March 7th, 2011 | 719 Entries

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719 Entries for “almost”

  1. I almost fell in love with you. I almost lost myself in your arms. I almost faded away as you took control. The life I lost and the life I gained with you can never be replaced. I don’t want to replace every feeling and everything almost I had with you. The pain, the joy, the tears, the heartache, almost killed me.

    By Lydia Brown URL on 03.07.2011

  2. The bus left. With it went my dreams and freedoms, my last chance for luxury.
    I didn’t catch the flight to Thailand and ended up in my dressing gown on the floor.
    I almost had fun.

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 03.07.2011

  3. nearly there. nearly at my limit. i’ve endured it up till now but it’s nearly over. nearly, almost, over. this loneliness will end. and a new life will begin. but for the time being i must endure.

    By Derrick on 03.07.2011

  4. almost can mean a lot of things. it can be good or bad, if you almost do something it can be because you’re scared or because you thought better of yourself. Almost is getting close to something and not quite reaching it

    By Anna on 03.07.2011

  5. almost. we almost kissed. we almost locked our lives into one. we almost walked straight into a starry eyed sunshiney oblivion. We almost were this billowing big thing. We almost overcame her. Almost. You are the largest almost. The almost that certainly meant the most but could not withstand. The whole of it, the all of the almost is me. I am the most. Me.

    By jenna URL on 03.07.2011

  6. i almost made it to the bus stop. it’s like getting halfway there and then you stop and think you’re going to get farther but you don’t. it’s just time and time lost and almost making it is not the same as hitting the target, they say almost is only true in horseshoes but in this case i practically made it there.

    By pazia on 03.07.2011

  7. You’re almost there, sweetie. Yes, almost, not quite, but almost just don’t let anything hold you back, let I all go, because in a while, and with a little help from your friends, you will be there. You’ll make it. Just let it all go and take the plunge.

    By Amaris on 03.07.2011

  8. almost. oh gosh. what can i say? i almost kissed you. I almost got asked out. I almost told you i loved you. I almost got away with telling you i liked you so much. We

    By Luz Peredo-muniz URL on 03.07.2011

  9. I’m almost going insane

    By allie URL on 03.07.2011

  10. Almost is kinda like try.Do or do not. There is no try. There aren’t any almost in that sense either.

    By billyboy URL on 03.07.2011

  11. almost happy
    almost content

    these damn afflictions, when they take over–kiss that bliss goodbye.

    By Kyle URL on 03.07.2011

  12. I almost lost you. You almost made me lose you. I’ve almost lost my mind. I’m almost satisfied. Almost is an interesting word. You’re almost an idiot but I love you anyway. Almost crazy, but I’m not. :)

    By Jaimie URL on 03.07.2011

  13. what was the point of taking out an l I mean why not spell it with 2 so it would say allmost it might help people that are learning the english language understand it better

    By koryo URL on 03.07.2011

  14. almost doesn’t count when you almost end up with the right guy and you didn’t actually do anything about it. or like when you almost had that nice perfect moment but you were too stubborn or stupid to do anything about it. like what were you thinking when you thought I’ll do this but I don’t think I will because I have this to think about

    By Mairead on 03.07.2011

  15. this word is the story of my life, just when i think something is going to happen, good or bad… BAM!!! something else happens and neither good or bad happens. its like im stuck in this rut and i cant

    By Isaac Banks on 03.07.2011

  16. Almost. A term used when you don’t quite reach a goal. Sometimes, I believe we focus way to much on the negatives of this word, and not the positive. Why focus on what you didn’t accomplish, when you can focus on what you did?

    By Grant Mitchell on 03.07.2011

  17. It’s almost time. Almost time to go. To sprint. To take off. The sound of the gun shot burst through the air and you are no where near where you started. Five seconds gone and you are already half way down the road.

    By MaryKaitlin on 03.07.2011

  18. I almost went to the store today, but I couldn’t get out of bed. Last night was insane. Too much liquor and almost enough cocaine to kill Tony Montana. Why do I do this to myself? Why do I live this life? My parents would be so ashamed if they saw me now.

    By Cory on 03.07.2011

  19. i almost made it. i missed the mark, but just barely. in my eyes, i am a failure, in others eyes, i was oh so close. But, the circumstances all determine if you were “almost there” or truly really far off. Maybe you were almost dead, but yet so far from being alive. you were almost close to the truth, yet so far from it. almost there. almost.

    By Savannah Wallace URL on 03.07.2011

  20. almost there he whispered in despair. The heat from the ocean was parting his hair. he curled his fist in disgust at this thing about to do he knew he must. Diving into the water things became clear, the water was fine, it was only his fear.

    By Kade on 03.07.2011

  21. It’s very nearly there. I can feel it, so close yeat so far. Just out of reach, will I ever make it?

    By Karissa on 03.07.2011

  22. I almost had it sorted. I was almost free. Almost. Then I got the SMS message. “New gear, you’ll love it” I didn’t call for an hour, maybe more. I’d almost made it to bed time without replying. But then I did. And now I’m back on his filthy couch, waiting to score. I was almost clean.

