December 9th, 2015

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50 Responses to “sublime”

  1. The sunset is so sublime with its beauty. Its colorful sometimes and when the clouds are around it it lookes amazing.

    By Nicholas Slayback on 12.10.2015

  2. I don’t know what a sublime is. :)

    By Alexyss Jacobs on 12.10.2015

  3. Life’s sublime pleasures are in the most minute delivers Earth proffers:
    The black beans glaring at the lettuce mix that rests, peacefully, in
    on my tranquil counter top;
    “the relic in your mind can be whatever you choose”, said the wise farmer’s sentient staff, as he gracefully punctured a hole inside of the soil he cozied his toes on.

    By Milad URL on 12.10.2015

  4. The chocolate cake we were served at lunch was sublime. It was moist and rich. It was three layers and had rich chocolate icing between each of the layers. Yummy!

    By h on 12.10.2015

  5. I remember a band named Sublime. This memory brings back many good memories of my childhood.

    By Lisa on 12.10.2015

  6. I wake up and i see a beautiful sun. At night, I would love to have dinner in a great restaurant with lots of friends.

    By Thalles on 12.10.2015

  7. one of my favorite bands growing up, absolute happiness, mellow music, LeBron James commercials for Sprite

    By Fred on 12.10.2015

  8. i don’t practice santeria, i ain’t got no crystal ball, i had a million dollars but i’d, i’d spend it all
    i could find that eina and that sancho that she’s found
    i’d pop a cap in sancho and i’d slep her downn
    all i really want to know, i already know
    all i really want to say, i can’t define
    it’s love that i need

    By berenique on 12.10.2015

  9. He said ‘hello’, flashed a sexy smile, and licked his lips a little too suggestively, and now her head was swimming. Felt like sucking on freon or joyriding at 85 mph on a narrow mountain ridge – naughty and exhilarating. Yeah it was a silly crush, but it made her feel like she’d drunk from the fountain of youth, and she was giddy with it.

    By Soft URL on 12.10.2015

  10. where wonder dared not go
    here we are
    standing at the edge
    walking into mirages
    we can touch

    By katiekieran URL on 12.10.2015