December 22nd, 2010 | 390 Entries

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390 Entries for “paperclips”

  1. I bend them, shape them as my mind fancies and my fingers obey. Sometimes I don’t like the new form, so I attempt to fix it, but that never works. Once something is bent to a point, it can never truly be bent back into place. But usually I find the new form when I try to bend it back is the best form for it.

    By Andelia URL on 12.23.2010

  2. Paperclips are handy to clip things together with. They are also good for fumbling with when you are nervous or bored. I use them a lot at work but also at home. They come in different colours.

    By josefineja on 12.23.2010

  3. paperclips are metal and small and hold all my papers together. i once tried to put one in my hair. they are extremely handy and i love the ones that come in funky shapes and colors. paperclips make organization a lot easier. i should start using them more. i love paperclips!

    By Aubrey on 12.23.2010

  4. they come in all different colours and sizes. Some are shiny, some are glittery. They help clip paper together and order everything nicely.

    By nikkimarie URL on 12.23.2010

  5. Paperclips are cool. I think that they are really useful for making paperclip chains. I don’t know what paperclip chains are really useful for, except for wearing as necklaces or making patterns out of, but they’re a distraction and fun to make, sort of like making daisy chains. You can also use paperclips to clip paper, but I’m not so sure that that deserves as much merit as making paperclip chains. Afterall, it’s much more fun to make paperclip chains than it is to clip papers together.

    By Arianna URL on 12.23.2010

  6. i like that paperclips hold the papers together, it has an important role in an office. It can also help in legal filings. paperclips are important to society.

    By Leo on 12.23.2010

  7. I used to like paperclips, especially the barbie ones that my sister got one year. They Can Hurt You, but they are Vvvv useful if you want to make random shapes out of metal.. lol I might become a paperclip lover, but not now

    By Emily on 12.23.2010

  8. I used to like paperclips, especially the barbie ones that my sister got one year. They Can Hurt You, but they are V v v v useful if you want to make random shapes out of metal.. lol I might become a paperclip lover, but not now, I’m too in love with Alsa Lee. :)

    By Emily on 12.23.2010

  9. those are cool. i used them to put my linguistics paper together. they’re kind of a weird shape, like little curly metal nothings. i wonder who invented paperclips. who has time to come up with something like that? probably someone with no friends.

    By kelly URL on 12.23.2010

  10. at this point
    i dont even think
    that your company’s
    cheap ass paperclips
    could hold the pages
    of our story together

    By Just Jes URL on 12.23.2010

  11. Paperclips remind me of working in an office, years before computers came along for daily use. So much paper work and so little time and space to organize it all, everyday. That is where the handy, dandy little paper clip came into play. So small, yet so helpful. They organized everything into neat, manageable piles. Today you see them laying around,not being used much, but in their day…paperclip was king!

    By peaceable URL on 12.23.2010

  12. Eh paperclips? We could be friends if you like. I rarely see you around. Hit me up and we can hang sometime I’m not out with stapler. Ttyl, lolz.

    By Ingrid URL on 12.23.2010

  13. They lay, strewn across the desktop in front of me as I tapped my fingers in a melodic pattern against the desk top. The desk was rather flimsy, I had no choice but to tap lightly, other wise it may wobble, or maybe the paperclips themselves would move. Was that even possible? Could a solid object such as a block of word, however thin, be that papery and flexible?

    By Carina on 12.23.2010

  14. Metal, twisted and shiny. You hold my crap together and are always there when I need you except when I run out of you. I appreciate your simple usage and like that I can make weapons out of you. Thanks for being there for me old friend. Sometimes I want to put you in my mouth. I wish you were gum.

    By Joey Green URL on 12.23.2010

  15. I like the colored paperclips best, especially the pink ones. Not the striped or patterned ones, though; just the nice solid ones that come in blue, red, yellow, green, and pink.

    By liz on 12.23.2010

  16. paperclips are annoying as hell. i hate paperclips. whats the use anyways? if you need to keep papers together….staple it. if you cant staple it, then just three-hole punch it and put it in a nice little folder. I do like the colored ones though. every time I see a grown man or woman using the colored paperclips, it makes me smile. it like they are trying to keep some of the childhood they left behind, or that their inner child is escaping after being locked up for so long.

