June 14th, 2013 | 213 Entries

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213 Entries for “pixels”

  1. i think of pixies. cute. ugly. scary pixies that excite girls heart and make movies magical. they are full of hope- because of the promise of adventure.

    By Aimee Bouwer on 06.15.2013

  2. The pixels flashed on the screen. One by one they developed into a little man. Space bar. The pixels jumped. I moved the joystick to the right and the man jumped to the next ledge. I felt like I was the master of time and space/

    By Fin on 06.15.2013

  3. The pixels on the image enlarged as i zoomed in, trying to possibly see any sort of happiness in my eyes.

    By Caroline on 06.15.2013

  4. The pixel formed together into the picture of depression. This pictured demostrated me laying on my bed staring at blank pixels. Other pixels formed into rain dribbling against the window in front of me.

    By Aislinn on 06.15.2013

  5. i don’t know what these are. i’ve heard about them. i know i’m looking at them, or something like that. whatever. i just caught another rat in my apartment! my boyfriend caught one earlier, that makes 12 in the last week. that’s enough PIXELS for me!

    By reluctant URL on 06.15.2013

  6. The pixels that dotted the heroine’s costume were almost blinding. SunEater retreated to dark side of the moon and started to power up. A tap on his shoulder startled him. The Pixel gave him a wry smile.

    By MauriceWilliams on 06.15.2013

  7. the blocks make up anything. We used to think they were atoms. Then quarks. Then gluons. Now we know they’re just pixels.
    In other news, HD TV got a lot better.

    By anonymous on 06.15.2013

  8. Is the word pixels? I’m confused but okay. Pixels are the tiny dots that make up an image. Every image is made up of millions of different pixels, um, okay I’ve said that twice now haven’t I? Pixels. Pixels. Pixels. If you type it more than once it doesn’t feel like a word. Jokes. Has it been 60 seconds? Fuck. Am I supposed to click done? It is it supposed to cut me off? Okay I’m stressed now . And definitely not thinking about pixels.

    By Anna nurse URL on 06.15.2013

  9. Pixels is a word associated with graphics in technology such as computer graphics, video games and photography/film. The less pixels, the lower quality. High definition is 720 and 1080 pixels. The game Minecraft is known for its large pixels and block-oriented look.

    By Erik Miller on 06.15.2013

  10. I do enjoy the idea of pixels, the idea that one image is not made up of a single thing.. that it’s multiple units, working together. A sobering thought really. To know nothing is as simple as it seems.

    By Ian Gibbons on 06.15.2013

  11. technology has been transformed into tiny, tiny squares that control our life for hours. now you shall think

    By ninahuman URL on 06.15.2013

  12. Dots………

    By marylee on 06.15.2013

  13. small little dots on your screen. One does not make a difference. All put together makes a nice picture. I dont know where we would be without them.

    By Em on 06.15.2013