April 9th, 2011 | 339 Entries

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339 Entries for “alumni”

  1. alumni… that word means allot, it means… well it means education, thats whats important right? thats the real thing, thats what we all want what we all need after love of course.

    By Katie on 04.09.2011

  2. I have my entire life been a person who enjoys learning, this I am an academic person of sorts. I can relate to this words, and I assume it means “student”, which, if it does, could be the title on my obituary if I died today.

    By Ioni Appelberg URL on 04.09.2011

  3. this word is prettier than anything it actually resembles. it rolls off my tongue so well, but makes me think of people far to proud of their college days. did they never do anything better afterwards? i can think of so many better things to do after this; every day of my life is better than the last. i certainly won’t brag about asu forever.

    By Alex URL on 04.09.2011

  4. college, success! when i become an alumni i want to be surrounded by my friends and family as the congratulate my successes.
    it is one of my dreams.
    i wish my boyfriend would work hard to become one.

    By Ved on 04.09.2011

  5. i am bored by this word. instantly. goodbye.

    By smdlibre URL on 04.09.2011

  6. My alumni spread to the four corners. Living their own lives. Me too. We aluminate as we alumni-ate and illuminate.

    By Tankstand on 04.09.2011

  7. We were all alumni of the same college.’ Come to the reunion,’ said the poster. So here I am dressed to kill, and wondering what my old class mates look like. No, not just look like, how have they turned out. Would they think more of me now that I’m a movie star?

    By Helen URL on 04.09.2011

  8. I still can’t believe I am an alumni. Those three years now seem like a blur, the best blur of my life. College was the most amazing time, and the memories come back with a pang sometimes, leaving me wishing I was back in that dorm, back with the most amazing friends I have made in my life.

    By Brittany on 04.09.2011

  9. the people who you look up to go to for contacts. They already went to your school now they have moved on and left a legacy. I will be an alumni one day. I hope to leave a legacy for the future so they can embody what I did. I dont want to be that one person who didnt contribute to anything. dont you think so too?
    I do not know what I should write

    By arihant on 04.09.2011

  10. The dictionary taunted me from across the room. I could hear the evil snickers emitted from the dog-eared pages.

    “Why?!” I screamed in frustration.

    The word I needed to find was ‘alumni’, yet the pages barred me from finding out.

    More evil laughter came. This time from the thesaurus.

    “I thought you were my friend.” I said, wiping up tears from my eyes.

    By Jayme on 04.09.2011

  11. I will be one in a year. I am not even slightly excited about this fact. I have so much stress and absolutely no skills. Also, every alumni I’ve ever met is a successful product of the university. I will not be one of these people.

    By Meaghan on 04.09.2011

  12. graduation
    best friends

    By Isabel M on 04.09.2011

  13. The term alumni is typically used to refer to college grads. But it also can be used to describe a former employee, member, inmate or contributor. I am an alumni to several companies.

    By Andy URL on 04.09.2011

  14. It’s a college term. One that I hope to be someday. I wonder if I’ll help people as and alumni. It’s a cool feeling. I’m a high school one doesn’t that count for something. Hi I liked to be a computer science one. My friends and I will be alumnus.

    By Yumi Sukazu on 04.09.2011

  15. Alumni.

    Is that what I am now?

    Just an alumni in the class of 1987.

    I thought I had done more than that.

    By Jayme URL on 04.09.2011

  16. The alumni dinner would be tainted by her memory — that is the memory of her skin, her scent and her laugh. No alcohol, he committed to himself.

    By WDC URL on 04.09.2011

  17. Going back to the school where you went. Just think. You can’t change where you went to high school or middle school. That school is now a part of you, and you will be forever remembered at that school. Make a good impression that will last.

    By Glam Girl URL on 04.09.2011

  18. Alumni
    Oh, yes. Yes, indeed. I love her. Loved her. Missed her.
    Sweet. Sweet love.

    By Tori on 04.09.2011

  19. She was an alumni of the highest order, her opinions valued almost as much as the thousands of dollars she funneled into the school every year. But hey, who could blame her? After all, the tax write-off was worth almost as much as the good the deed.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 04.09.2011

  20. I am, and I miss college days and the close-knit community, but I know when I was in my last weeks, I just wanted out, because that’s how it was every year. I was through and done and needed a break.

    I knew I didn’t have troubles then, at least, and wasn’t wasting my time.

    By teknicolouryawn URL on 04.09.2011

  21. alumni – it’s a bit like aluminium. which american people spell differently to english people. i’m not actually too sure what alumni is to be honest. maybe it is actually just short for aluminium or maybe its a completely different word altogether. i don’t know

    By Kirsten Forster on 04.09.2011

  22. Alumni alumni alumni alumni. It is a word that has a meaning, but the meaning is a bunch of people. Each one of those persons has a life. Friends, likes, dislikes, pains, joys. Alumni has a meaning, and that meaning is people.

