the price i paid for my independency was my childhood.

    By Jo URL on 07.04.2011

  40. Did I get assisted today, no! Did I assist anybody today? Yes. So still I am OK and I can enjoy the life. The day I cannot survive without assist, I would prefer to die.

    By Umut URL on 07.04.2011