May 21st, 2011 | 430 Entries

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430 Entries for “wrath”

  1. not much to say about that. i’m not really an angry person. wrath has a kind of religious connotation for me though. doesn’t rhyme with much either, does it? math, sylvia plath, bath… i think that’s pretty much it.

    By john ackerman on 05.22.2011

  2. Wrath. Supposedly we are now on our way to face the wrath of god, seeing as how we weren’t all raptured here. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe we can know when it’ll end, if we’ll even realize it has ended. Maybe the world was over long ago and this is hell. I can live with this wrath, I know what will happen to me at the end of this life. Dark, forgetful, bliss.

    By Paint S.C. URL on 05.22.2011

  3. wrath is bad and it makes people do bad things. it has a w but it doesnt sound like it does. wrath is like wrap and write, ath ath ath. wrath is like anger but wores, like when you start knocking down bukldings like godzilla. so its rage but more destructive i think.

    By amanda on 05.22.2011

  4. We were talking about the Rapture, and for a moment I thought I might prefer Paradise Lost’s Satan in his democracy of Hell to the wrathful God that rules the monarchy of Heaven.

    By Is URL on 05.22.2011

  5. Anger, I hate it.
    The feeling of no coffee and no love
    Always alone
    Never enough
    No time
    No thoughts
    Just wrath.
    No more.

    By Miranda Parker on 05.22.2011

  6. I read the Grapes of Wrath while I was in America. I read it years ago, but a recent road trip seemed like the best possible context to read it again. And as wonderful as I thought the first time. Now to read Travels with Charley – ok, so Steinbeck didn’t spend every night in his green van, but I still expecting a great book!

    By joey on 05.22.2011

  7. She’s never really believed in a wrathful god, or at least — not without a great deal of cognitive dissonance. If you’d asked her when she was a teenager — asked her about reward and punishment and the value of suffering — she would have told you all the right answers. But she’s never believed it where it counts.

    By Jace on 05.22.2011

  8. I feel wrath for many people, ’cause what they do to other people, what they do themselves or what they don’t do.

    By veera URL on 05.22.2011

  9. Facing it, letting it happen. Listening to it, responding. Wrathful revenge, never happening. I’m done with it, I’m done with bitterness. Let it all go, feel the release.

    By Molly on 05.22.2011

  10. Wrath. Possibly the deadliest of the 7 deadly sins. Evil. Hatred. Wrath will kill you, others, and anyone who stands in your way. Why is wrath so terrible? It is founded in the core of sin. It is there in all of us. Beware of wrath. It will be the end of you.

    By Carly on 05.22.2011

  11. Wrath – anger is painful, yet so human… wrath goes so much farther than justified emotion. Wrath is dangerous, and cruel, and devastating.

    By Chlöe on 05.22.2011

  12. i am not angry, i have never felt wrath in its purest form. however, i know how to be angry. wrath is an extreme form, which can perhaps be a consequence of something as extreme. i just think life is too short to live it being angry, yet too long to try to be good with everyone. a little bit of anger doesn’t hurt, it’s a reality check.

    By Enis on 05.22.2011

  13. anger, people, me, life people always telling you what to do, not knowing what to do. not being yourself, God

    By sammy on 05.22.2011

  14. I feel like I’m falling beneath the shadows of a feeling that is indescribable, it is something unfathomable, something that you can’t dominate in any way. I feel like w is taking over r and a over t with a final gasp for an h.

    By Veronica Tirpea on 05.22.2011

  15. Wrath – a science teacher in my school. also, how someone feels when he or she is broken, hurt, depressed, in pain, drowning, dying, left alone, grieving, and feeling empty inside.

    By Syd on 05.22.2011

  16. The wrath of the dark lord caused Frodo to be cast into the depths of Mount Doom. Poor Frodo. It wasn’t his fault he stumbled upon the ring. The dangers of the internet.

    By B. Douglas on 05.22.2011

  17. What a word.

    I felt it when I found out how he’d betrayed me and slept with her. Not initially, but soon after, after I’d realized the fucking magnitude of what he’d done. So I transferred that…into working out, into writing, into being a better person. All of that was borne from the anger and when it comes time for me to come down on him, not only will he feel it, he’ll know that I’m all that other stuff, too.

    By Travis URL on 05.22.2011

  18. Hurling pots, vases, which smash against the opposite wall and fall to the floor in a pile of shards, in smithereens. Faces contorted and red and angry with eyes and veins bulging.

    By linette on 05.22.2011

  19. is something that descends from On High, unless I’m mistaken. This is what seems to define this word from other manifestations of violence. But those of us with more secular beliefs (and, really, even those of us who count themselves among the believers) must demonstrate an Earthly outlet. Even the Almighty’s vengeance must have a conduit, and therefore I find little distinction between wrath and other forms of violence, despite a certain deferral of responsibility to an invisible rage, in place of an unfavorable one.