    By Melissa URL on 12.23.2010

  17. Is there really much to say about paperclips? What are they? Small, tightly bound twists of metal, carved into a shape meant to hold your papers together. But maybe it’s more than that, more than just keeping papers together, but storing them, trying to keep them together without driving a staple through the top, a scar, a stab.
    Maybe it’s there to hold, to stop, to make sure that the pages don’t fall apart, for they are so flimsy, too flimsy to keep a hold of themselves.

    By Carina URL on 12.23.2010

  18. something with paper maY be clips for the ears On paper ^^:D
    for beautiful paper

    By Banan_li on 12.23.2010

  19. I’ve been fiddling mindlessly with a paperclip for the past three hours at work today. And when I say “I’ve been,” I really mean that my left hand has been, as I absent-mindedly stare at the monitor, surfing the web. How fortuitous this word should arise.

    By sierraCs URL on 12.23.2010

  20. Paper clips hold together our papers and help people organize their life yet not many recognize what paper clips really do for the human race. They are simple yet complex and are the foundation that is the essence of human organization.

    By Jordan Thibodeaux on 12.23.2010

  21. they make me smile at times, you can write something that can mean a million things! Im thinking of Joe and the little things I would write in the morning before leaving to work or class so that when he would wake up….It would be with a smile on his face. Remembering the fun times of last night and the wine that lead to those naughty thoughts that where made into complete actions.
    Or, whenever i have a trigallilion things to do. Work-school-socials-etc. Arduous Life!

    By Patricia Perez on 12.23.2010

  22. Paperclips hold the whims of the kids together at my table for my enjoyment with my morning coffee.

    By Jhosy URL on 12.23.2010

  23. Paperclips make wonderful lockpicks.that is if you can pick locks. Most folks can’t.For those that can,they are very handy. And so Pete reached over and grabbed the paper clip. A quick unbending and he went to work. He needed to get inside this room. What he wanted,as well a needed was in there, He would not argue that he needed it more than wanted it.And he wanted it quite badly. So to work he went. He could hear anyone approaching ,so he had no worries about being discovered.. His worries went no further than simply not finding what he needed(and wanted). So when the door clicked open, he moved quickly. No light was needed. The sun poured through the open window above the bed. Looking around, he was surprised at all that he saw. Instead of a neatly made up bed in gleaming white linen,he found a blood soaked body. His first thaought was that he wished there had been no paper clip. What he needed so badly was not worth what was sure to come.

    By Stu Bogue on 12.23.2010

  24. you were braiding paper clips into your auburn hair when i first met you. all i could think was that it must be slowly ripping each strand from you skull. i wondered how you could bear it. but with every step you took, tresses swaying, they jangled together so musically that i could do nothing but watch, captivated.

    By rachael on 12.23.2010

  25. paperclips hold it together- unlike paper cuts- torn so easily.

    By Selena URL on 12.23.2010

  26. paperclips are yummy. they are sharp too. yum. when i eat them they slice my mouth open and i bleed out onto the floor. it’s very enjoyable. tehe. everyones doing it. just like drugs. woohoo! drugs are fun too.. bears like paperclips. if you throw a paperclip in a haystack you can play a game called find the paperclip in the haystack!

    By Rebecca Boocker on 12.23.2010

  27. i hate paper clips. they remind me of that stupid paper clip in te word document that always annoys the hell out of everyone. i all ways look them, a they are ALWAYS fucking stuck together. i hate them SO much

    By Tara Lafley on 12.23.2010


    By RUBY TWEDT URL on 12.23.2010

  29. they are thin and metal. they help us in all we do and they come from two words put together so in English it makes complete sense the word is paperclip – to clip paper. i don’t have any paperclips right now.

    By jessica on 12.23.2010

  30. holding together the little bits and pieces of christmas wrapping paper that make up the shreds of my mind. Memories glittering around gifts that have been given to me by life and the people within it. It’s not an honest reflection and it is the thoughts that count. Paperclips of time having the time to string together all of these memories.

    By duncan on 12.23.2010