February 4th, 2016

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65 Responses to “value”

  1. money has value
    friends have value
    clothes have value
    cellphones have value
    expensive things have value
    music has value

    but most of all
    you have value

    By Claudia on 02.04.2016

  2. save money, find a deal. Always looking for a good value. I like to shop at the discount malls in hopes of saving a little money and find a great value. It doesn’t always work though because the more I save the more I think I can spend hence canceling it out.

    By Darlene R. McNeil on 02.04.2016

  3. It’s hard to decide a value for something in any constant time. Because no one or nothing can decide some

    By tina on 02.04.2016

  4. In a world with so much beauty and so few moments of peace, what if it really has any value?

    If you figure it out, please let me know.

    By Madison on 02.04.2016

  5. value means how much or what slot it is in.for exam

    By Ben Shultice on 02.04.2016

  6. Samantha knew that the ring had no inherent value, but it had been a gift, and she wanted to keep it. She wore it on the middle finger of her right hand, since it was a little too big for her ring finger, and she loved how the cubic zirconia glittered despite its cheapness. She liked to give cat callers the bird and loved the sparkle she flashed along with the obscene gesture. After all, the little things in life were what really livened up her days.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.04.2016

  7. Value means how much something it is or what slot it is in. It is also commonly used in math. For example “what is the value of 7 in 123,456,789.

    By Ben Shultice URL on 02.04.2016

  8. the value of 7 in123,454,367,654, is 7,000

    By Ben Shultice URL on 02.04.2016

  9. “What’s the value of this?” she asked, picking up something that looked like a paperweight. She examined the price tag. “and it’s so expensive, so it must have a value to someone”

    I looked at it. “Must be something cultural, or maybe there s a genie in it.”

    She laughed. “Everyone values something different.” She held it up to the light. “But should I buy it?”

    By chanpheng URL on 02.04.2016

  10. There a hundreds of reasons why you and I no longer talk. Our lives have moved in separate directions as we have found new interests and new people. But most of all it is value. Your presence, and my presence in your life, isn’t important.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 02.04.2016

  11. You only value springtime. You loathe winter, for snow is lucifer, and fall is just dead things.

    By Sophia on 02.04.2016

  12. idk I have a poem due for my creative writing class and writer’s block is a bitch

    By Sophia on 02.04.2016

  13. everything has value, value of speech, value of, value of life, nothing is in this world without value. we all use everything for the benefit. even shit has value.

    By Fiza Atif on 02.04.2016

  14. Value placed in a vessel of thought
    Sanctity found in a sentence
    Peace in a paragraph
    Words are my haven
    Speak a little
    To the wisdom

    By Kumquat on 02.04.2016

  15. Thin silver anklets
    Bells whispering on light chains
    Screaming with each step

    By Anna Meursault on 02.04.2016

  16. cash registers ding at the entrance of my parent’s heaven
    capitalism kills the masses
    and sends them to hell

    By kat on 02.04.2016

  17. “How much for this one?”
    “That? You can have it.”
    “But it’s a signed first edition, you can’t give it away just like that.”
    “It’s fine, take it. Besides, you’re the only one who comes here and hoards a shelfful, consider that a bonus.”

    By nom de luc URL on 02.04.2016

  18. understated words of underrepresented beings
    squeezed in crevices between rocks and hard places

    By Desiree J on 02.04.2016

  19. It is assessed and weight in various ways. and a lot of the time the person doing the weighing does not realize the scale used is incongruent with what value actually is. Did she value you or what you provided. There are so many of us that it is possible there is no answer to sate your question of.

    By Andrew on 02.04.2016

  20. What is my value? I have a hard time some days figuring it out. My work atmosphere is especially hard on my self esteem. What do I bring to the table? Not really sure anymore.
    At home, I cook.

    By Pinky URL on 02.04.2016

  21. Value is something that I desire for myself. I desire it for others, I desire it in a fast food menu or in watching a movie or a basketball game. I want self value, just like everyone else does.

    By kbrigham on 02.04.2016

  22. What is the most valuable thing in your life? What is the most valuable thing on the planet? Of what value is it? What makes it have value?

    I don’t know.

    By suky on 02.04.2016

  23. There are values in life, which you have to cherish. These values also make you who you are. Some of it are generosity, love, sense of responsibility, and humility. Whether they are taught, nourished, earned in a natural way, doesn’t matter. What really matters is how you use them to treat other people and yourself.

    By Diane Reyes URL on 02.05.2016

  24. less is more than zero
    and nothing is exactly what i expect
    so when i’m given little-to-nothing
    i some times feel like i’m getting a lot
    it’s hard to assign value to things
    when you’re worth nothing.

    By matt on 02.05.2016

  25. Things of value could include alot of things, but family comes first to my mind. They’re intrinsically valuable, they matter so much. Family are the ones that are there for you at the end of the day.

    By Abigail on 02.05.2016

  26. The value of a true and loyal friendship is far beyond price.
    The value of a real and strong love as well.

    By Bluered on 02.05.2016

  27. Value is what I stand for. It isn’t the price of things but rather what I cherish and find important to me. It is something or someone that I care about and do not want to lose. I can’t put a dollar figure on it but I know it means something to me.

    By Dan Walsh on 02.05.2016

  28. The quality (positive or negative) that renders something desirable or valuable.

    The degree of importance given to something.

    That which is valued or highly esteemed, as one’s morals, morality, or belief system.

