July 25th, 2014

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50 Responses to “venture”

  1. It is not easy to think that you will have to leave what you are comfortable with. To venture is to step outside all you know. It is to go somewhere you have never been before. This is the ultimate fear to some, and the ultimate excitement for me.

    By Julie Artemov URL on 07.25.2014

  2. Ambition has its cost. Sometimes I ponder the embryonic stages of this venture, initially modest in scope, and wonder how it became the behemoth that now overshadows me.

    By asavas on 07.25.2014

  3. The first step is the hardest. The air fills my lungs and the sun energizes my steps. I have some so far at this point that turning back is not longer an option. The task that I began 3 years and 18 weeks ago today will be finished by the end of the day. One way or another I will see this to the end and you will know your dream is complete.

    By JedwardMac URL on 07.25.2014

  4. i had to venture out into the open world, something i hadn’t done for years. I needed to get out of this prison i called a paradise once upon a time.

    By emily on 07.25.2014

  5. Stuck
    inside the lines of a square
    I am fully aware of the boundaries
    Don’t touch you
    Don’t talk to him
    Don’t go to that bar
    Do I know who you are??
    I am bending those lines
    And breaking them creating
    Holes I have to squeeze through
    But I still manage to pull through
    On the outside I see all of
    Your insecurities
    I see all of my impurities
    I am so over lying
    Can’t keep the truth inside of me
    I am growing increasingly more queezy
    Sick from secrets it’s why I have no friends
    I vomit words onto my lap scoop them into envelopes and
    Lick them closed with foreign tongue
    I haven’t won and I honestly it might feel better if I lose
    Give into you
    Break down for me
    Raw and Whole
    I am seeing you for the first time
    And you are seeing this me for the last
    I promise not to hide from here on out

    By stargirll on 07.25.2014

  6. it was time and place when we could do anything we wanted, even adventure was there waiting for us. It’s not anymore. We are old, we have childern and they have children. We are no fit for those things anymore. We are here to tell our granchildren that there is adventure waiting for them. And it is going to be the best time of their live. Even if it is not.

    By Sandra Dítětová on 07.25.2014

  7. Let’s venture out and explore the day. Watch the sun rise, watch it set, and meander our way from one end of the day to the other. Come along.

    By Emma Trebay on 07.25.2014

  8. “Seems like a risky venture, Adler,” my assistant remarked to me as I sat back down at my desk. The meeting had gone smoothly, and I wiped whatever remaining sweat was on my brow with the tail of my suit jacket.

    “It’ll work,” I replied. “If those companies want to survive, they’ll side with us. They always have to. We have the winning business model. They don’t.

    “Glad to see your confidence hasn’t wavered,” said my assistant dryly. “Some water?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.25.2014

  9. I’m going on a venture. in a few years. i’m scared. i have to make some choices very soon. what if i don’t chose wisely. no point in what ifs though i guess. that’s the point of the whole thing, is it not?

    By Dana on 07.25.2014

  10. She sat on her suitcases for the prescribed ten minutes, double-checked to make sure she had everything, everything, everything (because returning to the house would invite nothing but demons and bad luck, and then stepped over the threshold (where she imagined the invisible house-spirit shaking its little fist at the momentary intrusion) into the so-called real world.

    By Yona on 07.25.2014

  11. venture into a new world, pippin, a world where you can leave all your troubles behind
    just think – all it takes is a singular flame, an incredible finale
    you can do it so easily, and make yourself just as extraordinary as you’ve always been
    you’re extraordinary.
    just step into the light.
    let it engulf you.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 07.25.2014

  12. I ventured out into the wild, never thinking about those at home, what they might be doing at this moment. All i could feel was the breathtaking wind that buffeted my face.

    By Jo on 07.25.2014

  13. sailing off the a new land,
    a new face, with their expressions of being beaten, and being eaten,
    a venture that I seek,
    just because I dip my toes in the water, doesnt mean I would leave the very ocean-
    the very ocean that kept the turbulence of my boat still,
    merely a taste, a crave, to explore what the fish that do not swim in my lovely ocean,
    sail but do not loose sight of the moore that brought the alitude where lofty airs blow!

    By Milad URL on 07.25.2014

  14. Entreprenerial venture. Let’s make a business, think it throughout, market it, tinker it, do the best we can, then we sell it, make the selling grandiose, have a lot of buzz, have a lot of fun. Then wise up and calm down. Grow organically.

