June 25th, 2011 | 396 Entries

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396 Entries for “antlers”

  1. London was grey as usual. And cold. The car was waiting for us at the arrivals and the drive would take about 2 hours. Although I did not really want to go back I was looking forward to seeing the beautiful mansion once again. The memories of meeting Drake there, the beautiful rooms and coloured tapestries and the strangely decorated drawing room with the huge deer antlers hanging on the wall. But the house could also be intimidating.

    By Anton URL on 06.26.2011

  2. If I had antlers, it would bug the shit out of me.

    By wemuma URL on 06.26.2011

  3. I wonder if deer get all macho over who has the biggest antlers… Do they have tiny antler complexes?

    By cassi on 06.26.2011

  4. things that are on top of an animal’s head; usually deer or reindeer. Can be grabbed, gripped and used for leverage when riding said animals. A saddle or harness is recommended when riding a deer or reindeer, in part due to the imminent danger posed by Kris Kringle, the infamous reindeer herder. That bastard. He keeps all the reindeers. I don’t want to know what he does to them

    By Paul Reynolds on 06.26.2011

  5. doe a deer a female deer. ray, a drop of golden sun. me and name I call myself, far a long long way to run

    By xoxo on 06.26.2011

  6. Antlers are not often seen around here. Probably because there isn’t a great demand for deer in Australia. Fortunately I’d say, because the sight of stuffed deer heads with antlers intact on the wall of the games room is a sight I am happy to avoid seeing.

    By KatieP URL on 06.26.2011

  7. “Dayum,” cried Kam as he felt a sharp pain at the tops of his head.
    “Kam… are those ANTLERS growing out of your head?” Janie exclaimed.
    “No, no… uh… SURPRISE?!”
    “It’s your brithday isn’t it?!
    “I have to go.” And with that, Kam shot off into the woods, cursing quitely to himsllef for blowing the one chance he had with this girlfriend. Janie just stood thee, shell-shocked at the randomity of the event she had just witness.

    By KK on 06.26.2011

  8. Antlers are on raindeer. Raindeer are pretty and orginate from santa clauses backyard.
    Santa clause is a wonderfull man, he buys presants for everyone in the world.

    By Gonzalez on 06.26.2011

  9. Antlers is a funny word. Oh yea, antlers themselves are beautiful and part of a very magnificent animal, but the word itself is silly. Aaaaantlers.

    By Jamy Gearhart Hillis URL on 06.26.2011

  10. The coathangers that string up a line of defence, they are a knights sword in a wild and frantic battle, creating the frontline, the death zone.

    By Meredith on 06.26.2011

  11. There were antlers on his car?


    What kind of sane person would put antlers and a red nose on their car to celebrate Christmas?

    That’s a person that has some balls… or is just a little crazy.

    By Ryan URL on 06.26.2011

  12. I really don’t know what an antler is. But I can write about how I feel…Today I feel anxious, and trapped…and I wish I could break free from al this dreams and thoughts of you. I wish I had the strength to say I’m really done with all this word swallowing silence.

    By mariel on 06.26.2011

  13. The tall brown deer stood proud with it glorifying antlers.

    By kayleigh on 06.26.2011

  14. Nic came in the room, red eyed, glowing with moisture.
    “…DId you just break up with Bec or something?”
    “No… I just listened to the entire Hospice album by the Antlers… most depressing thing ever…”
    After that I listened to it, it was. It is.

    By Eugene URL on 06.26.2011

  15. The thing is huge. Each breath I release causes a cloud to form between us, but that’s not enough protection. I’m frozen in a death dance, waiting for my chance to get away. Can’t offend it, can’t offend it, can’t offend it…. I see the antlers bobs down, the head lower, and I can’t hold it any longer. I run.

    By Katelin on 06.26.2011

  16. Little insects crossing my screen. They don’t have antlers like all the creatures running across the desk. If I had a different mode of sensory perception would I choose to have antlers? It’s awesome to think that we are limited by our five senses and yet in nature we find so many ways of perceiving our known universe. Something worth reflecting upon.

    By baroogz URL on 06.26.2011

  17. Antlers seem to be a source of pride for animals. A male buck with a larger rack of antlers has more power. But this show, this natural given gift actually means nothing about the character of that animal, in fact shaping it’s attitide around the perception of itself as through the eyes of others.

    By Allison on 06.26.2011


    By ChemicalCandy URL on 06.26.2011

  19. Deers wear these to protect themselves. The fuzzy covering falls like snow from ruff beatings in the spring, when all becomes new. Majestic and proud look the deers that wear them. Forrest.

    By Bethany on 06.26.2011

  20. antlers are pretty funny
    who has em deers and bunnys?
    no no wait wait its deers and meese!
    or moose and whatever has its teeth
    out of its head
    pretty intense
    wouldnt mess with those
    unless i had ten.

