December 6th, 2009 | 829 Entries

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829 Entries for “worship”

  1. HA! I laughed when i saw this word. how can, out of ALLL the words in the world, I get this one?! Ridiculous. I’m the least worshipy person who has ever played this writing game. this amuses me. MWAHAHA. im ready to go to the next word. the mere SIGHT of this word enrages me!

    By Lehna on 12.07.2009

  2. everyone wants to be worshiped. at least thats what i once thought. but i have grown a lot, and i dont need to be worshiped. it made me realise that everyone is different, if i can become different from how i used to be.

    By aust on 12.07.2009

  3. I don’t really think that worship is necessary in order for a religion to work. all you need is a good set of morals and a smart populace, and voila

    By The Vagrant on 12.07.2009

  4. He sat down and keeled at the pew. It was time to worship, but he felt really crummy. He felt bad for just entering a house of worship when he was such a sinner. Last night..it was the first time he had ever been with another man. It was amazing, yes, but he knew it was a sin. A terrible sin. He bowed down and put his head to the floor. He stood up, crossed his heart, and took his place behind the altar to lead worship.

    By mattkinsi on 12.07.2009

  5. friends, family, god, things that are worth, it’s something that will

    By Anonymous on 12.07.2009

  6. Worship only really makes me think about religion, and worshipping some type of god. I’ve no idea what’s up there, and I really don’t think anybody does, so why worry about it? Why persecute people over it, or judge people based on their beliefs? We’ve only got one shot at this thing, and who’s to say that they’re right when it comes to their beliefs? Come on, people, let’s have a little fun and lighten the hell up. We won’t know til it’s over.

    By Anonymous on 12.07.2009

  7. No.

    By boulder on 12.07.2009

  8. Worship. I don’t believe in God or some supernatural force. Once you die, you die, and weaklings want to believe in someone else, some fate, because they don’t want to take control over their own lives. They want someone else to take the blame.

    By stella notte on 12.07.2009

  9. Worship is something we feel for things that are worthy of our thoughts and acts, it can be a realigion, a person, or a way of living, like an attituded. As long as one does it wholeheartly, and if it makes us happy, then it’s good.

    By Yuuki on 12.07.2009

  10. you give praises. for the lord. or anything godlike. worship god. in the early days they worship animals finding the real god,

    By agon on 12.07.2009

  11. worship is misinterpreted as meaning religous, but we all worship different things everyday in different ways. its not bad, its just what we value.

    By Mallo on 12.07.2009

  12. god is not exactally what we have been taught to beleive. Instead of worshiping what we beleive to be, our focus should be on what is known to be.
    The sky, the sea, and the land are all the fruits of worship

    By Lisa on 12.07.2009

  13. i go to worship every sunday morning. as i sing songs and say heartfelt prayers with my fellow Christians, i feel close to God, as if he was right next to me, hearing and understanding exactly what i mean, i dont know what i would do without god.

    By Anonymous on 12.07.2009

  14. bvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

    By sdfd on 12.07.2009

  15. to worship to swallow all that cum

    By swallow on 12.07.2009

  16. once during worship i touched myself thinking about god. i always wondered if he knew, so I wrote him a letter yesterday to tell him. he came over last night and we did it hard. harder than ever before.

    god i love god.

    By alec on 12.07.2009

  17. god, power, symbol. devotion.

    By Anonymous on 12.07.2009

  18. to know you is to love you

    By Anonymous on 12.07.2009

  19. i don’t worship anything. except life. except my belief in mankind. because, somewhere, there’s something that deserves our thanks. our reverence. our appreciation. that is the only thing that i have faith in. anymore

    By Lindsay Bicknell on 12.07.2009

  20. When I think about worship, I think of a lifestyle. Not something you begin and end or only do when it’s convenient, but something that is part of you, just like breathing. You need it to live. A life of thankful worship is meaningful.

    By Anonymous on 12.07.2009

  21. god, jesus, church, angels zeus godess knees kneeling praying sunday kings and queens lords gods ugh i dont know what else. almost outta time.

    By pants on 12.07.2009

  22. and with worship. you’d think that this would change daily. But anyways it seems almost contra to my psyche to write about a word that i hit yesterday

    By bored on 12.07.2009

  23. The crowds worship him like a God. That’s how things should be. He’s the King! He always was and always will be the King. There is only one thing he still has to do. He has to have someone by his side, a Queen of sorts. The trick is to prepare his ‘queen’. Jack watches Yusei and smiles, planning for the future.

    By KCO on 12.07.2009

  24. My car would float if it worship.

    By christian on 12.07.2009

  25. worship

    By Anonymous on 12.07.2009

  26. He once told me that he worshiped the way my hips curved evenly away from my waist.

    By bobby on 12.07.2009

  27. devoting thoughts and ideas to a higher presence. prayer. meditation. removing your mind from the tangible world. leaving

    By Kate on 12.07.2009

  28. no

    By Sarah on 12.07.2009

  29. Love to me when I was younger was to have someone who would be at my every call. Someone who I thought would worship. As I’ve gotten older, I still am turned off by a guy who can’t show appreciation, but I don’t want a guy whose possessive. Be in between, I don’t want to be the only reason you’re happy to wake up in the morning; I’d rather be the MAIN reason.

    By Zuleyka (ablackdoor.tumblr.com) on 12.07.2009