    By Pressian on 07.25.2014

  15. Tonight I venture out looking for you, Thor. I hit an east side club. A west side theater. A late night cafe invaded by neon lights and blown-in scraps of newspaper. I scour the white-and-blue walls of Craigslist, Facebook, for any sign of that blond topknot, that deep brown voice.

    By Ella Emma Em on 07.25.2014

  16. they ventured out
    on the beginning of a journey
    knowing not what the future had in store for them
    nor what potential they held, yet to discover
    knowing not what they were to become
    or what the world would someday be
    hoping against hope
    and fearing for faith
    but striving determinedly on

    it was a beautiful day
    the sun warm overhead
    the breeze caressing their brave faces
    the lustful storm on the distant horizon behind them
    a tempest which would never live to see its goal
    instead, leaving the scattered clouds in a canvas of color

    chaos inadvertently resulting in beauty

    By unbornsymphony URL on 07.25.2014

  17. Ohara decided to venture out to Kawagoe that night. He knew that if he started asking questions about a foreign hostess in bars, everyone would clam up, because most of them were probably working illegally. He needed a cover story. And spending money would help.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.25.2014

  18. “Well, you think we should go?”

    “You couldn’t pay me to set foot out of this house,” Rei said, stubbornly. He turned away, his lean arms folded over his chest. A ray of light caught the blue crystal cross dangling from one ear–the exact shade of his cerulean eyes.

    Marian and Owen exchanged a look. Marian stepped forward, linking her arm through Rei’s. “Sweetie, darling–cupcake,” she said, barely stifling a shudder. “I’d never venture anywhere outside without you.”

    Rei snorted. “Fine. We’ll go, but I’m not participating in anything.”

    Owen smirked from behind as he pushed his glasses further up his nose. He knew just how to break that resolve. Rei’s synchronization with his soulstone meant that they would all get lucky tonight and that detail made the unplanned excursion worth it in every way.

    By Sara H. URL on 07.25.2014

  19. I didn’t want to venture anywhere. My place in life was to be a hermit and it always will be. I never wanted to go out and have fun with friends. I never ever even wanted to go see the outdoors, let alone feel the grass under my feet. Forget about smelling the freshly mowed grass or the dewy texture of the air after rain. Forget about it. I am a hermit. It is what I do and what I will always do. I am alive, but I am not living.

    By Susan E. Rother URL on 07.25.2014

  20. She likes to venture into the forest because of the beautiful scenery of green trees with the sky peeking through the branches. It made her feel safe.

    By bop on 07.25.2014

  21. Your knees tremble at every step as you make that long, agonizing journey down the familiar hallway, trying desperately to force yourself to make it to the door, but aware that reaching it will change things in a significant measure.

    By jupiter on 07.25.2014

  22. It was risky. There was no denying it. But how could such a venture ever fail? He pursed his lips and puffed on the cigarette. He knew exactly how it could fail. Jenna. Jenna could cause the best laid plans to go askew with one snap of her manicured fingers.

    By msrachaelmason on 07.25.2014

  23. I would venture to say that I shall venture to write about a new venture of mine: ad-venture. Is this about selling ads, or going on adventures? I’m not so sure because I’m not feeling terribly creative at the moment, having been doing editing most of the day!

    By chipschap on 07.25.2014

  24. She ventured into the dark, absolutely unaware of what awaited her there. An arm on hers, and then his lips, lips she knew too well, but hadn’t felt in years.

    By Omnomnom on 07.25.2014

  25. I’m ready to venture out on my own. I love the life I live, but I can’t wait to start a new chapter. I’m sitting here, realizing that in a mere year from now I will begin my life- MY LIFE. Let the adventure begin.

    By Junco on 07.25.2014

  26. i am going
    out into the unknown
    i suppose i must venture
    to places ive never been before
    what is happening
    i suppose
    is up to

    By maggie. on 07.25.2014

  27. hand on the mast and sails ablaze like the withering sun, he looked out into the open sea.

    “i’m going,” he says, “and when i come back, i’ll be a man.”

    “i’ll wait for you,” she says. his figure is only a silhouette now, his striking pose a whisper among the shouts of the ocean.

    “don’t,” he answers back.

