August 11th, 2012 | 235 Entries

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235 Entries for “approval”

  1. something everyone searches for in life, but rarely is fully given by us. something that can drive people mad when nobody gives them this. the thing we want most in life. we can all wonder what makes us need this so much, but it’s simply because with approval comes joy.

    By ash on 08.11.2012

  2. She sought no approval other than her own. Alexandra had little time for the standards of those who were ultimately beneath her or demanded less than she did of herself. No, her life was one of unreachable goals and insurmountable odds.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.12.2012

  3. its good to have an approval for your ideals or ideals. People who don’t get approval from the important people in their life face very hard times ahead of themselves. I for one don’t have approval from my family for things i am passionate about. Approval could go as far as just wanting an opinion on the color you want to dye your hair.

    By Shantell batista on 08.12.2012

  4. Somtimes its normal to look for peoples approval of things. Yet you should have a sense of self approval as well. without that you tend to become very lost.

    By Patrick URL on 08.12.2012

  5. Is something we all seem to seek, but will never find unless we first manage to approve of our own actions. Unless we manage to live in a way that is true to ourselves rather than in a way that seeks to gain the approval of others.

    By pollockgraphy URL on 08.12.2012

  6. approval means getting approved.Getting a “yes” for the query or question one puts . Approval can be defined in different ways in different situations.

    By medhavi on 08.12.2012

  7. I needed your approval to take off the bandages your permission to unravel the ties your approval that it was okay to be…tie by tie you used them to tie me to your chains…prisoner on hands and knees…fuck your approval…i dont need your permission im running

    By bathtub_dj URL on 08.12.2012

  8. everytime you want to do or think you should do something, approval is needed, no matter if you’re a kid, a grown-up, male, female, a working ora jobless person. if not any external approval, then the approval of your heart.

    By mitali topkar on 08.12.2012

  9. I do not approve of people sweetening their tea. I think it is for total fagz. But not in the gay way. Like the stupid way. And that is how I feel about approval. And sweetening of tea. And, done.

    By Blake URL on 08.12.2012

  10. I don’t know what approval is. Actually I do. And it’s very hard to obtain. When you want someone’s approval, I think you become a different person, start acting like someone else just so you’ll obtain their approval. It’s ridiculous actually.

    By Paige on 08.12.2012

  11. All I ever wanted was your approval, from day one that’s all I ever asked for.
    Tell me that you’re proud of me and really mean it. Maybe then I won’t think it was all my fault that you left. I find myself wishing I could just ask you, but that’s not how it works.

    By Sam on 08.12.2012

  12. Stop asking everyone for approval, either consciously or unconsciously. Start living the life you want, and not the one that you feel you need to live to appease others.
    Be true to yourself and make no apologies. For when you are gone, nobody will remember who you impressed, or what you did to make them happy. Just make yourself happy. Simple yet difficult to achieve. Now go.

    By CJS on 08.12.2012

  13. Sometimes you just need someone’s approval. Maybe there’s something that you want to do, but you’re not too sure of it; having somebody say, “Hey! That’s cool! I support you!” just might make achieve your goal.

    By Taffeh.A.Llama URL on 08.12.2012

  14. Approval is very important in life. It reminds me of school, because you need approval for your essays and to do things. Approval is pretty big with parents too. They need to approve everything you do and say. It’s kind of annoying sometimes.

    By Haley on 08.12.2012

  15. I am always fighting for my mothers approval. It never comes because it will never come. I am actually fighting for approval of myself. I make excuses.

    By Maddie on 08.12.2012

  16. it requires consent. and brings happiness. it is used by offices for their not approve everything. think before you say yes.

    By shil on 08.12.2012

  17. I’m the type of person who needs approval for everything I do. Whether it be my friends’, my parents’…
    It really sucks because I never really have the courage to do what I want to do. And so I sort of limit myself…

    By myu URL on 08.12.2012

  18. He didn’t need his approval before, and he certainly didn’t need it now, standing on the edge of the building with his arms stretched to full wingspan. He could have wings if he wanted. Just slip away. Off the edge, into the air. Flying. He would fall, and he would be too late to catch him. Always too late, but maybe for a moment, he would fly.

    By shannon on 08.12.2012

  19. i still crave approval to this day, as a child I never got it, as an adult I earned it but approval has never come easy, satisfying people is a hard gesture and an unselfish one, however i’ve learned the only approval I really need is that of myself! although one would notice I crave it from my family more then anything.

    By Luchador Lavender URL on 08.12.2012

  20. He stood over the low horizon, gazing at the people walking past him on the dusty road below, kicking up dust and dirt into the atmosphere. None of the smog got to him though, carrying a heavy burden, waiting for approval.

    By Ina URL on 08.12.2012

  21. “Please” she whispered as he walked by her, not even glancing at her through his glazed-over eyes. The soft, earthy green had disappeared and turned cold.
    She sank to her knees, begging for a reaction, anything. She was left only with the rhythmic beating of his feet hitting the hardwood floors and the memory of the way things were.

