May 26th, 2015

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51 Responses to “until”

  1. No spoonful of ice cream until you eat your carrots and peas. No visit to the park until your bedroom is all cleaned. No vacant stare at the television until you’ve picked a book to read. And no getting a new toy until you’ve helped Dad rake the leaves. There are rules to be followed, and I’m sure you don’t understand, but you won’t get the things you want until you do as I command.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.26.2015

  2. We wait. We walk together, hand in hand, waiting. The waters lap, the river races past us, the pavement becomes bucked by tree roots. We keep walking and waiting. The world isn’t ready.

    By Archanza on 05.26.2015

  3. Noodle couch-surfed until Zebra decided to take him in. And by take him in, I completely mean fall in love with him, and have him move in so that they could be around each other all the more.

    By Sebastian the Mercat on 05.26.2015

  4. the paradox is, you know, until I write I won´t write. I won´t write until I write. My writing is blocked by writing. A creative wall facing a creative wall.

    By Antonio URL on 05.26.2015

  5. Until I held your hand
    Until you put your head on my shoulder
    Until you laid back into the palm of my body and I intertwined my legs with yours
    Until those moments, only then, when it all came together, did everything I was afraid of, that we were afraid of, disappear.
    And my soul bled into yours.
    And I let love win.

    By Jameson URL on 05.26.2015

  6. Dom was walking along the shore of the Pacific and the sun had yet to rise. He’d been too wrapped up in his own mind to sleep. He couldn’t help but to think that the last few days he’d been significantly on edge. He felt as if he was just on the cusp of something. It had been months since he’d last seen Oliver and the closer it came to his visit, the more tightly wound Dom seemed to become. Today was the day Oliver’s plane would be flying in. He’d see Oliver again and everything would be right with the world. Until then, he would wait.

    By Hope on 05.26.2015

  7. Used in sentences like “Until when?”. The sometimes longing and desperate time frame between when the word is written or said to the point that was designated in the speech.

    By Liam on 05.26.2015

  8. Time flows like a rapid river, never ceasing, never stopping. The stream of time weeps, gurgles, laughs, and sweeps up everything in its path. It can never stop, and it never tries. Sometimes it moves at an agonizingly slow pace, flowing sluggishly like a fat lazy snake in the sunlight. Other times it moves at a breath taking, neck breaking pace, winding relentlessly, giving those sucked up in its wake whiplash. Regardless of the speed, time moves on, passing up multiple land marks. Sometimes those in the river of time miss opportunities or have unfortunate mishaps. Then they must wait until another opportunity arises, if ever such a one does arise again.

    By untamedimagination on 05.26.2015

  9. We are going to fight against this dictatorial regime until they transfer power to elected members. Wining and losing does not mean anything for us.But what matters for us that we resisted to illegitimate Govt.

    By yas on 05.26.2015

  10. Until she gave in and saw his way of how things were, or until she admitted that he was right or until she at least gave up her way of seeing things he couldn’t give up. If not any of those choices, she would die alongside her beliefs.

    By Nicole M. on 05.26.2015

  11. i’ll look at you from afar, gaze as if mesmerized
    i’ll be your shadow in a shade, you won’t know this exists
    until then
    until when things fall into place
    when you can spell out love without her name
    when i accepted that it’s not always i who can hold my hands
    wait and let go
    love is but a rainbow
    sometimes it’s dark, sometimes it’s not
    but it gives color to the sky and unicorns do fly
    until then
    until then, we’ll fly

    By christcel on 05.26.2015

  12. Until he actually comes and asks her to marry him face to face, she won’t believe this dream is real. It;s not that she doesn’t believe, it’s just that her luck has never been kind to her.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.26.2015

  13. Will you ever love me? What will it take? Until I finally fit some standard you’re dreaming of? I’ll never be perfect. Stop waiting… I can’t change, and I won’t. This isn’t fair, why can’t you just love me for being me? Special, different, original.

    By Abby C. on 05.26.2015

  14. In the face of uncertainty, my fears take control. I will never be happy, until I can look at life with eyes of hope.

    By Beatrice Frielark on 05.26.2015

  15. Same word. I thought maybe it would change. Until. I can’t think of anything. Until what? That’s just it. There is no until with him. There is no ultimate that might cause him to change his mind. You would think that his grand kids would be enough to make him part with hi money, but no. Not until…

    By Tricia on 05.26.2015

  16. Until I see you again,
    I will wait here at home
    Crying and staring
    In my room all alone.
    One day I know
    That I’ll see you again,
    But until that day comes,
    Sadness will not end.

    By Acela URL on 05.26.2015

  17. Until Mary sad her dead mother’s face just looking at her lying in the floor, she didn’t think she’d be happy. But she was. And that was the problem.

    Mary Osprey was the middle daughter of a family of five. There was little Tom, little Annie and then was Mary.

