April 8th, 2011 | 358 Entries

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358 Entries for “integrity”

  1. integrity. When I think of this word, Judy is the first person that pops into my head. I worked for Judy when I was young and impressionable, and although I don’t come close to her in this characteristic, I learned so much from her about what this means. Judy died, shortly after I left her employment to strike out on my own. She fought brain cancer, lung cancer and liver cancer, but, as she tole me that last time I saw her, cancer everywhere, “it’s just too much.” That was twenty years ago and I still miss her.

    By Kristen Paulson on 04.09.2011

  2. That’s such a good word, with a good concept. It makes me feel stronger, happier. More positive. Lovely.

    By fenderbaby URL on 04.09.2011

  3. trust, honesty, love, interest, hard working. Integrity helps make the world a better place. Without it, the world would just be a crapshoot. Integrity is good.

    By Kailyn on 04.09.2011

  4. I thought integrity was yesterday’s word. Oh well. I think integrity is special in every form and way and should be seen as the strength to move on. Integrity is what people use to pull through the hardest and toughest points of their lives.

    By Plasma URL on 04.09.2011

  5. Integrity is about being honest and loyal. If you have integrity you take responsibility for your actions. I believe every human should have some because the world would be a better place.

    By Ana on 04.09.2011

  6. when someone has integrity, we trust them. they are honest, they are trustworthy they are someone we like because they can keep our secrets, we can honestly talk to them, and they can honestly respond to us.

    By Zachary on 04.09.2011

  7. Si soy íntegra, será todo fácil. Estaré en flujo. Estaré viviendo sin frenos, porque ya no tengo miedo, porque la vida es sencilla, porque soy transparente, porque no tengo nada para esconder, y porque no me importa si me quieren o me aceptan o me respetan porque yo misma me quiero, me acepto y me respeto así como soy.

    By Lisa URL on 04.09.2011

  8. When you think about integrity, you probably think about heroes in storybooks that always have the complete package; courage and integrity. But everyday people have integrity. And they should be recognized, too.

    By Kate URL on 04.09.2011

  9. my best friend and i have a deal with each other. we will always be honest. we dont lie to each other, and we tell each other everything. why? because it makes us closer as friends, and this way we can help each other sort through life’s difficulties and know there is always someone on our side; we use our integrity and honesty to grow closer as friends.

    By Alicia on 04.09.2011

  10. what we should have in our life
    when we are children our parents teach us values and this is what we should
    follow for the rest of our lives and teach our children in the future. integrity is an important factor of our lives. we must have integrity in our jobs as well, and school.

    By natali on 04.09.2011

  11. without integrity we all fall for the same evils that are around us. we need to use it sharply to avoid from being pulled under

    By Charlie B. URL on 04.09.2011

  12. this is something that we should all have. we need to be people of integrity. it is part of our character. As human beings to have integrity means honesty is all areas of our life. It is a great thing to have and a great thing to see in others. Integrity will get us far in life.

    By Kristin on 04.09.2011

  13. Integrity is the ability for a human to not only choose what matters, or to act upon the moral. Many people lack integrity these days: they know what they should do, and yet an outstanding array of excuses block their way. It’s so easy to reach out and pick one out, but it takes true INTEGRITY to put into use the skills God has blessed upon you.

    By Harry Potter. URL on 04.09.2011

  14. Integrity. To feel. To touch. To hold. A social being of such importance, and to think we cannot even hold it in our fingers. It is a matter of morals—personal values. To hold someone with integrity, to create such a being would prove almost useless in this lying, cheating, scandalous world we call our home today.

    By Blythe URL on 04.09.2011

  15. Indomitable. Power from the inside, while maintaining compassion. The idea of maintaining trust with one’s self, and with the others. The idea of working as a well-oiled machine with a team.

    By Cory on 04.09.2011

  16. give it to me, now. because you already did. where’s the integrity you claim to be one of your best values? what’s the point in deceiving me with something that you want as well?

    By Jo on 04.09.2011

  17. she stands and thinks with her mouth open. she doesn’t say any words at all, but she thinks, and she doesn’t stop to speak. she won’t tell anyone about what she has heard, for they are all rumors. she is better than those she sees. she is better than those around her. she is better than everyone who ever came before and she laughs at herself for being so foolish.

    By krystle on 04.09.2011

  18. is that how you spell ‘integrity’? I guess so… Weird it looks so wrong on here but yet when I spell it it seems normal. This is such an interesting entry but they said ‘write the first thing that comes into your head’ and that’s the first thing that came into my head so really I am just maintaining my integrity.