    By Tezcacoatl on 04.09.2011

  23. We went to that school. We did stuff. Study? Not usually. But now that we’re adults we have to show the youngns that we took it seriously. So we join this cult to support the kids that go there now. We don’t make nearly enough money to contribute a lot, but they’ll take it. And we feel better about ourselves.

    By Samantha Sidman on 04.09.2011

  24. i am an alumni from Hawthorne high school. Sometimes i miss high school, but i mostly don’t.
    I grew up so much from 9th grade through 12th. I hope those weren’t the be best years of my life.

    By lupe on 04.09.2011

  25. alumni are students who graduated.i hope to be an alumni from a great school.alumni reminds me of aluminium.i am thinking of caps and gowns. that is all.

    By Alexandra L Fleischman on 04.09.2011

  26. college is lame, old people are lame, and old people who have gone to a college are lame…. jk idk what else to say… so.

    By Hollie on 04.09.2011

  27. I am the alumni of my high school. I will be the alumni from my college. Being an alumni means that you succeeded from each type of education. I am the alumni of both my elementary schools and my preschool. Alumni alumni alumni.

    By Eliza LaBelle URL on 04.09.2011

  28. I’ll keep on learning until my days end. I won’t say hi to you as I cross the street and see you, in the back of my mind I know i should remember you…I know that you were beside me for two years in that class that doesn’t seem so important anymore.

    By Molly URL on 04.09.2011

  29. I’m now an alumni from high school… which is really weird. I’ve graduated and I’m done with high school forever. I can’t believe it still, even though it’s been a year. Alumni. That makes me feel old for some reason. Alumni sounds like I’ve done a lot in life and I really haven’t done anything yet.

    By Mandy on 04.09.2011

  30. Alumni? What the heck is alumni? I’ve been on this site for 2 days and I didn’t know what either of the words meant. Hmm… Maybe I should up the vocabulary skills… Alumni… what does that mean… it reminds me of aluminum. Weird. Sorta spelled the same, I guess… I’ll have to google it’s real meaning in a minute.

    By Matt URL on 04.09.2011

  31. I want to go to that school. In twenty years, I want to be that one driving her kids around in a van that says, “IVY LEAGUE ALUMNI” But wouldn’t driving kids around in a van be a waste of my education. I’ll just setting with framing it on my wall.

    By Neemo on 04.09.2011

  32. “Alumni. We’ve become alumni!” he cheered.
    I smiled. I was inwardly shaking, frightened to venture out into the world alone.
    “I can’t believe you’ll live three hours away from me,” I said.
    “We’ll still talk!” he assured me. But I knew it would never be the same.

    By Sydney URL on 04.09.2011

  33. It was a high school reunion. Of course, no one really wanted to go. I mean, honestly, who wants to return to high school to deal with their fellow alumni, the ones who teased and picked on them all throughout high school. Only a crazy person would want that. That’s why people love leaving high school. It’s a chance to get away from all of those people who made you miserable all your life.

    By Whitney on 04.09.2011

  34. Natalie is an alumni of Harvard University. She was an applied mathematics major with a specialization in conic functions. After she graduated she pursued a career in the culinary arts and went on to become one of the most awarded chefs in the world. She continues to pursue her passion for dolphin friending and has become a large advocate for dolphin protection.

    By Thomas on 04.09.2011

  35. i don’t know what alumni is.
    really I don’t even know, i think it’s on the periodic table?
    ehhh like metal or something I’m pretty sure.
    This game is quite fun I like it, now Ima switch tabs for a second and check my facebook
    ok i’m back
    my time is up

    By Jennie Ta URL on 04.09.2011

  36. Looking back on the work we’ve finished makes it seem so easy. Passing through the grades working to get our work up on the fridge. All we want is to become alumni, but once we’re there we wish we were students again.

    By Mike on 04.09.2011

  37. i entered the alumni building, panic filling me. What if they didn’t like me? What if i didn’t fit in?
    Who cares, i thought. I wasn’t here for them. I had an assignment. THere was a murdered here and i had to find him. No one believed me.

    By jessica on 04.09.2011

  38. student fake hello luisa is cute not cesar has only one eyebrow and he es

    By Luisa on 04.09.2011

  39. As the head of the alumni board at the local high school in my area, i felt obliged to help out all the future alums in the neighborhood. i went to meet with a student and they came up to me smiling…

    By Isabella on 04.09.2011

  40. A person that you went to school with when you thought you new stuff but really didn’t. Then 20 or 30 years later you get together at a reunion and see that some changed and some never grew up.

    By Okee on 04.09.2011