December 23rd, 2010 | 361 Entries

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361 Entries for “alter”

  1. i have a really retarded alter ego.
    i know it’s not schizophrenia. i only hope so.
    i tend to trip over my stupidness.
    but people like it. but i don’t like those people.
    but, hey, i’m fucking thirteen.

    By jenna URL on 12.23.2010

  2. Alterations, sewing, ribbons, lace. I work in my mother’s dress shop. I don’t get a ot of appreciation, but I do it because I love it.

    By Jen URL on 12.23.2010

  3. Altering myself over and over and still seeking who I am deep down and on the surface, not thing has go unaltered.

    By openyoureyes URL on 12.23.2010

  4. you have altered my reality to believe in walking down the isle and meeting you at the alter.

    By Mayra URL on 12.23.2010

  5. can the mind alter the body?
    can the body alter the mind?
    a few alterations
    make the heart grow fonder.
    we dream in soap
    and the snip snip snip of surgical shears –
    we, america,
    carry lipgloss in every pocket
    and keep our dietitians on speed dial.

    By Kori URL on 12.23.2010

  6. As Hercules altered the course of the mighty river, the stables were washed away. As he held the world for Atlas, nothing faltered out of place.
    As he entered his house of the day, he called to his wife, “Honey! Your GOD is home!” Megara replied from the kitchen, “God, schmod, take a shower already! I can smell that sweat and poop from here!”

    By richpee URL on 12.23.2010

  7. why does it have to change? it started so beautiful, so easy and now it’s to shit. it’s all to shit. because thats what time does to us. it changes what we see and what we want and who we are and suddenly neither of us look too appealing anymore. suddenly were wondering if we/re together because we want to be or we have to. fuck change. suddenly we’re wondering who we are. fuck change and fuck you

    By zoe zaslawsky on 12.23.2010

  8. If I could alter anything, it would be the way I live now. If I could just give myself time, money, security, and control over my own life, I would be able to find peace of mind, because right not the people who have all the control of my life, are barely keeping their own heads above water. All I want is to pause life, so I can give myself time to breathe, and think, and figure things out. If only I could alter the way things are. *sigh*

    By Lauren on 12.23.2010

  9. I’m so sick of not being able to tell people how I feel. “I like you. We could be friends. Let’s.” No. That’d be weird. Can’t say that.

    By Heather on 12.23.2010

  10. 8AM and ‘alter’ is still the word of the day. Ah well. Typing is typing.
    Every time I see that word I think of S-CRY-ED. amusingly enough. That show hasn’t been on air since, what, 2006? Good stuff, fun to watch. I think I have most of it recorded to VHS tapes, now that I think about it.
    I can’t remember the last time I watched television.
    Merry Christmas, by the way.

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 12.23.2010

  11. I would alter my usual ways, my outlooks on life, but that is really hard to do. Sure, it seems like something easy, something simple, something with a fairly straightforward goal. But once you are stuck in your ways, it is nearly impossible to actually alter them. Even if an alteration is what you need the most.

    By love2love1125 URL on 12.23.2010

  12. Altered reality, altered consciousness. Altered beast.

    By Edward URL on 12.23.2010

  13. alternate universe where extraterrestrials eat water and drink food. Things are opposite. Nothing is the same. The world ends, they begin. Nothingness. Nonexistence. Outerspace. My son slees tonight, next to me in transformer pajamas. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I beliebe it is snowing. I sleep at my moms housbecause I am too lazy to go home. My dog misses me.

    By Leslie on 12.23.2010

  14. church alter or alter ego alter your perception change your view point I don’t think I ever want to go to the alter again to get married but I am very happy to alter my perception of love and be open to letting someone in to my heart again. I’m hoping my alter ego wanting to take over the entire corporate world stays asleep forever. Altercation

    By Beth G on 12.23.2010

  15. As she walked down the alter in her white gown and bouquet of flowers in her hand she smiled up at her soon to be husband with passion in her small hazel eyes, and warmth in her heart. Scott smiled back at her. It was like falling in love all over again. Though this was not the end, this was nearly just the beginning. :)

    By Angel on 12.23.2010

  16. To alter the course of life one has to take the normal trend and fuck it up! To alter your pants, you need a mom. To alter your car is being stupid. I have alteriar motives, always.

    By Ozzy on 12.23.2010

  17. Their alter was a canopy of trees, their lighting was the sunlight of daybreak, and their music was the birds first song.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 12.23.2010

  18. My father had a sweater that I absolutely loved. It was soft and had earthy tones. I would steal it and wear it around the house proudly, its sleeves almost long enough to trail along the ground. As I got older, I would wear it less and less as my own idea of style interfered with my secret adoration of that sweater. A couple of days ago, my mother came by to give it to me, telling me that he would have wanted me to have it. Later that night, I slipped it on, embracing its soft and worn feel. The tips of my fingers peeked out from the sleeves. I don’t think I’ll alter it, at least not yet.

    By Del B. URL on 12.23.2010

  19. ego is not a dirty word. change yourself until you are happy with the result. Ask no-one for their opinion, but make sure you are happy yourself. If you are already happy, do nothing.

