August 11th, 2012 | 235 Entries

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235 Entries for “approval”

  1. A need for approval underscores too many of the things that he does. It’s unfortunate, because his instincts, apart from it, are fabulous. It’s when he starts to seek that approval that his decision-making starts to become detrimental to his well-being.

    By Jane URL on 08.11.2012

  2. To be accepted. To fit in where you are. Something that you do not have to worry about when you are young because no one really cares who you are they just like you, but as you get older who you are is the most important thing.

    By Andrea on 08.11.2012

  3. Would you give such a horrible union your approval? I am going to do everything within my powers to destroy it.

    By leelee on 08.11.2012

  4. I want approval from someone in general really. Lol that didn’t really make sense. But yeah, I like it when people approve of me because it makes me feel special really. You don’t have to approve of someone to like them though, because they can still be fun, can’t they? I’m just rambling about approval now, so nobody will approve of me. Ahh sad non-approval times.

    By Jenna on 08.11.2012

  5. seeking approval from others takes a lot of effort and energy. why do we waste so much of our time doing this activity then? what is the payoff? why is others approval so much more meaninfgul than our own> unless seeking this approval is from someone totally and completely awesome, then i dare say stop doing it

    By laura on 08.11.2012

  6. Something you like to get from other people, it can feel good to give, get it to get married, people yearn for it, it comes from someone with power (usually), different levels/types.

    By Victor URL on 08.11.2012

  7. Something people like to get from others, it can feel good to give it, get it to get married (Father’s blessings), people want for it, it comes from someone with power (usually), different levels/types of approval. It can be a big deal (getting approval)

    By Victor on 08.11.2012

  8. unachievable

    By mally on 08.11.2012

  9. You are amazing and I greatly respect your gifts. you can achieve all you set your mind to. A master, a marvel and love goddess. Beautiful and adaptable, flexible a gift to the universe. She heard these words for the first time.

    By vanessa on 08.11.2012

  10. Honestly there isn’t anything in which you need approval. Once you’re fixed on something that you want to do -doesn’t even matter what it is, you should do it. Well, just as long as your not hurting anyone but you know that’s a different story. Only person that needs to approve anything about your life is yourself.

    By Debbie URL on 08.11.2012

  11. what others give
    what you wont give yourself

    no one can give it to you if you wont accept it

    can be a never ending supply and addicting

    By paige on 08.11.2012

  12. Sometimes I feel like I have to have everyone’s approval and if I fail, I won’t be the person everyone expects me to be. Approval can come in all shapes and sizes from everyone, can be a tiny nod of the head, or a huge smile that lets you know you’ve done the right thing. approval is in the eye of the beholder, just like beauty.

    By Sarah on 08.11.2012

  13. I nod. He smiles. I put a hand on his shoulder. Congratulations. The smile is contageous. I turn around and give a thumbs up. Well done.

    By Kim URL on 08.11.2012

  14. that is something that is never necessary from anyone but oneself. If you can accept yourself then anything you attempt will be be that much more successful.

    By River Ranter URL on 08.11.2012

  15. I open the door, A smile of approval spreads across his face. this will be a good night, i can already tell. He takes my hand slowly and leads my to the bedroom.

    By Laurel Elise Hill URL on 08.11.2012

  16. the gates are open, am about to get there, a job, a person, a task, a place.
    It means yeaaaah for me.

    By Asmaa Ismail URL on 08.11.2012

  17. The need for a condition Jesus paid the price for already.

    By Cristal Sawyer URL on 08.11.2012

  18. self approval is the only way to proceed in our human undertaking and role of evolution
    i approve of myself and all others

    By mikyle on 08.11.2012

  19. I always wanted approval. Still do really. As much as I hate to admit it I crave even a word of it, saying I did something right. If someone asked me this I would deny it.

    By Alix the Nobody URL on 08.11.2012

  20. all he ever wanted was the approval of the snow. it was cold, it hurt him. he knew that nothing would change unless he could change the universe. so he tried. every night, in that same spot, he would touch an ice cube to his skin and then bury it in the snow. it never worked.

    By Estevan URL on 08.11.2012

  21. It’s that, which I’ve been seeking. Running up over the field of ocean as it brushes itself into the red rock and white cliff. The surf, foaming up, a white linen rope leading her mouth deep into the sand until she can no longer speak. And that’s where he and I go together, to dive into her skull, to parch ourselves, to hug each other and find our souls exploded- mines being mined out of existence.