    By mattlock URL on 05.22.2011

  20. haha the wrath was supposed to come yesterday. Not even the angels know when the end of the world is coming. God is not mean nor spiteful. He wants to see us live and survive. He would never want to destroy His beautiful creation of Earth.

    By Ashley on 05.22.2011

  21. wrath. some people think this word is pronounced “roth” and some think it is “rath”. which is correct? who knows? either way i imagine some people would be outraged to hear, and act in an incredulous manner in regard to the supposedly incorrect pronounciation.

    By Pepe on 05.22.2011

  22. Wrath. One of the deadly sins. My Deadly Sin… When things go wrong the red filters over your eyes and you lose all control. Wrath is a cousin to anger, yet they’re not the same…

    By Amanda on 05.22.2011

  23. Wrath. The highest form of revenge. Caused by anger. I hate anger. Although am angry alot. Which is funny because I am one of the happiest people. Easily made to smile. Easily pleased and even easier to forgive. But I do have the kind of wrath you see in movies, maybe I am exaggerating. Ok is my time up yet?

    By hadass URL on 05.22.2011

  24. the wrath is a bad thing and we should avoid it because it makes the people heat us and do not want to speak to us

    By Señora URL on 05.22.2011

  25. the wrath of god is mighty and i feel it in my bones the way it pounds how loud how soft and every day in the mirror i feel it burning so hot in my face the way the blood pounds to my cheeks in dismay yes yes the wrath of god is mighty and i feel it in my bones i feel it in my cheeks i feel it every day

    By Queen Anne's Lace on 05.22.2011

  26. What? the word is still wrath? what is this? uhhh. wrath is really really mad people. i don’t like mad people because they tend to do stupid things like kill puppies. But not really, because honestly, what kind of person kills puppies? thats just sick, man.

    By fredandgeorge URL on 05.22.2011

  27. None like mine, right here and now, faced with outrageous unfairness from every angle.

    By Jeanie URL on 05.22.2011

  28. He was wrathful in everything he did from a young age, because that’s how he learned to be from his good old daddy. It spread into his life with his kids too, but that’s what made him a proper dad. Kids need beatings, right?

    By Ivy Ziedrich on 05.22.2011

  29. not sure if I should say all the meanings the sentence has for me
    one word is never one thought i should declare i sometimes wish so
    no one will ever understand me with a single word

    By alejandra antonietta URL on 05.22.2011

  30. Usually I think of the Wrath of God since I was raised conservative and knew I should fear it. I’ve struggled with understanding the God in the Old Testament who was always full of wrath and the New Testament where His wrath is appeased. I am still afraid of His wrath.

    By Dee URL on 05.22.2011

  31. the grapes of wrath by john steinbeck made so much wrath come out of my body it’s not even funny. I hate that book so much. like i appreciate mr. steinbeck, but i really did not enjoy reading pages and pages only about corn

    By Jasmina on 05.22.2011

  32. Waters running
    Aftermath of all
    This rage.
    Have at thee.

    By MissMayge on 05.22.2011

  33. anger & hatred
    hatred leads to love
    hatred and love are the same sort of thing
    you can love and hate someone
    i do
    you probably have done
    everyone has wrath
    you need to to learn how to control it
    and turn it into love
    Because after all…
    Love slays all

    By Jenny on 05.22.2011

  34. My wrath has overtaken the top of all creation. Purple in appearance but great is it when it is embodied not by word but by action. So I release the wrath. A.M. Pre-prophetic notion. To be at the bottom receives the wrath.

    By Josie on 05.22.2011

  35. I conducted a campaign of wrath on the small peasants that i found flocking around my village there impenitence disgusted me and I felt it was high time that they followed my command. Hence I did destroy their livelihoods and make the children suffer.

    By Anthony on 05.22.2011

  36. Mercy. Mercy. Mercy.

    Find the joy of your own experience. And work from that place of joy through and through.

    By Jason URL on 05.22.2011

  37. Anger. Revenge. The first is an emotion. The second, a reaction to the first. Neither one is productive in life. By taking revenge you are validating another person’s power over your emiotions. By working through the first and not acting on the second, you will bring something positive into your life.

    By Krissy URL on 05.22.2011

  38. anger and hatred
    rinsing wounds
    keep going,
    you have to.
    lilfe’s about wrath,
    yet sometimes keeping wrath in us is harder than it seems..
    sometimes better to express yourself

    By Jenny on 05.22.2011

  39. the last time i heard this word it was used to desrcibe what god would do to you if you slipped up and what he unleashed on jesus when he took the cross

    By Dominique on 05.22.2011

  40. anger
    this is not good
    “you shall feel my~”

    By Emily on 05.22.2011