    By Rebeca URL on 05.26.2015

  18. until we’re able to really be ourselves and be honest with ourselves, maybe we should stay away from each other. we’re not ready yet. we’re not grown up, not mature, not able, not stable to at this point in time. but maybe- just maybe we will be then. it will take time and maybe it wont even happen but until that time comes and we’ll know for sure, lets not do anything stupid.

    By princie on 05.26.2015

  19. and until i am at your doorstep and your fingers are pressed into the woodwork and i can taste the earth in your mouth and you can find the sea in my hair and we form this broken horizon my hair will remain covered in salt and your tongue coated in dust and the sun will hang here in this space between drying our skin until we are husks. i wonder if you will crumble and if i will evaporate or if it will be the other way around.

    By Bee on 05.26.2015

  20. We strived. For eight long years we strived. Until finally, the drought was broken. We won. The all mighty Blues won. We stood up tall. Quenched the thirst of our loyal fans. Now it is our time to strive again. We won’t stop until we reach victory !

    By Pei Pei on 05.26.2015

  21. Until I achieve my goals, until I go grow up, what will I do with my life? When does life begin and when will I really know what I was born to do? Until then I am doing the best I can to better myself as a person, to achieve my goals and find beauty in everyday life.

    By Brianna on 05.26.2015

  22. She was pretty headstrong. She focused on her work. Heck, she even had time for her hobbies and friends. Until, she met him. Suddenly she couldn’t focus. Her entire world stopped and that hadn’t happened until she met him.

    By furiosa on 05.27.2015

  23. UNTIL he came home, she couldn’t fall asleep. She tossed and turned in her bed, waiting for him to come home. But he never did.


    By DolphinDreams on 05.27.2015

  24. UNTIL he came home, she couldn’t fall asleep. She tossed and turned in her bed, waiting for him to come home. But he never did.


    only the next day
    Waiting for the Timer to go out. Until the timer goes out i can’t stop finish writing.

    By DolphinDreams on 05.27.2015

  25. Until the gods call us to their hall. Until the earth is turned to ash. Until at last, our bodies rot within their shallow graves, I’ll fight along your side. The loyal live on in the hearts of their comrades.

    By Yamuna on 05.27.2015

  26. Until I hear from you, i will exist out of time, I will be just an expectant mass, a quivering question, a hesitation, until you come and complete me, realign me.

    By Roy Cutler URL on 05.27.2015

  27. I can’t forget until you forgive me, and I’ll make sure not to. That’s a promise.

    We’ve been at this for so long now, back and forth, jumping at throats, everything from petty name calling and harmless pranks to genuinely ruining each others lives and I can’t take this anymore.

    This has got to end now.

    By Juliet Winters on 05.27.2015

  28. Until next time, until we meet again. There’s a sad wistfulness in the ideas and thoughts that “until” conjures. It implies you have to wait, that you can’t have what you want now until certain caveats are fulfilled. You want things NOW, but no. You have to wait UNTIL the right moment comes.

    By Ashi URL on 05.27.2015

  29. to a certain point

    By :) on 05.27.2015

  30. Until that moment when you arrive
    Until that moment you’ll just survive
    Until that moment when you appear
    Until that moment you live in fear

    By Erica on 05.27.2015

  31. He wold lay there until she stopped screaming at him!! He would never do anything to hurt her, no matter how abusive she was. He loved her no matter waht and that meant no matter what she did to him.

