May 26th, 2015

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51 Responses to “until”

  1. In my eyes blue is the most beautiful color. It exemplifies beauty and stand out. There are many different kinds of blue. The sky, the ocean and a pair of blue eyes.

    By steven field URL on 05.27.2015

  2. It was an hour until the show began, and everything was a disaster. Their lead singer was home sick with a sore throat, only half of their sets were built, and nobody had their lines memorized. They could only hope a miracle would happen in the next sixty minutes.

    By Blunz on 05.27.2015

  3. until i can figure out if this is best for me. until i find out if this is enough. until i see if there is another side. until i feel like it doesn’t get any better. until i can do this for the rest of my life. until it all makes sense to me. until it doesn’t have to make sense. until this is all there is.

    By Safon on 05.27.2015

  4. Until i loose weight, until i go on vacation, until i get a lot of money, until i don’t have to work, then my life will begin. Until then I’m just a slave to my job and to my bills.

    By Kelly on 05.27.2015

  5. She was literally fading again.

    Phillip watched as Ella’s form flickered, almost as if she were a hologram and not a living person. Well, technically, she wasn’t even one. Still – he loved her, and although he had seen this kind of thing happen what felt like a billion times over, it still hurt every single time.

    But he didn’t let his pain show. He knew it was just as painful for her to leave him.

    ‘Thirty days,’ he told himself. ‘Thirty days and she’ll back.’

    And until then, he would stare up at the sky, watching the now familiar mass of black velvet, brown eyes peeled wide open for any sign of falling stars. Or, rather, his falling star.

    Until then, it was back to falling asleep, not beside her, but on textbooks he pored over to forget the sting she left behind.

    Until then, it was solitary walks in the park and chilly nights with nobody to fill the other side of his bed.

    Until then, he would simply –


    By Ella J. URL on 05.27.2015

  6. Until I face the blank page, I believe. Until I face another human I believe. Until I have to put the effort in, I have hope. Hope that what I have to say is worth hearing, what I have to write is worth reading, that my way of being is worth trying. That I have worth, that I have meaning. That I deserve to be here.

    By MichBro on 05.27.2015

  7. Until I get more self discipline, I will always end my day disappointed, mad at myself, frustrated, and depressed.

    By Emcee Squared on 05.27.2015

  8. I was beginning to feel a hope,
    Spread through my soul
    An awakening of fire that was slowly-
    Thawing the cold that had settled in my heart;
    Until it crashed around me…
    Like a house of cards – I fell
    Shattering like the weakest glass,
    Forcing ice through my veins,
    Leaving me undeniably hopeless and numb-
    Feeling lost, abandoned, and numb.

    By Kati on 05.27.2015

  9. Until I believed in myself, I believed what everyone else said. Until I take responsibility for myself, I let everyone else be responsible for what happens to me.

    By Kim on 05.27.2015

  10. It wasn’t until he finished and took a step back that he realised he had knocked a hole in the wrong part of the wall of the house.

    By Steve O URL on 05.27.2015

  11. I never knew I could have so much hate for someone until I met you. I never knew I could have so much love for someone until I met you. I was sane and stable until I met you.

    By Liv on 05.27.2015