October 28th, 2014

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79 Responses to “visit”

  1. I am going to go and visit my grandma today. she is not feeling well, so we bought her flowers. After that i visiting my friend at her house we are going to go watch a movie. Then I am going back to her house for a sleep over. On Monday I have school. After we are going back to see my grandma.

    By Regina on 10.29.2014

  2. “Your wife has probably tried to turn your kids against you, so don’t be surprised if they seem distant or hostile. That’s assuming you even get a visit with them. She will most likely oppose that too.” Dave was finding things more and more difficult to understand. He had not been a bad husband, or a bad father. He had put in the hours to get recognition at work, and promotions had come. They had argued occasionally, but all couples did. Then out of the blue, she was gone!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.29.2014

  3. He opens the door to the dressing room, peeking around and finding no one inside, which is just how he planned it anyway. Never be said that Ryo wasn’t a sneaky bastard — he had never claimed such, and he knew that he wasn’t above being utterly creepy to get what he wanted.

    This time, though, it wasn’t really what he could get out of the situation but really, what he could do in return.

    and then he vomited in his mouth a little at that romantic thought. What the hell, self.

    By Jocelyn on 10.29.2014

  4. i went to see mum today. the doctors say her condition is getting worse and i fear the next time i visit, she wont recognize me anymore.

    By royce on 10.29.2014

  5. The visit brought back memories that Raina would have preferred to forget. Yet again she feels helpless.

    By Anu on 10.29.2014

  6. During last days, i visit the wife’s parents. We ate snack together.

    By Ríghel on 10.29.2014

  7. I’ll visit, she had said, at the very beginning of it all. I’ll come see you every day.

    He’d nodded and grinned and expected nothing less.

    At first she did come. She came and they laughed and when she left, it was to close the door gently behind her with a last glance back at his slumped figure on the couch, only his head visible from under the blanket that she had thrown over him. He woke in the morning to see the dazed light of the afternoon spilling through the skylight at his feet and a note taped to the top of a little paper box. “I baked cupcakes for you,” he read slowly as he rubbed his tired eyes. “Take care of yourself.”

    The next day, it was the same, but different. They laughed about different things. She had lunch with him, but she had an important meeting to attend during dinner. The day after that, she stayed the entire day. They curled up together on the couch and watched a horror movie together. She screamed at all the right times and hid her face in his chest and then afterwards he gave her a back massage. The next day she brought him a stack of books and a new sketchbook. They painted together until the sun set and then they had a quiet dinner under the watchful moon in the backyard behind his house. She visited, she left, and the next day he woke. Day after day after day, they kept blurring into the next day and then, after that, next.

    “I’m sorry, but we’re pushing a new product through. I’ll have to stay overtime, so I can’t spend the whole day with you anymore.” She told him one day, eyebrows tilted in apology. He nodded his understanding, because he wasn’t a selfish person, and he knew it was unreasonable of him to expect that she would stay with him forever, because she was a person too, and she had a life beyond him.

    But a little piece of him was petulant. Days became hours. She dropped in before work, during lunch, after a particularly long and boring meeting. She brought him little cakes from cafes and sprigs of pine needles.

    By Skäila URL on 10.29.2014

  8. He wasn’t meant to stay. He was meant to come to the flat to see the new sofas that was it. He wasn’t meant to sit there for hours as I made him first a coffee, and then offered him a beer and then another one and another one, and we most definitely weren’t meant to wake up in the living room together the morning after his visit.

    By lightthisfuse on 10.29.2014

  9. in the night, sometimes, i still hear your mellow-flicker voice in the background of my dreams and turn to bury my face in the crook of my cold, overstuffed pillow.

    By Miss-li-ding on 10.29.2014

  10. My visit to my former high school was a blessing in disguise. Not only did I had the pleasure to re-live and share those memories that enhanced my life with my son, but I were able to interact with some of the teachers that made me who I am today.

    By victor URL on 10.29.2014

  11. Visitation hours are never long enough. She watches the time like a farmer watches the clouds; seeing it roll on in, and knowing that nothing she can do will stop the rain from falling. The clock ticks, and tocks, and she crosses her legs. The guards don’t bother watching anymore. It takes her longer than really needed to raise to her feet – her shoes full of lead, as she notes that he didn’t come visit again.