    An amount of money/Jewels/Minerals with a certain amount of worth.

    By Toady on 02.05.2016

  29. I had always put value on different things than the rest of the people around me. I didn’t want to just live and get through life safely. I wanted to make it count and i wanted to really get to know every aspect of it. Because i loved it all. Even the things that others viwed as bothersome. I kept pondering over this as i listened to the clanking sound of my boots on the tiled floor and i remembered all the times when i would voice my thoughts and was only met with blank looks. I remembered all the odd looks i got when i would tslk about how i didn’t want to just settle and i didn’t want to make things easy and live peacefully. RtIt might have just been time for me to maybe move out of this little town. Change terrified me, but i knew i needed it. I needed to make something of my life in a place where people were more open minded. That was the day i had finally decided: i was going to move to an entirely different place and turn my life around.

    By Anaid Skylight on 02.05.2016

  30. It seemed silly to hold on to. After all, he had been gone for… gosh, was it three years now? And it wasn’t like they had been together for longer than a heartbeat. But something made her tuck the letter away safely between the pages of WUTHERING HEIGHTS.
    Sentiment, definitely. Hope, probably. Foolish… too early to tell.

    By Bridget Grace on 02.05.2016

  31. The prostitutes on the corner were background scenery. Mostly. He rarely took note of them any more than the graffiti they used as their corner store offices. Until he saw her. Long brunette hair, torn fishnets, and shivering in spite of her better efforts to look confident, she was young. Too young to be on the street. He glanced around, handed her $500. “Whatcha want, Mister?” she asked with a coy smile. He shook his head. “Go find a hotel and get something to eat.”

    By Soft URL on 02.05.2016

  32. “What is it that you value?” he asked. She had no answer. It seemed like an odd question, coming from a guy standing on the front porch in a suit in the middle of a hot summer day. He didn’t seem to mind that she was standing there nearly naked, holding a cup of coffee to quiet the worst hangover she’d ever had. Actually, the first hangover she’d ever had. Today, on this day, she was swearing that she would never take another drink. And now here’s this guy on the porch with God’s Holy Bible in his hand, asking her a question that no one had ever asked her in her life. Two firsts in one day. How about that? “Well,” she said, stepping back from the bright light of the the porch, “right now, I value this cup of coffee that’s making me feel better because, God help me, I drank so much vodka last night, I think I might’ve died and you’re here to take me to heaven. “I don’t think you’d be going any time soon from what I’m hearing,” he said, looking down at his bible. “Well, in that case, come back later.” She closed the door. Coffee or bible? She kind of knew the answer to that one.

    By nyla on 02.05.2016

  33. the mans most costly thing on this earth was his wife she was worth more than rubies and priceless gems she held the most value but there still was somthing that had more value than her it was his ticket to heaven he wasnt about to let it go he was gonna hold onto it until he dies do you want to recive that ticket you still can well all you do is just ask Jesus into your heart and ask him to forgive your sins and be made new its that easy P.S. START GOING TO CHURCH READ YOUR BIBLE IT WILL HELP YOU GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you

    By Gods Girl URL on 02.05.2016

  34. He was watching her again.
    Staring as though her bewildered gaze was nothing.

    Amidst a stifling blanket of thoughtful silence, the scientist peered through his goggle-like glasses down at his specimen. The eyes reflected in the glass of the observation chamber held a calculating weight, like scales. He had the air of authority of one who has assured power and is bolstered by it.
    The observer laid his judgement heavy on his subject, and the recipient seemed to struggle with its weight, eyes sliding to the floor in submission, posture sloping downwards as thought wishing the pressing feeling of eyes watching might slide off the slope of its back.
    The specimen itself had no name, no identity, like common cattle to be breed and used, the only thing it could call it’s own was a number, the barest foundations of an identifier.

    Quite in contrast to the specimen, the observer was in possession of a name. Three to be exact, which the specimen thought to be somewhat greedy. She didn’t like him. She wrapped the twisting, deformed branches of her arms around herself for comfort as the observer continued his statuesque vigil, and her hacking cough continued to shake her in its grip.
    Then suddenly, as quickly as he had entered the orbit of the glass cabinet that was her world, he left without a garbled noise unlike any she could understand.
    She decided it couldn’t be anything important to her.
    “Terminate Subject-538827-507.”
    After all, what power could words that mean so little to her really have?

    The man who held life in his hands simply

    By Ella on 02.05.2016

  35. The value of food and and items vary on the store and the brand of the food or of the item.

    By Caden on 02.05.2016

  36. Value is very important because then you know how much something cost or how much it’s worth in the world. Its also very important to know how to calculate value on a number problem.

    By Caden on 02.05.2016

  37. value is all about worth. as a person of money of the quality of something. value is in your identity in your psych your mind and it determines your esteem.

    By Maritza on 02.05.2016

  38. The value of a book depends on what book it is and who wrote the book.

    By Caden on 02.05.2016

  39. Almost everything in the whole world has a value even sometimes air has a value in certain places. Like going underwater air is important and you have to pay for it.

    By Caden on 02.05.2016

  40. What is there to say that is of value? One could say that to say anything, rather than keep one’s thoughts to oneself, is valuable, as it avoids regret. On the other hand, speaking endlessly without thought or consideration is equally worthless, as it cheapens the words that might otherwise move souls.

    By Chris URL on 02.05.2016