    By sunnysuraj on 07.25.2014

  28. He ventured out into the desert on his own.

    It wasn’t necessarily a good decision, but it was the right decision and that’s all that could possibly manner. Someday he’d be far, far away from the town he grew to hate and the people he grew to love. It was a chance to test his limits and ascend into the glory he knew he had coming.

    He just had to defeat the desert first, that’s all.

    By Sara URL on 07.25.2014

  29. As we venture through the forest my suspension over Harrison rose, if this was his first expedition to King Salomon’s tomb why did he made no mistake, no hesitation and the vegetation it was as if someone had already been through here.

    By Valentino on 07.25.2014

  30. Nothing gained nothing ventured, isn’t that what they say. but what if it isn’t in your nature to venture, can you change that. what if your nature is to be home safe and sound and you would rather just know that peace. or is it peace maybe it’s not living but you really don’t know any better.

    By Karen on 07.25.2014

  31. She ventured down the long, desert pathway. The sand burned her eyes and the sun stung her skin, but she knew that she couldn’t stop now. No, she had come too far just to give up. The old gypsy still waited for her, somewhere, along that darkening horizon.

    By Sara on 07.25.2014

  32. The venture through the city was a long and tedious one. No matter where they turned, danger and the undead lurked in every corner. Within a week, their band of five had dwindled to three. Their situation couldn’t look grimmer.

    By InkFable on 07.25.2014

  33. It was a risky venture but, then again, everything in her life was risky. It was just the way she lived, the way she’d ALWAYS lived. Besides, in her experience, things that pretended they weren’t dangerous, were usually the most deadly. ‘Always the quiet ones’ or whatever.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 07.25.2014

  34. There is always time for another project, another attempt. Business is business. This is a very impressive idea, and I have to say we are excited by it, but we would like to think on it for some time. Let’s meet again at another venture, when the resources are there to fund it we can come back to this one. I feel that at this point in this venture that we will have to move on to other projects.

    By River Ranter URL on 07.25.2014

  35. Venture is this weird pseudo homeschool group in Tyler..I don’t really think they’re weird because I know several sane people involved…I just don’t really understand what the organization is. Wow, this is not a good post. Is my time up yet?

    By Tish URL on 07.25.2014

  36. “Don’t do that. It’s too venture, you know.”
    “I know this is risky but i gotta do it.”
    “Okay then, but when there’s something wrong, don’t blame me.”

    By Khairina F Hidayati on 07.25.2014

  37. I ventured to the land where nobody goes. Its a place where dreams only reside. There, I feel free. I feel my myself without being judging and being judged.

    By Sharon Lee on 07.26.2014

  38. Venture into space.
    There is excitement out there.
    It is wonderful.

    By Kaitlyn on 07.26.2014

  39. He looked at her, unimpressed.

    She stared back defiantly.

    For many moments, the impasse continued, both participants stubborn and unwavering. She started to scowl, fire burning in her verdigris orbs, fists clenching at her side. He glared back, dark optics set in a determined expression. The wind began to pick up, swirling around the two with strong breezes that tugged on their hair and clothes.

    “Let me go.” The words came out stronger than she intended, a fierce edge to her voice.

    His face could have been carved from stone for all it moved. “No.”

    “Why not?” She was yelling now, her passionate words heard even over the now howling wind. “Why can’t I? I’m strong enough now, I have been for years. All this time I’ve stayed here, all this time you’ve refused to let me go, all this time I’ve listened to you because you were right! I can go now. It’s over. There’s not much danger anymore. I want-” she broke off, almost sobbing. “I want to see the world. I want to experience freedom. It’s time for me to venture out.”

    For a split second, his carefully guarded mask slipped and a flash of pain flickered across his face. He looked away, running a tired hand over his eyes. “I knew this day would come.” His voice was soft, full of unnamable emotion and bone-deap weariness, yet still heard over the gales. “I knew that one day, you’d stand in front of me, full of fire and passion, and ask to venture out. I knew that one day, you’d be right to ask for this, that you have met every one of my requirements. And I knew that one day, I would have to give my final reply.”

    He met her eyes with his own, exhaustion and agony warring over his normally impassive face.

    “I knew that one day – today – I would have to shatter your dreams.”

    “You can’t go.”


    By Rai on 07.26.2014

  40. i walk through the woods, breathing in the crispy night air around me. This latest venture could finally bring me the answers I’ve been looking for, and I love it. I love being out here, among the stars, and I am not going back. Not for anything in the world.

    By Cat on 07.26.2014