December 5th, 2009 | 289 Entries

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289 Entries for “crime”

  1. crime sucks ass, it has alot to do with how you were brought up but I think that most importantly, it’s how you were treated while growing up that has the most affect on ehwether you think crime is a big deal. There have been many criminals in the world that we know of, some bad, some good, and some really really bad, the regular bad ones do things like steal, the people who commit good crimes might be thought of as american fore fathers.

    By charles on 10.01.2009

  2. i do those

    By kathryn Jones on 10.01.2009

  3. It’s a crime, she said, for you to not be taken. And I wasn’t. Years and years of spoiled relationships; one night stands and meaningless crushes. I never got anything from it. She’ll never get anything from me.

    By Chloe on 10.01.2009

  4. violence, guns, drugs, illegal, laws, people, sad, hurts, violates, constant, condition, characteristic, poverty, cash, money, universal

    By jan on 10.01.2009

  5. drugs and drug dealers pushing coke out to various civilians, corrupting society. miami building itself based on the drug trade and the seventies when crack cocaine ruled the streets. I think of guns, nortenos, gangs, violence, crooked cops. I see police officers flooded and fighting a losing battle against crime.

    By brisa on 10.01.2009

  6. Sometimes, It takes muliplile definitions in order to actually define crime. There really is no purpose in the end to most people’s problems. This isss

    By Eric on 10.01.2009

  7. ouch. bad. very bad

    By Anonymous on 10.01.2009

  8. i moved forward and kissed her. she didn’t move away. she didn’t stop me. she kissed me, and i knew that she meant it. i felt her hand on the side of my face, and kissed deeper. she ended up staying the nite.

    good move, courtney. good move indeed.

    By moonbeamxxappa on 10.01.2009

  9. new york city is full of it. I would consider it the source of much of my anxiety with living in such a major city. Every night when I am walking back from the subway I immediately start profiling around me. I don’t feel safe in the dark, especially in urban environments. I would consider the main people I attribute crime to to be male, I don’t tend to fear women in the same way.

    By Anonymous on 10.01.2009