August 10th, 2012 | 247 Entries

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247 Entries for “texts”

  1. the first thing that comes to mind is old fashion, books – as in textbooks. I am guessing that if I was under 35 I would immediately think texts as a way to communicate. But, for me, texts is an isolated experience.

    By anne on 08.11.2012

  2. So i was like wtf why are you sending me so many lonely texts? And he was all like, because i am totally lonely and i really like you! Then i was like, wait, you like me?! And he was like yeah. So that’s how we became a couple.

    By Christine URL on 08.11.2012


    By Brooke on 08.11.2012

  4. methods of communication between friends
    usually superficial. i don’t even know why we text. why can’t we just talk to each other in person or face to face or even on the phone. but this method can prove efficient. like i can quickly tell my mother on the way to the store “we need eggs” and that will suffice instead of a long phone conversation that actually is inefficient.

    By maddy auchter on 08.11.2012

  5. Texts filled up the screen on my phone, but I ignored them. Why would she be okay texting me after all that she had said? Why did it even cross her mind to try and apologize when she had purposefully said every biting word? I turned my phone off.

    By Kristina URL on 08.11.2012

  6. Text messages are taking over our life. Everywhere you go, people are texting. Talking to their friends, family, strangers, even. Most of what we talk about shouldn’t even be said. Although we’re becoming more “talkative,” we hardly have face-to-face relationships. We’re becoming less social.

    By Hannah on 08.11.2012

  7. Words, words, words. I love writing because it’s simple. It’s ABC rearranged, CBA, CAB, and so on, and you inhaleexhaleinhaleexhale in the space between letters that make up words that make up paper.

    By yamuna on 08.11.2012