December 7th, 2009 | 222 Entries

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222 Entries for “enhance”

  1. enhance your life,
    spice it up.
    make it right,
    get back your luck.
    move it faster,
    feel no pain.
    become immortal,
    you must remain.
    your thoughts are thoughtless,
    you dream no dreams.
    it’s all so much
    more than it seems.

    By d* on 12.08.2009

  2. to make it bigger like size wise you know just large n stuff like supersize yeah supersize like a fat american an obese child likein the goonies like a goofy like disney but massive enhanced flavour for gunshot wounds like iraq ha enhance a population

    By wes on 12.08.2009

  3. I don’t understand this word because I’m not an english writer first of all. Why am I here in the first place. I don’t know what to write. It means nothing right now but well it’s fun even though I won’t use it in the future.

    By Anonymous on 12.08.2009

  4. enhancement aren’t really true to life. leave everything as it is, please. no enhancements are necessary. our world is beautiful in every way. sweet potatoes

    By Chelly on 12.08.2009

  5. To enhance your vision of humanity, step into the abyss of overlooked mentality.

    By Anonymous on 12.08.2009

  6. Sarah enhances my life

    By Sarah on 12.08.2009

  7. when i think of enhance, i think of those commercials that have to do with enhancing your performence in the bedroom, like they make your penis bigger and gives you more stamina or some shit like that. i don’t think of anything but enlarging some dudes dick.

    By Heather on 12.08.2009

  8. One day, we will be artificial. A human robot hybrid. We are enhanced to reach a type of perfection that the subsistence of human could never reach.

    By Anonymous on 12.08.2009

  9. well today I was walking down the street and I saw a sign
    I walked in and I saw a person with arms out, hoping for a hug.
    I went up to him, asked how this enhances my life, and he just hugged me.
    I have felt been happier more enhanced.

    By Maddy on 12.08.2009

  10. better
    your ego

    By mary on 12.08.2009

  11. I have never really understood mankind’s constant desire to “enhance” themselves–male enhancements, breast enhancements, nose jobs, liposuction. It seems that we are a society built only on the conception that nothing is every good enough.

    By Anonymous on 12.08.2009

  12. enhance your beauty by staying inside. the king does not like girls with blemishes caused by the sun. he does not like anything imperfect. he wants perfect sons for a perfect army, so he must have perfect mistresses in order to make perfect sons. enhance your beauty, make yourself as beautiful as you can, and he will be satisfied.

    By peanut on 12.08.2009

  13. I look at the old dog house and thought about how difficult it would be to live there if I had no choice. Well, I have no choice no since as the wife put it im in the dog house, so I need to enhance it now. He

    By Dog Smartz on 12.08.2009

  14. I wish that i could enhance my love life. feel more full. enhanced. feel loved feel happier feel wanted. enhanced

    By eden on 12.08.2009

  15. I enhanced the image and caught the culprit. CSI: MOTHERFUCKERS

    By carl on 12.08.2009

  16. i would want to enhance my personality if given the chance. enhancement is a slap in the face of my mother, and I would gladly accept any oppurtunity to wound her pride. she’s a bitch. what’s a family worth anyways? nothing to me, I say.

    By thatgirl on 12.08.2009

  17. i want to enhance the size of my breasts…not

    By Anonymous on 12.08.2009

  18. i think there are way too many male enhancement advertisements in magazines and on the internet.

    By Anonymous on 12.08.2009

  19. to make better. to improve. to better yourself. dirty joke. make more pleasuraable.

    By Hannah on 12.08.2009

  20. “Enhance the curse why don’t you!” He cried, shooting up into a sitting position suddenly. “Rub it in that I’ve lost her, because of my foolishnes”

    By Hannah Mizell on 12.08.2009

  21. bright, shining light that touches skin and is advantageous for any skin color. to brighten color, to make more beautiful. to touch with goodness,

    By Anonymous on 12.08.2009

  22. The couple knew something had been enhanced. The exact location and result were kept quiet, however, and both acted as if all were normal. He thought of how the night would go, and couldn’t keep his excitement at bay.

    By Jackie on 12.08.2009