    By gerald URL on 06.26.2011

  21. I thought I saw your antlers but they hadn’t sprouted just yet. They were simply just little pieces of fuzz coming from the top of your head. Youn flaunted them like you were some sort of bad ass and I just laughed because you were trying so hard to impress everyone.

    By Liz Howard on 06.26.2011

  22. I actually don’t know what this word means. I’m Italian and can’t read English too good. I’d really like to write about something else, anyway, if it is possible. As you can see, I’m not very good at typing, too. Goodbye!

    By C.R. on 06.26.2011

  23. antlers are always busy looking for ants. when they find them, they discover they’ve been so busy searching, that they don’t even know anymore what to do with them. little is known about antlers, as the moment they discover their aimlessness they die of sadness.

    By Nessa on 06.26.2011

  24. They wore purple antlers. Why? They looked tiered. Where were they coming from? Dear me.

    By visage URL on 06.26.2011

  25. When I hit the dear the antlers came looming up towards the windshield. Time slowed down and I saw the antlers in great detail, along with every individual hair on the head of the dear. The antlers banged the windshield and the deer bounced off the hood of the car and limped to die in the woods.

    By elizabeth b URL on 06.26.2011

  26. It was his fifth hour in the tree, just sitting there. He had been in the same exact spot since four in the morning. And now, he sat there, continuously banging the two antlers together in hopes to attract other dear. Maybe, if he got lucky, he might even bring in a wondering bear? So far though, he wasn’t having any luck.

    By Joe on 06.26.2011

  27. There was a boy with antlers, he was made fun of by the other kids it wasn’t because he had antlers it was because they wanted them so they made fun of HIM. It was more like they had their own tree and a place to hang their coats on so when their mom wanted them to clean up their room all they had to do was hang it on their antlers. They were jealous, they asked why was it He had all the fun and more time to play than they did? He didn’t know it had to be because his Uncle was a lumberjack and his family had roots in that business and most kids mistook him for antlers instead of a tree he would kid the other kids by making noise like a moose..He’d confuse the heck out of them

    By Barb Lambert on 06.26.2011

  28. hallow every body i am online for you greetings, have nice day day long …say to peace for you all

    By ghigha rachman URL on 06.26.2011

  29. A fierce weapon used only in the event you an Elk or Deer. Sometimes used in fashion amongst said Elk and Deer and the bigger the antlers the more worthy you are of divine powers and wenches.

    By Dylan on 06.26.2011

  30. Antlers – now there’s a challenge. I live near a forest, so I’m lucky to see deer from time to time, though the stags seem to be more elusive. The hinds brave the fields – one alert for the farmer with his gun while the others feed. But the stags hide in the trees.

    By joey on 06.26.2011

  31. the antlers were tiny on my head, everyones else were bigger i felt so silly then my dad came up to me and said dont worry, it makes you look cute! then he laughed, during the night i cut off his antlers and then said HA whos cute now!

    By Jen on 06.26.2011

  32. I have half an antler on my back porch. Found in my small woods.

    By donna bauerly on 06.26.2011

  33. Never let a stranger cut your hair in the middle of the street. The results will look like bushy antlers poking out all willy-nilly from your head.

    By theopellate URL on 06.26.2011

  34. deers have antlers. You have no idea how intimidating those antlers are until you are faced with them and looking at them from the front of yoru car. Those massive tree-branch like structures that just seem to want to impale you. The most terrifying moment of my life was when my car hit a deer. I barely survived.

    By McKinzey URL on 06.26.2011

  35. wyoming. deer. where i want to be. but I dont want to be with him again. thinking of antlers as a prize for the big deer that was caught. and then killed. and then eaten. Its like a game instead of something peaceful. I like to think of these animals as the peaceful side to nature. which is why i put wyoming first. quizas the antlers of a moose? my favorite.

    By Hannah on 06.26.2011

  36. Antlers. Antlers everywhere. On the wall, on the floor, on the table, and in the other man’s heart. Gary stood over the man and sighed. Who knew that what was supposed to be a simple hunt between brothers out in the backyard woods would end up with one dead on the ground with antlers on his head.

    Gary was quite impressed with his work. Then again, he always was.

    By Hildred URL on 06.26.2011

  37. 8 point

    By delaney URL on 06.26.2011

  38. Deer have antlers. They use them to show off their authority, and to make themselves seem bigger. It’s like the power suit, but for deer or moose. It’s a position, it’s to try and make yourself seem more important. My power suit cost three grand. How big are your antlers?

    By Nat on 06.26.2011

  39. He pushed his antler as deep in the boy’s stomach as he could. The deer was scared for his life, and for his family. The little boy fell down, overwhelmed by the pain, and screamed as loud as he could: “MOTHER!”

    By Viviana on 06.26.2011

  40. one day i was walking down the road and saw a bunny with antlers. the bunny was eating a monkey with a top hat. then came a lepracaun. i thought i was goin crazy but i was just high.

    By dakota on 06.26.2011