October 28th, 2014

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79 Responses to “visit”

  1. I walk across the grassy field. All around me are gravestones of people ive never met people ive never heard of. im searching for only one though.

    By Jada on 10.28.2014

  2. yikes this was harder than i thought it would be

    By Jada on 10.28.2014

  3. I love visiting my grandma on sunday afternoons. she bakes sweet banana bread with chocolate chips in it. it always reminds me of when i was a kid and we would go down to church together and sing songs with the pastor and the people of the town. now she is getting old though and it is sad to think that someday she will be gone and not around to make more bread.

    By Laura on 10.28.2014

  4. I left the house that afternoon to go visit them. Their abode was similar in structure to that of prison in a hostile country. Safe to say I never felt welcomed there.

    By Dani on 10.28.2014

  5. Friends and family visit for the holidays. I am board with this lesson. I want 2 go home. what about you. Will you visit me?

    By Carol on 10.28.2014

  6. you have typos.

    By Carol on 10.28.2014

  7. Visit. It’s always nice to appreciate others, and not just verbally but physically. To take a moment of appreciation and love and sharing. Not something that you can tangibly hold but an experience. Something you share. A connection. Something so pure as one human embracing another that it can be purchased. This is what it’s all about.

    By Forest on 10.28.2014

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    By Eva on 10.28.2014

  9. I decided to pay Doctor Vox a visit on the eve of September twentieth. It was a particularly warm evening, yet it did not stop me from wearing the scarf that my mother had sewn for me, tightly wound around my raw throat. I stopped by the towering house where the doctor resided and knocked three times on the door – just as she always requested. After a good ten or so seconds, the door creaked open, but I couldn’t seem to see who exactly had come to greet me in the first place.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.28.2014

  10. he came over for a quick visit on his way from work since they lived a couple blocks apart just to warn her about the mood their boss was in. again. he always seemed to be in a bad mood but today it struck zach as being a good idea to stop by and see liz.

    By feliciadelaawesome URL on 10.28.2014

  11. She had to visit the doctors today for the final results of her biopsy. Sarah was filled with dread at the thought of what news awaited her. Would she be able to accept whatever news it was? Surely it was better to live in ignorance than to know the truth? Maybe she would just not go, not face the reality that was facing her. What harm could that do? Sarah knew that was not the way to approach her situation but it was very tempting all the same

    By suzybee on 10.28.2014

  12. ing hours slip by
    and i’m reminded of how slippery brains are.
    i’ll get him flowers next time
    and maybe a Hallmarked sentiment.
    it’s a little hard to hold a conversation
    with someone that isn’t in the same room.
    i look down and then up

    By Kairn on 10.28.2014

  13. It was supposed to be a visit. That was what Mom told me, at least. That Aunt Maura was staying with us because she loved us so much and wanted to see us more. And when the visit extended for a week, for two weeks, well, that just made it more special, didn’t it?

    I didn’t know. I was seven. I was annoyed with her for taking up our TV room and not buying us candy after the first three days. I didn’t know about Uncle Rick or the drugs or anything. All I knew was that she loved us so much and wanted to see us more, and she would not get off of our couch.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 10.28.2014

  14. A simple visit. That would be all it takes for us to be happy. We split ways at the end of the year, and none of us have really seen you since. I wonder, would it hurt to visit us? Even if for just a day? Just so we know, you havent forgotten us.

    By fairytales on 10.28.2014

  15. It had been a long time since her last visit to her grandmother’s apartment. Old, tattered rugs were strewn about the place in all manner of ways. Jars of miscellaneous herbs filled the rooms, and a strange pungent odor of cheese lingered in the air.

    By harlow on 10.28.2014

  16. The events leading up to the unexpected visit, to say the least, were unexpected. All of the sudden trauma and terror of the past 24 hours, all to be blown away by the mystery man at the front door.

    By Amanda on 10.28.2014

  17. i am going to visit my friend jack. he lives in a nursing home close to where I live. What a character Jack is! I never get tired of listening to his stories about his life.

    By Rob on 10.28.2014

  18. Just a moment in time. just a few days. less than a weekweekweek I’ll see her and we’ll stay here. Rest here. and pretend that all that passed between us before is superficial and nothing worth remembering or getting angry over.
    Just a few days. Less than a weekweekweek. I can do this. Icandothis Icandothis. Icandothis.
    I hope.