    By RJH URL on 03.07.2011

  23. hit a homerun but i didn t. god damn it. would ve made it big… oh well… maybe i ll get an icecream or something instead!?
    if everything goes as planned, i ll hav e a plan before i really need one.

    By Tvrtko on 03.07.2011

  24. Almost there, but not quite yet. We almost made it but failed, what a tragic moment, almost is. Almost together, almost achieved, almost successful, almost accepted. The connotations break a body’s heart. Almost the most agonizing of moments, realizing that you just couldn’t make it. Just couldn’t.

    By Kristine Dreamer URL on 03.07.2011

  25. It is almost time to start and stop writing, It is almost dinnertime, it is almost time for me to start school again. If it is almost time for me to fall in love i will never know but one can only wish.

    By Emily Hennessey URL on 03.07.2011

  26. i almost did this ………….

    By Rachel on 03.07.2011

  27. i am almost 23. i love being 23. almost is a very uncertain word. it brings you very close to the final thing yet doesn’t confirm it. I don’t like being ‘almost’ about anything. i like being certain. Almost!!!.

    By sonal URL on 03.07.2011

  28. almost is when you fall short of your aim. it almost worked it, i was amost happy. it’s missing your goal, but somehow ppl think you’ll feel better if they tell you you almost had it. i’d rather be a mile away then miss by only a little bit. almost sucks.

    By Stina on 03.07.2011

  29. Leaves crunched under her feet. The icy breeze blew through the trees, causing them to hiss at her as she ran. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears. She kept telling herself she was almost there. Her legs ached with every step, but she had to keep running. She had to find someone to help her, or at least somewhere to hide. She took a quick look over her shoulder to see if he was still following her. The moonlight peaked through the tree branches and sparkled on the tip of a knife. He was a few feet behind her. She turned away from him and tried to run harder.
    “Almost there” she told herself again.
    Suddenly her foot struck a fallen tree trunk and she fell to her knees with a scream. When she looked up, the man was standing over her; his mouth curled into a twisted smile.

    By Vikki URL on 03.07.2011

  30. I was almost there. I could reach and almost touch it. I was never going to get close enough though, close enough to Him. I would always be stuck here on this earth, mortal, never getting to cling to God the way the angels did. She was there, in his embrace, laughing at me. Me, trapped.

    By Marissa on 03.07.2011

  31. Almost there is not there. We are never there, but only almost there, therefore not there. There are three kinds of people and almost all three there are almost there.

    By Lincoln Gray on 03.07.2011

  32. I almost had a real live romance. Then I realized that it wasn’t what I thought it was. It’s because I’m a girl and I’ve seen Disney movies. I think that there is such a thing as a prince charming. Surprise, surprise, there isn’t. There’s good guys out there. I suppose I’m still just waiting to find him.

    By Whitney on 03.07.2011

  33. It’s the best thing out there, other than actually accomplishing something. It’s the big proverbial FML. As we all know almost only counts in horse-shoes and hand grenades.

    Who cares if you almost won a million dollars, or almost had sex with Tyra Banks?

    By Jimmy Cleary URL on 03.07.2011

  34. I am almost paying attention in biology. He talks about bums and making out. All comparable to homeostasis; positive feedback. That sorta thang. All biological.

    By Asia on 03.07.2011

  35. The world almost is rooted with the word- not enough. Almost is a defeat, a loss, charted as a non-victory. Non success, but almost there.

    By Belle on 03.07.2011

  36. I almost did it again, but I held back this time. After all, how many times had I tried to sever ties with someone I loved so that I wouldn’t be hurt again? The result was always more pain – what a stupid thing to do. I will not make that same mistake again.

    By A Bananie URL on 03.07.2011

  37. I’m almost sane again. The thoughts of him come less frequently. Soon enough they will be gone for a day..then a few days. Then it will become a week. A month. Then I’ll think of him once in a while. Hopefully with a smile on my face and not the sadness I feel today. Because today he’s almost gone from my memory. Though I know he’ll never be gone from my heart.

    By ChaCha URL on 03.07.2011

  38. it’s the one limit I cannot take for an answer. “almost” doesn’t impress me at all. it’s embarrassing. and it’s for mortals.

    By Invy on 03.07.2011

  39. Almost.

    She was almost there.

    We almost had it. Except we didn’t.

    Almost is so close. Almost can also be close to an averted catastrophe.

    Isn’t there an Edward Almost too?

    (Oh my gosh there’s still time?)

    It’s almost 60 seconds!

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 03.07.2011

  40. It was almost time to go, though Maggie didn’t have her things completely packed, and Joshua’s hair was askew, falling all over his face. But it didn’t matter; they loaded what they had into the car, and they said their goodbyes to the old wooden house and the garden in the back, which was just beginning to bloom. The sky was growing dark as they pulled away, and the air thickened with sirens, and still, they drove on.

    By bleh on 03.07.2011