    By kate URL on 08.11.2012

  22. Karthus smiled in approval of his elder’s actions.
    “Now you’re beginning to learn. Good progress, so far.”
    His grandfather looked up at Karthus, joy in his eyes at the praise.
    Karthus shifted. “Well, get back to work!”
    Immediately his grandfather began sucking his dick anew.

    By Patrick on 08.11.2012

  23. She didn’t want anybody’s approval, not even mine. One day, she just ran away to somewhere beautiful, alone, without anyone knowing she was planning to leave. And since that day, I have never been able to look at the sunset the same.

    By emlex URL on 08.11.2012

  24. from now on. i don’t ask for approval. i do want i feel i should. what i think is just. i’m tired of the,”do you think i should ask him?” and the “does this shirt look ok?”

    By Daniela URL on 08.11.2012

  25. I feel like I’m always seeking approval from my girlfriend, parents, etc. it keeps leading me down a path of disappointment and hurt and ultimately doesn’t help me be closer to any of them. I guess it’s selfish.

    By Leah on 08.11.2012

  26. i wanted his approval. as i walked through the corridors, clutching books, with an air of confidence that i held strongly, i secretly wanted his approval. and i got it. i got it before i even realised that i had it, and now i cling onto it, because i’ve come to realise that he can cure things i battled through those days where i walked clutching my books.

    By kerry URL on 08.11.2012

  27. I appreciate it ! Thank You !

    By momena on 08.11.2012

  28. i have always been someone who craves approval, I act like I don’t care but i spend my time casting glances at my parents and peers, hoping for a nod or a smile, something to suggest I’ve done well, but I always feel I fall short of that. It’s a shame really because I’m sure if I really tried I could be something great.

    By Amy on 08.11.2012

  29. “I give you my approval” he said. Charles jumped in joy. Now he could finally marry Celeste, his true love!

    By Robot on 08.11.2012

  30. What I need from other people. What I am so ready to give to others because I know the pain of not getting approval. Approval feels dangerous and wonderful all at the same time. why are you really doing what you are doing? is it genuine? or is it based on your need for approval?

    By shaye on 08.11.2012

  31. I need approval. But I won’t give myself my own approval. So how can I approve your approval? Your approval is met with no belief. I am sorry that your sincerity is not enough. I am sorry that nothing is enough.

    By Innards on 08.11.2012

  32. Approval. It can come from the strangest places. Sometimes, even the people you want to approve don’t, but the most unexpected ones do. It says something about the way life is; always unexpected. Always a surprise.

    By ZenetianPanda URL on 08.11.2012

  33. there once was a man named approval. he was really well liked, although he had an awkard mustache. i dont know how to spell awkward. i am approval. but there is still more time. so you might be approval instead. i know that approval is approval. mustache and all.

    By elizabeth URL on 08.11.2012

  34. stuck in a rut, burrowing deep into what appeared to be the only way, the girl in purple sighed. for what is her happiness worth if not first ascertained by someone worthy? nothing, as far as her father goes. (i’m stuck myself, writing is such a chore as of late)

    By olive URL on 08.11.2012

  35. I have a high need for the approval of others. I don’t think I live up to my standards so I want others to validate what I do.

    By L on 08.11.2012

  36. I’ve prided myself on not caring for gaining anyone’s approval, but that’s left me a bit depressed I suppose, because now there’s no sense in trying, because there’s no one to impress. Just me, and I don’t take much to please.

    By Casey the male on 08.11.2012

  37. Approval is something that many people want to take a bite of. It is salty and delicious. Maybe one day someone will share a delectable approval with me. I hope so.

    By Aidan on 08.11.2012

  38. I don’t often get approval. People don’t ‘approve’ of the way I speak, behave etc. But I approve, and that’s what matters. It’s your approval that counts, not theirs.

    By Hannah on 08.11.2012

  39. Approval. That’s what you look for when you really love, admire, and look up to someone. You look for their approval in everything you do. You want them to love you just how you love them, and you want to make sure they are happy with you. When you’re happy with yourself, you’ll approve of yourself and then maybe you wouldn’t need approval from anyone else.

    By Rachael URL on 08.11.2012

  40. She didn’t care. She would do what she wanted. It didn’t matter a thing. He was only her dad. She should listen, sure, but she wasn’t going to. She had thought about it and would deal with the consequences later. While, it’s not quite the same when your dad is a dragon and you aren’t.

    By Patrick on 08.11.2012