    By Hannah URL on 08.12.2012

  22. The need to not fail. The thought of not dissapointing. Needing to achieve for everyone who is close to you. Wanting to be better at something. Wanting the envy from all around you. What you want from your teachers, and parents.

    By Lissette on 08.12.2012

  23. To approve yourself and to stop caring about other’s approval. To approve, little simple things your heart wants and to ignore what your brains thinks or wants.That is the most important ingredient to be happy. :D

    By tanvi s URL on 08.12.2012

  24. Ich brauche deine Bestätigung nicht, denn ich weiß, was richtig ist für mich. Ich kann es fühlen in den Knochen, in dem Grund, der meine Seele trägt, der sie hier hält, der sie wissen lässt, dass sie dieses Abenteuer nicht auf eigene Faust beenden darf, denn sonst geht der ganze Kampf wieder von vorne los. Ich weiß, was geht und was nicht.

    By Eli URL on 08.12.2012

  25. wish i didn’t need it. i claim not to but i desire it. i can work without it but i feel unsettled w.o it. wonder whose i want most. what i want most — not to seem rude or wrong, probably. overexplain so that my motivations are clear. wonder if age allows some reduction.

    By camille on 08.12.2012

  26. i don’t need anyone’s approval to do what i want, really.
    it all boils down to what i want. do i really want to do that? We all think of the consequences it brings. We think it limits us, but we only limit ourselves.

    By maple on 08.12.2012

  27. blah blah. test. waiting.

    By camille on 08.12.2012

  28. Approval of thoughts running through my mind I dont push them away anymore I just watch them fly good and bad pain and pleasure I just watch them float around the bad and the better

    By bathtub_dj URL on 08.12.2012

  29. I was sure that I would have got my father approval to go to the party. Although I knew that it would over late, I just wanted to go to be with my friends.

    By victor URL on 08.12.2012

  30. I seek approval in my work place everyday. When I am bringing people their food as fast as I can, the phone is ringing and I have hundreds of things to do, the kitchen calls “hands” for a plate to be delivered and I am embarking in another task I was told to do, when I am taking their order did I smile and make eye contact, will I get a tip, when customers walk in and analyze my appearance. When my boss tastes something I just made. I am on the eggshells of approval. I am on the eggshells of approval at home as well. Did I say the wrong thing? Did I give the wrong look? I am not doing enough. I do not measure up.

    By E URL on 08.12.2012

  31. Well, isn’t it what we always wait for. from parents, friends, society. We dont do anything without approval.

    By Dyuti on 08.12.2012

  32. I find myself craving the appreciation and the approval of people around me. It’s the human condition: the more we respect someone, the more we crave their respect and approval in return. It used to be that at times I found my self-esteem fluctuating with a simple word from my brothers.

    By Dailenna URL on 08.12.2012

  33. She sat across the desk from her and placed her hands on her lap. there was no point in arguing. She wouldn’t get the nod of approval she had hoped for. All that was left to do, was wait out the tirade that would last for the next while.

    By Amimee URL on 08.12.2012

  34. So many people want only approval. They hardly wish for more than that. What a petty world it is where people long for almost nothing. They strive for only approval. I suppose I am a hypocrite though, I think it may be just an innate human longing.

    By Shannon on 08.12.2012

  35. No longer need it from you or anyone else, I have my approval and my love for myself, I approve of my life, my choices and my happiness. Answer to no one I don’t want to answer to.

    By JP on 08.12.2012

  36. All I’ve ever wanted was the approval of the man who looked down on me my whole life. All I wanted was to be accepted in his eyes. To be deemed worthy by the one person that means the most to you. To live up to the expectations and hopes of a father is a difficult task. It proves more troublesome when they can’t be reasoned with and are so closed minded that they do not accept the views of the younger.

    By Rachel on 08.12.2012

  37. I want yours. I need it to go on. You validate me. Well, you’re supposed to. But, I’m sinking now because you haven’t. I’m begging for it – and you won’t. Why? I wish I didn’t need your validation, but I do.

    By Kris on 08.12.2012

  38. Did they approve of me? I searched for meaning in their calculating glances, their cool stares, but found nothing. What would I have to do to gain their approval? Surely just being here was enough, wasn’t it? I mean, they couldn’t expect me to know everything there is to know just by attending their first clandestine meeting.

    By Haley on 08.12.2012

  39. Did they approve of me? I searched for meaning in their calculating glances, their cool stares, but found nothing. What would I have to do to gain their approval? Surely just being here was enough, wasn’t it? I mean, they couldn’t expect me to know everything there is to know just by attending their first clandestine meeting.

    By Haley URL on 08.12.2012

  40. Approval: The curse of a self-depricating twenty-something like myself. I’ve spent my whole life looking for approval from my peers and superiors like a simpering puppy. Always left disappointed, so many occasions when my tail is between my legs. Self-approval, this is the way to go.

    By Sarah on 08.12.2012