December 8th, 2015

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42 Responses to “wealth”

  1. All the wealth in the world couldn’t buy him the one thing he truly desired: love and tenderheartedness. It could by him sex, and booze, and pretty porn stars to keep him company for an hour, or six, a day, or a week, but it couldn’t buy him real love. The loss, however, was not that what he so wanted, and needed, couldn’t be bought, it was that thought wealth was his only hope of attaining these things. Had he been poor, he would have had no choice, but to lead with his heart, nothing more, or less than himself, and over time, he would have come to know that he was a good man, a worthy man, his wealth was himself and that was enough.

    By Angel Gage URL on 12.09.2015

  2. So, I’m not a wealthy person, since I’m not an adult with a fancy life, yet I hope to be wealthy someday. But not wealthy in the way you are thinking of. I want to have wealth that can’t be obtained in the form of petty gold and silver coins, or frail pieces of paper, clutched to heaving chests, watched with wild, darting eyes. I don’t want wealth that can be easily stolen from me. I want true happiness and contentment for all that I have. I want the wealth of the heart and soul.

    By Teeny Duckie URL on 12.10.2015