    By terradi on 10.28.2014

  19. I went to visit my family this weekend so we could release my brothers ashes. we visited the mountains of yarnell and at sunset we released his ashes into the wind. It was a sad visit but a peaceful one. I know that is how Cory would have wanted it to be. I miss him so much, we all do, but his death brought our family together. I love you Cory. 9.28.14

    By Emma on 10.28.2014

  20. A dark visitor comes knocking. The rain pelts in grey sheets of dampening ice – like buckets drained from the clouds. He is clothed, shrouded, in a dark cloak, shading his features. You do not know who – or why, or how he has reached you. Your only hope is to not answer the door…

    By Moose on 10.28.2014

  21. The grandfather clicked and clocked, ticked and tocked, each beat droning in how time was meaningless in this room of old perfume and dust motes. The women nattered in unison like a pack of disheveled geese, while I continued to tap my fingers to that tick-tock rythym. The visit had to end soon…

    By Skye on 10.28.2014

  22. i wanted to visit you but you were three states away. I thought of the distance between our two hearts and all the ways I could close that distance. I could fly, drive, take the bus… even run there for you. I wondered how you were doing over there in the cold. I wondered if you missed me and if you even wanted me to visit. But that visit wouldn’t close the distance of our love. Your heart would still be miles away.

    By Sara on 10.28.2014

  23. What you consider a visit and what he considers a visit are, of course, two different things. With his visit, only he knows he’s arriving. With his visit, only he his happy. He doesn’t want to be invited. He doesn’t wanted to be saved.

    By JCM on 10.28.2014

  24. She strolled through the streets, bags on her arms as she treaded through the snow. Mikasa Ackerman looked beautiful, her skin a shade brighter and warmer than snow, her cheeks tinted red from the cold as she went to visit her brother, Eren Jaeger

    By Heather on 10.28.2014

  25. as i am who i am, i see and stare up at the heavens as my thoughts, are here to create and state what is inside my heart that pumps, love, as i am here on a visit, to this earthly surface, with a purpose and face to face life and reality..

    By Solutionist URL on 10.28.2014

  26. I am who i am. A being above and beyond, as i sit solo i send the universe thoughts and visual that will become things, as i am here just to visit on this earthly place, where i am my visions and mental are in a higher plane of thought and reason, i see the beyond, the heavens above, as its a duality that states among-est the laws that keep this earth as one with the universe to God, the goodness, as great thoughts think alike as my intertwine with life and all of its creatures, of all kind.Be at ease and breath with purpose and light, illuminate and carry the light, and the life you wish to live.

    By Solutionist URL on 10.28.2014

  27. I have never visited France or any other French-speaking country. Yet I have won the highest honour in my high school for being the school’s best French learner. Well, I am honoured but I did say “I stll have a long journey to complete”.

    By SoloSlinger on 10.28.2014

  28. As a being of the real world, I cannot obviously visit fictional ones. However, I try to visit fictional realms by writing fanfiction. That’s one way for me to visit the Pokemon world. I’m planning to write a self-insert fanfic on Pokemon Y. It will be published on FF.Net.

    By SoloSlinger on 10.28.2014

  29. Come at last to the place we are
    so far from home on a road unknown
    going forward never back
    see the river flowing black
    on the way I see the arrow
    thin and long on the space of morrow

    By Protean on 10.28.2014

  30. J’ai visite ma grand-mere le moin derriere. Elle est tres bien, mais elle est vieille…

    By Kumquat on 10.28.2014

  31. It would just be a quick visit, I told myself. Open the door, fulfill the necessary duty, and leave. I didn’t have to stay and see all the other lonely old people, or smell the sickly sweet smell of almost death pushed back further by medicine.

    By Kristina on 10.28.2014

  32. Amy wanted to go, really she did. Ok that was a lie. she didn’t want to go. she really really didn’t want to go. She’d take the apocolypse over this trip. Hell she’d take a visit to the dentist over this! she paced as best she could whie keeping her spot in line. It shuffled forward suddenly and she felt her heart drop to her stomach.

    By Loren on 10.28.2014

  33. this is a nice site.

    By Loren on 10.28.2014

  34. “Eris! What an unexpected surprise!” she said leaning in to kiss one of her cousins’ cheeks and then the other. “What prompted this little visit?”
    Eris smiled, the expression far to wicked for such an angelic visage. “The country is BORING, cousin. I much prefer it here, with the bustle of the city in my ears,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.28.2014

  35. I visited their home. visit means ur visiting someone like going to their home and visiting them and maybe kinda taking all of their food and slowly nom nom nomming on it while they yell at you and you just throw a pop tart at their face

    By toaster on 10.28.2014

  36. Visitation day was always the worst. To be able to see others reunited after at long last, yet to be alone and sulk in my cell. I hated this life, and soon I wouldn’t have to. The escape was planned for tonight, and I would be a prisoner no more.

    By Kal on 10.28.2014

  37. Rin went over to Haru’s house for a visit. It was going to be normal like every Saturday, they would watch a movie and eat popcorn, as friends.

    By Bill on 10.28.2014

  38. i went to visit bill. bill is chill. he is a demon. dorito. this is hard.

    he then proceeded to marry martin. bill and martin got married. then we ended up going to a park.

    By Bill on 10.28.2014

  39. Please, come visit me.

    No, that’s a selfish thing to ask of you…

    I’m sorry, please forget I ever brought this up.

    By Iceman on 10.28.2014

  40. I am going to go and visit my grandma today. she is not feeling well, so we bought her flowers. After that i visiting my friend at her house we are going to go watch a movie.

    By Rob on 10.29.2014