    By brianna on 10.29.2014

  12. The visit was lovely – I hadn’t seen her in weeks and for a change, our conversation wasn’t entangled in comparisons and conflict. It was a genuine meeting of hearts and spirits and we took comfort and happiness in each other’s stories and successes. I was grateful; perhaps we had finally turned a corner.

    By Ayesha_A on 10.29.2014

  13. And he visited upon them all the millions of plagues and ugly things for they were stupid and in need of some silly plagues.

    By W.C. Degradation on 10.29.2014

  14. Lost in her ecstasy, stuck on her reverie, she was staring at her own reflection in a pond beside their house as the flashbacks of her childhood is continuously playing in her mind showing how forlorn it was that she had no friends for an unknown reason, and befriending someone seems so impossible for her. Although she really longs to have someone to convey all her sheepish stories with, she merely can’t and hadn’t. Her cheeks was already hot and flushed and the tears begun streaming down her face. As much as she hated it, she once visited the inevitable truth of her past.

    By Dhrean Fortess on 10.29.2014

  15. “I really can’t that weekend. My UH Aunt Flo is visiting and I’ll have to take care of her.”
    “Yeah it’s a drag, but that’s how it is.”
    “What, can’t your mom help out? Isn’t she her sister?”
    “Oh jeez, kid. Yeah visits my mom once a month too.”
    “Is it because she doesn’t have anywhere else to go?”
    “No look it’s fine, I just can’t do next week is all.”
    To no real surprise, Damien began sending her links to resources for helping relatives gain financial independence for loved ones (usually connected to gambling…)

    By Yona on 10.29.2014

  16. She was hoping that someone would stop by. She peered out the window, looking at the cobblestones by the front path. She would put a pot of tea on and some biscuits out, just in case. The house was tidy, the plants watered, the laundry done, even the fire on the hearth was bright and glowing. Yes, maybe someone would pop in. That would be nice.

    By CH on 10.29.2014

  17. She knew she was in love, but she also knew she wanted another visit to see if this love was as real as she felt it was, or merely a dream in her mind.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.29.2014

  18. The visit was so bleak and unwavering . still like the river that was over thy mountain. What she expected was unforeseen as he had rejected her feelings quite bluntly that she had no choice but to move on…Though she had felt stuck as she was already sinking in the quick sand they called love. To say she had cried would be a lie because she didn’t she couldn’t find it in her too. Perhaps the fact that she had used him as a distraction or she really loved him. Its was not her fault that he doubted her and it was not his fault that he thought so… That she was in love with another boy

    By IvoryG on 10.29.2014

  19. she left the building with a sad look about her. she had visited her grandmother in hopes of finding out about her grandfathers time in the war but it was no use; her gran couldn’t remember. She sighed and fingered the medals she had pinned to her coat, proud her grandfather had fought in the war.

    By Caitlynn on 10.29.2014

  20. so maybe some days your room becomes an ocean. so maybe some days you drown more than others. maybe, maybe. maybe some days your closet is a galaxy, and if you shut the lights and put your head between your knees, you swear you can see stars. you wish a star would fall on your head. I wish you would fall out of my heart, out of my mind. what if we learned to laugh and dance again, what if I could scoop out the fillings in my heart and replace it with something better … won’t you visit me here darling. it’s so lovely.

    By kat on 10.29.2014

  21. As the minutes ticked by, it became hard not to fidget. She’d paced the length of the living room and rummaged through the fridge. Beer and beef jerky. There was more snow on the TV than outside, but it was better than listening to the moans of her mother’s new boyfriend. She turned up the volume.

    By Soft URL on 10.29.2014

  22. She walked past the mother who was gently kissing her son’s wound gone.
    Unconsciously, her face lit up.
    The gentle tugs on her sweater, sheshe’d never forget.
    The way he smiled, the way he shared his toys.
    Her footsteps grew heavier as she spotted it.
    She lay the bunch of bluebells down.
    The concrete slab said Jack(1995-1998), we will remember you”

    By Anita on 10.29.2014

  23. A visitation.

    Not a vision.