    By prolli on 04.09.2011

  19. She laughed quickly and effortlessly; sipping her drink. Glancing over at the man in the corner, she smiled. He glared at her. She was done. She was whole. There was nothing stopping her anymore. She carried herself with the pride and confidence of a beautiful woman. She was on top of the world.

    By Vai on 04.09.2011

  20. I have always wanted to understand my integrity. for someone to lose their integrity is probably one of the worst crimes of humanity. Not understanding your own is second.

    By tmcfadden URL on 04.09.2011

  21. Integrity is a nine letter word. I have none.

    By Austin on 04.09.2011

  22. You work and work and work for this to turn out the way you want it to. You want it to be honest, real and be loved by everyone for being so original. Sometimes, you get screwed trying to be integral and sometimes you get congratulated. When the fist happens, you wonder why you even tried in the first place.

    By Rachael on 04.09.2011

  23. I have no integrity, that’s for the majority that rules over the minority in this world of divinity.

    By Dylan K URL on 04.09.2011

  24. Integrity is dignity. You have to have morals and believe that there is a clear difference between right and wrong. Not all people have integrity. But I do. Or, I did. Until I met him. And he wanted asked me something I should’ve said no too. But I didn’t. I lost my integrity.

    By N'dea Yancey-Bragg URL on 04.09.2011

  25. Integrity is an asdsadsadsadadsa what is integrity I do not know why?

    Because why?

    Because I have none.

    How can I speak of integrity when I have no experience with it?

    Are you sure?


    How can you be so sure?

    Because you are the ratmaster.

    Wait, w-w-w-what?

    That’s right

    By Phil H. on 04.09.2011

  26. Integrity of intention?
    An essay I had to write. They said, please write a two page essay about integrity and my mind flashed from buildings, to politics to personality…
    And now it’s the thing I’ll look for in others…

    By dionne URL on 04.09.2011

  27. to too much for me, all my life i have tried to have this quality and all my life i have been aware that i may have other fancy sounding attributes like authenticity or transparency or honesty but not integrity to me it means also congruous that is the outside matches the inside, but…i also lie and cheat and smile….

    By johanna jordan on 04.09.2011

  28. Integrity – my mother had more integrity than anyone else I’ve ever known. She was honest about her principles, and lived by them all her life – I didn’t always agree with her, of course, but her consistency was truly impressive.

    By joey URL on 04.09.2011

  29. INtegrity is great because its your ultimate self satisfaction

    By angie on 04.09.2011

  30. Each individual has their own integrity that defines their true self. This can change in terms of circumstances and brings out the best or worst in them. But it can be one of the most intrigu

    By Ging on 04.09.2011

  31. i have no idea really what integrity means, does it mean for someone to have morals or something like that?? maybe for someone to know the right things to do and do them in a nice way which benefits others. what do you think??? i like to think ive loads of integerity.

    By mike on 04.09.2011

  32. so hard to find
    “gritty” is right – it hurts!
    couldn’t do without it
    bottling up all the wrongs makes you fester
    hate feeling dirty
    lets get integritous

    By Nicola URL on 04.09.2011

  33. The thing that he lacked the most. What I wish I would have seen in him. The way that he looked at me wasn’t enough. Atleast I had enough integrity to walk away. Integrity; harder to find than I thought.

    By Hayley URL on 04.09.2011

  34. This word makes me think of pain, motivation, and sticking it out til the end. Fighting for something that belongs to you, or that you want more than anything in the world! It is knowing what you want and going the distance to find it whether others like it or not.

    By Kristina Lynne URL on 04.09.2011

  35. I don’t even know what this word really means. I have a good idea of what it means, but I’m not going to pretend that I’m sure when I’m not. I don’t like to act as though I know things when I don’t, that’s not very moral, I think.

    By MJ on 04.09.2011

  36. the integrity of your words never reached me, but i am almost certain that they were. The shallow apologies never seeemed to come from you, you were not the type, bu i was so used to them by now, all seemed w/o integrity to me.

    By wonka URL on 04.09.2011

  37. Integrity is often lacking in today’s society. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who has any left. Lets say if you find a shopping bag in the parking lot that someone had dropped would you take it back into the store so that the person who lost it can claim it or would you rummage through it and take what you want, then leave it there?

    By tiffanyr URL on 04.09.2011

  38. Yours is the integrity of Flint / of steel, of iron. Yours/ is the integrity of birds flocking. / whales in their loving pods.

    By lorna dee Cervantes URL on 04.09.2011