May 25th, 2015

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65 Responses to “weather”

  1. I can never expect anyone to know what the weather is until it happens. How can you know? It is constantly changing just like us. So what do you do? Enjoy the moment.

    By trkstr67 on 05.26.2015

  2. she looked up to the dark gray sky as a streak of lightning pierced through the clouds, followed by the low rolling sound of thunder.

    she sighed at the weather as she penned down her thoughts in her notebook.

    on rainy days, I think of you, she wrote.

    By sujeongz on 05.26.2015

  3. The weather is quite fine today, it is hot and humid. Yesterday it wasn’t that good, it rained in the evening and the atmosphere was heavy and hot – sounds weird, but true. Also very humid.

    By Ileana on 05.26.2015

  4. Controlling Moods… thoughts and feelings…. activities…. sometimes lives.
    Warm, beautiful stable and consistent in my ideal world.
    Changing, shifting with a storm blowing in. Thundering and dark as I sit on the porch smelling the pending rain.

    By Amie Van Susteren on 05.26.2015

  5. It’s about time to start building an ark. It has been raining
    pretty much non stop
    for 5 days
    torrential rain
    tropical rain
    flooding my house because leaves get stuck in the drain rain
    my dog wont go out for a pee because it’s raining too hard rain
    you don’t notice it until it starts raining even harder rain
    because it’s raining non stop rain
    plum rain
    love it

    By Miss Ann Thrope on 05.26.2015

  6. Rainy and cloudy was the color of her soul, she drank the water and walked into the air of giant rectangular elephants through a hole that only her minds cousin could see. She was fearful and happy at the same time, she longed to see what was beyond.

    By Naddy on 05.26.2015

  7. Weather is not good, it rained all day yesterday. weather has a surprising influence on once compure. cold snowy weather make u broody and sunny day smakes one happy, attleast its treu for mme :).

    By Shanmuga on 05.26.2015

  8. the weather was all she needed to be who she needed to be. it was a direct tie. her mood shifted with the seasons. cold meant cold in every sense. she had little control. her body forever enslaved to nature. the weather was all she was.

    By Safon on 05.26.2015

  9. It wasn’t the job that was getting me down. It was the howling wind screaming it at me like a dementor. The rain wetting my face, drenching my coat, through my blouse and devouring skin.

    By Kereen URL on 05.26.2015

  10. What a great task. Having to think on my feet with only a few seconds was both hard and exhilarating.

    By Kereen URL on 05.26.2015

  11. People were always asking him about the weather. Why? Wasn’t there anything else to talk about. It was LA the weather was always, always the same. There wasn’t anything lying beyond that. People always tried to make it into some sort of poetic diatribe but nothing could be mustered beyond “Nice day today” and a half mustered response of “Yeah, sure is.”

    By vince URL on 05.26.2015

  12. “Susan, make sure to bring an umbrella today. It’s only eight-‘o-clock and the clouds are –”

    “Already covering the sun. Yes, Mum.”

    With a final peck to her mother’s cheek, the pretty blonde all-but skipped out of the little flat she and her family were currently occupying. Almost immediately, her clothes were drenched, despite the fact that she. too, like everybody around her, had an umbrella shielding her head from the steady torrents of water from the heavens. It was white, this umbrella, with not-so-evenly-spaced purple blots caused by one of Brice’s many experiments at least two years ago.

    Still – she didn’t mind. She loved her brother and it was little things like these – stains on an umbrella, bows in her dog’s fur, tripping over crumpled paper balls in their shared hallway – that reinforced those feelings all the more.

    Five more minutes in the downpour and her clothes were all-but soaked. She nearly looked like a rain-cloud herself, sopping wet as she was. With a sigh, the blonde folded the umbrella – there really was no point in using it, now that she was drenched – and tucked it under her arm, opting instead to enjoy the spray of water against her face instead of simply hiding from it.

    The clouds looked like silver hairpins, thin and faraway as they were, and the sun was nowhere to be seen. Villagers sploshed past her, some looking at her as if she were mad for closing her umbrella. Susan barely looked at them. For despite the wind whipping her face with all the vigor of an austere headmaster and the rain turning her hairstyle – one she’d woken up at half-past seven for – into bleached streams around her, she was enjoying herself.

    And it was perfect.

    By Ella J. URL on 05.26.2015

  13. Affects my mood, my disposition, my thoughts, my level of motivation. Rainy days are days for introspection, sunny days make me upbeat and eager to get things done. Too hot and I shut down completely, miserable in my own sweat and odors. Cold weather is like death.

    By marie URL on 05.26.2015

  14. The weather was bright on the day I first saw him. The bright light bouncing off his dark hair, highlighting the golds and browns and deep reds deep within. The golden rays lit up Dean’s eyes, making them flecked with gold and green. His eyelashes were long and his freckles were dusted over every inch of skin.

    By jensenradckles on 05.26.2015

  15. This word define if the day has been good or not. I like when day is sum, I’m not like

    By Henrique on 05.26.2015

  16. The weather was fairly harsh today. The weather can effect the ecosystem. Cold weather is often better than warm weather. Humid weather makes it more difficult to breath.

    By Sam on 05.26.2015

  17. I did this exercice with this word, I dont understand why this word repeat for me. The wheather just is good when have Sum in the Sky. Just that! My fisrt text in the site… this is cool

    By Henrique on 05.26.2015

  18. I did this exercice with this word, I dont understand why this word repeat for me. The wheather just is good when have Sum in the Sky. Just that! My fisrt text in the site… this is cool

    By Henrique on 05.26.2015

  19. weather, the weather today is synonymous with my mind, the clouds gather and cloud the skies like my thoughts. the light blue skies shine through like my good thoughts while the clouds cover most of the sky.

    By Kayaus on 05.26.2015

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    By sehrish on 05.26.2015

  21. Weather is the perfect way to introduce the setting for a story. It’s no coincidence that the phrase “It was a dark and stormy night” is so famous. Different types of weather are associated with different moods. Rain, for example, is associated with gloom and danger, but also romance. Many kiss scenes in movies are set outside in the rain.

    By Blunz on 05.26.2015

  22. The sun shines down on the surface of the water, incubating the liquid for the growth of duck weed. The green weed spreads across the surface like algae, but is more like floating green sand, grains that suffocate the oxygen from the water, and shade the fish living below.

    By 2Lane Lady on 05.26.2015

  23. Oh the weather outside is weather, but the fire is so fire. And since we’ve no place to place. Let it it, let it it, let it it.

    By Hank on 05.26.2015

  24. They say that the weather doesn’t care about us, and that we don’t care about it, when in reality we care about the weather a hell of a lot more than we think we do. We hate when it rains, we love when it’s cloudy, we detest the cold, and we abhor the heat. The weather however, doesn’t care about us. It will rain on our parade just as fast as it will melt a city.

    By Natalie on 05.26.2015

  25. Her moods change like the weather. She is a woman of extremes and wild dreams. She shifts from quiet contentment to fierce anger within moments–with no explanation. I’ve often tried to understand these changes I see in her, but I realise that is futile. She is changeable and unpredictable–a rainstorm at the end of a hot summer’s day.

    By Lina Bean URL on 05.26.2015