December 24th, 2010 | 186 Entries

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186 Entries for “altar”

  1. shine center
    the focus of spirit on stone
    a place of mind
    a meditation time
    the center of going home
    being center
    the place in the shrine

    By wrick19 URL on 12.25.2010

  2. ?
    i really don’t know what this means
    seems like a name of a friend i have
    not really
    pathetic try.

    By timeregained on 12.25.2010

  3. there was an altar at the church where they were supposed to talk about Ricardo, but there was never a picture of him, because there were so many people who had died or who some stupid little old woman wanted to be remembered at the mass…. it was sad that Ric was just one more of the many dead people there.

    By Claudia on 12.25.2010

  4. An altar is something in which is to be worshiped. I don’t believe it needs to have religious signifigance, even though to many, it automattically does.

    By Laura on 12.25.2010

  5. Altar of love, altar of faith, altar of soul, altar of desire, an altar is the place u sacrifice the ultimate of what you are seeking in that direction… it alters you forever.

    By BBK on 12.25.2010

  6. Marriage. Sacrifice. Are they the same thing? Seal a pact. Faith- that I don’t have. Other people’s faith. When is a minute up? White and red, whether marriage or sacrifice.

    By ursula URL on 12.25.2010

  7. Alternate feet as you step up to the altar. Your alternate personalities are warring as they sing the warnings and you’re boring yourself half to death. (Go twice, and I’ll never see you again -how’s that feel, Mr. Psychiatrist?) And you’re just walking, like you’ve been stalking me again, which is how we met, isn’t it? But I bet the Feds wouldn’t like to know you broke all the way through the ten-foot snow to tell me you don’t like the restraining order anymore.

    By Thirteen URL on 12.25.2010

  8. the snow was fluttering
    the wind whispered
    and i tip toed
    every inch to the altar
    and realized
    this moment
    in all of it’s perfection
    just wasn’t for me
    this moment
    wasn’t for me..
    at all.

    By Just Jes URL on 12.25.2010

  9. I kneel at the altar in the church, silently praying to a god I’m not sure exists. Is this how I live my life? At an altar, all of the hopes and dreams that I had once before dreamed of were thrown away when my parents told me I was to be a monk.

    By Hana URL on 12.25.2010

  10. Where promises are made and trust is reborn. With two rings you may unite and become something greater than yourself, a holy matrimony where two people become one

    By Sierra on 12.25.2010

  11. i hated that my friedsn were altar servers. when the priest is at the alta, he must feel in control finally. i would be embarrassed to read a script on the microphone on the altar

    By gaby on 12.25.2010

  12. Dette er en test. Jeg ønsker å se hvordan det går når jeg bruker dette programmet….jkhjkjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    By rudolf55 on 12.25.2010

  13. At the altar we’re supposed to learn and listen about God, the entity that is Love, nothing else, someone or something that is always forgiving and will give us tough challenges to get to the place we need to be.

    By Paola URL on 12.25.2010

  14. God sacrifice prayer praise worship communion heavenly supreme affinity

    By Wen on 12.25.2010

  15. altar is commonly used word in christian religion. Giving altar is a custom in church. I have heard this word during my schooldays.

    By Sandhya on 12.25.2010

  16. An altar is an interesting concept. Why are they always built up off the ground? Would that be for ease of the user, to be closer to “god”, to make the sacrifice easier to attain, … be it bleeding, fire or flowers?

    By freespirit URL on 12.25.2010

  17. as the small man edges towards the stone oblong, this gracious and holy of objects, i stand tall, gracious, for i am the high one, and this the one true altar. This man will die today. and the altar will take him, down, down, down. glorious.

    By Tom Stevens on 12.25.2010

  18. I’m Jewish. We don’t have an altar. We have a Bima. Or however it is spelled.. Its like a holy stage. These are all my thoughts on the word ‘altar’.

    By Taylor URL on 12.25.2010

  19. There is a place I go when the world shuts me out. It exists in the dark corners of my mind and here, I am in my optimum point of sincerity. I love because I want to and I have no predicaments in proving it to you. I sit here to see myself revealed in facets, and look at the ‘me’ I have created.

    By Jessica on 12.25.2010

  20. Her white dress makes her even more beautiful than she is and she i perfect in every possible way. I am ready to give myself to her and make this commitment last until i decease, as I would do anything in the world for her. In this marriage, I will look forward to waking up to her flawless face every morning, and I will always remember the feeling of seeing her walk up to the altar to devote herself to me, the lukiest guy in the world.

    By Beatrice URL on 12.25.2010

  21. i dont know what this word means but it reminds me of like the mayan civilization or something which makes me think about how i think the world is going to end in 2012 or things are going to change a lot. I beleive this theory is true because humans are getting way too advanced.

    By James on 12.25.2010

  22. He was there. Standing. waiting. 30 days? a year? who knows. He was just there. The last girl he saw said, “you lost us.”

    By Alykat on 12.25.2010

  23. Table at church above the steps, going up to light candles in white robes while holding the pole with light. Pretty flowers and leaves arranged on top. Communion and the choir, gold

    By Emily on 12.25.2010

  24. the altar was made from twigs and a bit of dry mud. it was meager but was the best that could be expected, given the circumstances. with no god to pray to and no eyes to do it with, the man stuck in the forest must first make an altar if he wants to get any real work done.

    By brian on 12.25.2010

  25. I sat in one place
    waiting for youe time sense to
    catch up to mine and
    creeping feeling to subside.

    As I knelt, I felt
    you join me
    warm pressure at my side.

    It may not be the
    intended use
    of an altar
    shining and rising

    but you
    have brought me

    By minnie mouse on 12.25.2010

  26. i stand at the altar. waiting for you to arrive.
    we promised eachother a forever and always,
    well here i am, standing here, waiting for you to come and marry me
    waiting for you to pronounce your love to me in front of the world.
    i wish you could come back to me, maybe someday i will get to see you again,
    waiting for me at the altar

    By Becca on 12.25.2010