July 25th, 2014

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50 Responses to “venture”

  1. To venture is to wander around somewhere, and generally people are encouraged to venture outside of their comfort zones to explore new things and new experiences. It can help a person grow spiritually, mentally and sometimes even physically. Some people stay in their boxes and that’s fine, if a lack of progress in anything is your thing.

    By Wassim URL on 07.26.2014

  2. Her hands quivered with nerves she didn’t know she possessed.

    No, that wasn’t right. She knew she had the nerves, it was the courage (or stupidity) to ignore those nerves she didn’t know she possessed.

    And yet, there she was, shaking hands and all, ready to lay her heart out on a silver platter and hand it to a monster to eat.

    She knew the day would come when she’d venture out of her fortress of impending emotional doom to love somebody, just her luck it’d be somebody that totally justified all of her previous fears.

    She swallowed past the lump in her throat and didn’t look him in when she blurted it all out with a gracelessness she should patent.

    He must not have done it properly, because she had the sense left to know her hands weren’t quivering anymore after he kissed her witless.

    By The Black Flamingo URL on 07.26.2014

  3. Only for the brave. Only for the daring. Only for the ignorant. Only for the stupid. Only for those willing to take the risk or those totally unaware of any risk existing with it. Not for those who think they know enough, or know too much, to the point where they turn away in fear of the possibilities.

    By Steven P. URL on 07.26.2014

  4. He would venture to guess she did not know what it was like to be poor. He would show her what it was like

    By Jerri URL on 07.26.2014

  5. What happened, I venture to guess, is that a certain tree in between the power lines of his house and mine “fell” down. It would have been pretty costly on him to do it intentionally just to run his generator for a week. I’m not doubting his foul play but something doesn’t add up.

    By DMM URL on 07.26.2014

  6. “Hey Carl”, Marley called from the table to get his attention in the densely filled bar. Carl squeezed through the crowd to get over to the tight table that Marley had found for them. He was not sure what they would be discussing in this cramped loud bar, but he did not expect the conversation that was about to happen. Marley told him all about the bar, the satellite internet that was accommodating all the people in the bar, and about the dollars they pay to the company that owns the satellite. Marley was offering him a chance to buy into the company. A company she owned solely. She thought getting in on the ground floor of this venture would be right up his alley and it was a more effective demonstration, then it would be in a boardroom she thought.

    By Bethany Herrington URL on 07.26.2014

  7. He’d go to the places that had never been discovered.
    He’d go to the places that were secret from the world outside his own.
    He’d venture into the darkness.
    It would be okay.
    He could do it.
    If not for her. Only her.

    By dayna URL on 07.26.2014

  8. Bradley ventured out into the kitchen. The crashing of plates and high pitched screaming had
    abated, and he felt it was safe to come out of hiding. On the floor in front of his mother knelt silently sobbing amidst a sea of shattered Portmerion, grieving intensely over a burnt spanish flan.

    By Erica on 07.26.2014

  9. We ventured onward into the long abyss of nothing. We weren’t expecting much to be honest because who the hell knows what they’re getting themselves into. We found a magical place without magic and lived happily ever after. Until we woke up the next morning. Happily ever after doesn’t last long enough on a regular basis and we had forgotten that during our adventure.

    By Sarah on 07.26.2014

  10. She ventured carefully through the barren city streets, vaguely aware of the destruction around her. It had been nearly two months since the virus began and it had only taken two months for Sacramento to be reduced to waste. With the coming of the undead, the world was quickly going to hell. Survival looked bleak.

    By InkFable URL on 07.26.2014