    By giles on 12.23.2010

  20. The man stood at the alter waiting. He had no idea that all the years of fighting and love making and shopping and family visits would lead to this. He was standing here waiting for her to walk down the isle. But she would never come.

    By Sage URL on 12.23.2010

  21. You can alter yourself. Anyone can alter themselves, and it really doesn’t take much. You just have to change one thing that you do in your daily routine. Or you can change something about your character. You can look at something from a different point of view. That would be altering character.

    By Rachael on 12.23.2010

  22. “Alter my appearance.” I tried to rush her along. She lifted up her hands and apparently transformed my looks. I could feel slight changes, but without a mirror, I had no clue. “Oh. My. God,” she said. “You look hot.” He nodded, and I laughed.

    By Marissa URL on 12.23.2010

  23. She sat awaiting at the alter. All her life she had been told this was her destiny, but she never came to terms with it. She never wanted this; this change, this absolute necessity to life.

    By Sage URL on 12.23.2010

  24. It didn’t take much to alter her genetic code. A few hours in the lab and I was soon staring at an entirely new personality. I had just discovered the secret of diversity and it was locked in a hair follicle.

    By nic on 12.23.2010

  25. Alter-ego? It’s about other reactions and thoughts of a certain person. Not multiple personality, But another state of mind.

    By Vzip on 12.23.2010

  26. I went to church and wondered if i should go up to the alter cal.. I know that i ached and longed for a new relationship. I had God but I did not have a mother. she abandoned me when she decided she loved other things more. I love my mother. the alter call is what helped me love her even when I least wanted to love her. my mother. the alter. I love her.

    By Mina Garcia on 12.23.2010

  27. “Why do you want this?”
    “Why does anyone, only something here, something there. Nothing major”
    “Of course, of course. It’s simply that there is typically a specific reason or desire that one of my… customers is seeking to fulfill.”

    By Gallium URL on 12.23.2010

  28. to alter something is to change the way it is. altering thigs may be good and altering things may be bad. if i could i would alter the world and the way it works. the evil things that people do and the terrible hardships humans experience on a day to day basis.

    By kyle on 12.23.2010

  29. we spend our lives trying to alter our circumstances when all along we simply need to create an alter to our values in our world.

    By gdcb on 12.23.2010

  30. she had the power to alter any ones thoughts with just a few simple words. your own opinions gone in a second. she discovered this power when she was very young and convinced her nanny that ice cream for dinner was a wonderful idea. her parents couldn’t handle having her around anymore so they sent her to a special school for people like her. her friends stopped talking to her and her whole life was changed just because she was a little different. the school she was now attending was her home her teachers became her parents her classmate became her siblings and friends. she felt stripped and exposed her powers useless where she now was relocated. she soon found out how uncomfortable it was to be forced to change on whim because some one says so. she desperately wanted to get home and apologize to everyone she has ever hurt.

    By Daci URL on 12.24.2010

  31. No alterations make for monotony, and I get bored pretty easily. I want to change my surroundings every time. And I don’t want to be questioned on that, either. Eff you, all! But don’t go too far

    By ms.g on 12.24.2010

  32. left at the alter. marriage vows mean nothing without a groom. i worked so hard to get him here. wood is warm, marble is cold. carpet? why should the preacher be comfortable. now i have this damn dress.

    By Jewbakah on 12.24.2010

  33. An alter, I think of weddings. I think of religious stuff.
    Left her at the alter. Why would he leave her there, alone? What an asshole. I feel bad for her. But maybe…maybe she deserved it.
    Probably not. I mean, what could she have done to deserve such a terrible fate? Nothing. Nothing I can think of, anyway.

    By Megan on 12.24.2010

  34. Change. Make a difference. Allow consistency to stop. That’s what I think of when I read the word “alter.” For better or for worse, something is coming undone. Or being built up. It takes effort. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, things will no longer be as they were because something isn’t stagnant.

    By Kaitlyn on 12.24.2010

  35. Alter. To change consciously. I was actually just talking about altering in our own universe, and about how particles can alter the shape of our universe and about theories of multiple universes and such. So cool.

    By Dillon URL on 12.24.2010

  36. I pray here. I come here to worship my God and show my love and appreciation for him. I come here to become one with my spiritual side of life. I come here to show compassion and love for my fellow man. I come here to pray for wellness and for safety of the ones that surround me. I live here, for it is also my home. I sleep in its arms. I’m comforted by its love. It is the only place I allow myself to fall to my knees.

    By Kayla on 12.24.2010

  37. What does it mean to alter something? What are the consequences? Is it a matter of normality or do we change the natural order of things?

    By Devi on 12.24.2010

  38. The transformation, whether artificial and physical, or paranormal and metaphysical, defies what we are to be something more. Maybe something less. To grow or shrink in a forced manner is course and rough. To change natural: evolution

    By Skyler Vinsonhaler URL on 12.24.2010

  39. alter your clothes before they are a mess…alter your thoughtts to suit your attidure..alter life ..alter the altar wear you’ll marry..but dont alter so much that u cant live with yourself… altering the atlered

    By ashima on 12.24.2010

  40. My life constantly spins. I think I’ve made up my mind and shortly later it’s changed. I never see through the fog i wander in. How disheartening. Could it be I’ll never find just what i imagined?

    By Duago on 12.24.2010