    I didn’t just see them.

    They were HERE.

    They visitationed me.

    I felt them. Smelt them. Their breath moved the air, I felt that. I heard them. I saw them, of course, but naturally I would have because they were here.

    I don’t know if they left dust behind, but they left something behind. A speck. I feel that too.

    By Benjie on 10.29.2014

  24. “Go, my dear, and don’t forget to visit!” she called out to her beloved son, not believing how fast the years had gone by. To think that seeing him everyday would no longer happen and that she’d only be limited to those holidays and special rare occasions that don’t come fast enough once a year were hard to accept, and she let out a wistful smile as she reminisced about their past.

    By I_have_no_words on 10.29.2014

  25. One day sam visited joe. They played chess, and then checkers, and then played tennis and soccer and when it was time to go home sam left.


    By Gretchen on 10.29.2014

  26. One day John visited Joe, they played football, chess, they ate bacen, and they ate curtains.


    By Duel on 10.29.2014

  27. visit is a simple word. for exsample. I went to visit my grandmother the other day she gave so cookies yummm. >>> visit is a strange sounding word with two sylables,

    By MOntanna on 10.29.2014

  28. One day I decided to vist my sister.Gretchen lived in india and it cost almost all my savings to get to her, but it was worth it.She fed me inda delicates and lots of native treates.

    By Pookie on 10.29.2014

  29. When someone comes for a visit, housecleaning is often required. Extensive housecleaning. The compartments in the silverware drawer are washed. The bedding is washed and changed for overnight guests. The floor under the furniture is vacuumed and washed down. Things are put away.

    By rachelzana on 10.29.2014

  30. to be with someone you miss or love. to visit my lover, to visit my grandmother. to simply visit.

    By Lynn Renee URL on 10.29.2014

  31. today my grandparents are going to visit and we are going to have so much fun! we are going to have a tea party and the porch with tiny little sandwiches

    By Elizabeth on 10.29.2014

  32. And someday you are going to visit me again, with red roses in your hand. Scarlet like the blood I spilled upon myself when you left. You will visit me with a hand full of daisies, pure like angel feathers and still the most ugly flower I’ve ever seen. Stark white clouds that fall short of endlessness and float away in the wind just as easily. Yes, you heard me correctly, someday you are going to visit me again, with roses in your hand. Only this time, this time our meeting won’t be nearly as lovely as before.

    By Madison on 10.29.2014

  33. Visit can be an exciting thought. We visit bus kids to invite them to church. We visit sick people in the hospital. We visit friends. My mom is coming to visit!!!!! She will be with us for Thanksgiving this year.

    By Andrea on 10.29.2014

  34. I visited you today. Not physically, never physically, but mentally, spiritually, and all the other ways but physically. I visited the way you used to struggle to find words, the way you always had that “tip of the tongue” syndrome, and I could never uncover the right words for you.

    By Ariana on 10.29.2014

  35. The only thing she could think about was the visit. She was in foster care, in and out of it actually. The first visit was always the hardest. First impressions, hide your temper, be cautious, but approachable. Don’t smile too much, but don’t stop smiling. Contradiction in everything. She was sick of this, sick of meeting people who would eventually give her up again. She just wanted to be loved.

    By Natalie URL on 10.29.2014

  36. He was always restlessly looking for the next destination. Home, for him, is a place of anxiety – always a pale facsimile of somewhere over there, the destination where he would find fulfillment. Someday he will visit. Someday he’ll get the hell out of this miserable town.

    By asavas on 10.29.2014

  37. This visit could very will be the last time we see Mom she getting weaker and weaker we have no idea if she will die this day, this week, this next month, this year.

    By Hope Strubs on 10.29.2014

  38. i love visiting places. Visiting tourist places is my favorite hobby. I also love visiting my relatives and friends.

    By Lakshmi on 10.29.2014

  39. A poor village man visited a lonely tower in the night.
    A stunning but solemn woman with long black hair hanging from the window he caught sight.
    He ran into town and told the villagers, they thought her a witch.
    They burned her hair from the foot of that tower, it’s stones now stand toppled in a ditch.

    By sacaguweea on 10.29.2014