    By trkstr67 on 05.27.2015

  32. The sun rose above the forsaken Kingdom of Dargonia, the wind blowing hard. Routine had begun for the natives, being forced by knights clad in a light steel painted with crimson red, darker than the blood that spilled from hundreds that they had slain. Commoners began to shift through the village streets, and in the urban center of the city, the castle stood tall as always, the King looking at his peasants with his sadistic gears turning and working. He knew something was going to go wrong today, it was a feeling.
    Setomus woke, sitting up straight and stretched his arms in the tent that he was to sleep in. The camp was just a few miles away from the city, hoping not to get spotted by Dargonian guards. The new day had dawned, and he rose. He put his black shirt on and his cloak, with his hood that concealed all of his face but his eyes. He called himself the Dark Lion when he wore this. His cape long enough to nearly drag on the ground, he walked out of the tent and saw everyone in the camp was awake. Irano had pledged his allegiance to the cause, thankfully, otherwise they may as well had called the plot a failure. Khione was sharpening her knives, and Samuel, Setomus’ son, was preparing a blade for combat. “Son, you understand the plan, correct?”
    “Yes, father. Go West and get green.”
    “Verde. Get Verde.”
    “Same difference. I’ll be on my way.”
    Setomus went back into his tent, grabbing the crossbow his father had left him all those years ago when he was killed. Vengeance, he thought, vengeance was a twisted ideology and it wasn’t what he wanted necessarily. He wanted a restoration of order, just as his father wanted. What his father died for. Why he never got to see his father with grown eyes. Khione walked into the tent, looking around. “Fancy.”
    “Isn’t it?”
    “Not really. How often do you use it?”
    “Not very often anymore. Back in the day, I use to fight crime and nations with it. Less than father, though.”
    “Did you ever meet him?”
    “No, I didn’t. I’ve only spoken to the grave.”
    She left, and he placed his sword in his sheathe and slung his crossbow around, carrying it on his shoulder with a leather strap. He walked back out, it was time. “Time to go and get this show done with. Just know if we die today, we asked for it.” A few chuckles and they were off.
    Just as they left the camp, Setomus felt something. He turned and there he was. Setomus told the party to keep moving and he went back, finally having the chance to talk to him. Bruce, his father, was a walking ghost. He finally found him, and Bruce only looked at him. “You do look like me. You even have my eyes and my scar.”
    “We all have the scar. He gave it to all of us personally.”
    “Well you know the only reason I’m here is because he’s alive. Once you kill him, I can rest peacefully.”
    “Is that why I’m talking to you for the first time? For you to encourage me to do something that I’ll probably die doing?”
    “You’ve beaten him before. Granted it was a draw, he died from the wounds you left. Unfortunately, his phylactery prevents ultimate death. Just know he is a master of Death, however, Gods can be defeated just as easily.”
    “He isn’t a God.”
    “I know. I tried to prove him wrong and I failed. Now you go and don’t fail.”
    Bruce disappeared and Setomus ran back to the party, catching up. They were awfully slow considering they didn’t have their leader with them.
    They finally arrived to the so called city and split. Irano went to the village, and Setomus and Khione stayed in the city part, walking around. An hour passed and a revolt was brewing, citizens getting rowdy and the natives broke the chains of oppression, charging into the square. Spears and swords in hand, they made their way to the castle, just as planned. Setomus and Khione stayed back, and watched the natives take to the bridge that led to the castle, and clashed with castle guards. Looking from the top of the castle, there He was. Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo in the flesh, Setomus’ father in-law and step-father, the God of Death. Standing next to him however, there was Ahriman, clad in black steel that had a menacing feel to it, and suddenly the wind was darker.
    “Damnit, that was unexpected.”
    “What’s wrong?”
    “He has his son with him.”
    “I’ll deal with him then. Just get us over there.”
    Aztarwyn saw the two coming from the side as Setomus prepared a grappling hook and rope. “He’s looking right at us.”
    “So let’s give ‘em a better view.” Setomus threw the hook out and it latched itself onto the side of the bridge by the railing.
    “Are you going to make me hold you and swing or can you catch the rope yourself.”
    “I’m not as young as I used to be, but I think I’m able to do something that simple.”
    “Alright then.” Setomus swung across onto the other side and threw the rope back, in which Khione caught it. She followed suit with him and swung over too.
    “Told you that I’m alright.”
    “Did I say I doubted you?”
    “No, but you wouldn’t be the first.”
    “Hm. Let’s keep moving.” And then as Setomus looked back up, the sinister duo had left.
    They edged along the side of the castle until they found a mysterious open window, just sitting there. “Seems strange…”
    Khione had tapped the wall lightly. “I don’t trust an already open window.”
    “I don’t either, but let’s go through it anyway.”
    “You’re first, then. I’m not risking my ass in something so obvious.”
    “Well why not spring the trap.” Setomus climbed through the window, landing in a
    dimmed hallway. “It’s fine here, I have an idea that we’re being watched now.”
    “Being watched could lead to multiple things. Let’s hope it’s not the worst.” Khione finally climbed through the window.
    After she landed on the floor, the hallway had illuminated and there he stood. Aztarwyn, sword drawn and in his armor that prevented anyone from seeing his face but his cold, devilish black eyes. It was silent.
    “You don’t need to hide it anymore, boy. I know what you’re here for. You’re too stupid to use something else as a disguise.”
    “I was hoping you didn’t recognize it.”
    “You think I’m daft? Fool. You fear me just as much as your father did. That’s why he lost.”
    “See, false idol, you see Fear as something that it is not. You see Fear as something that cripples our minds, that holds us back from achieving our goals that we set ourselves to. You’re wrong. Fear drives us to achieve our goals, it initiates our instinct to survive and thrive in our society. Fear helps us defeat our enemies and prevail in times of uncertainty. Fear turns to Initiative, Fear turns to hope. I fear Death, and I fear you. But I’m not afraid to die. I embrace both you and fear, just as my father had done before me. Gods have fear. now, false idol, shall we duel for one final time?”
    “Just like your father, I’ll make sure you never see the light of life ever again.”
    Setomus didn’t say another word and ran up to Aztarwyn, beginning the duel of fates. Swinging his sword at Aztarwyn, he parried and the two clashed swords in harmony as if it were a choreographed dance. Khione went to sneak up on them, however Ahriman was waiting and soon they battled throughout the halls as well, her using stealth to hide from him and attempting to gain the upper hand as he was just too strong to deal with in traditional hand-to-hand.
    The duel between Aztarwyn and Setomus continued in the halls, making their way up stairs and through the entire castle. Aztarwyn began to manipulate the shadows with his magic and threw flurries of blasts at him, Setomus countering with his own light and shadow magic. Aztarwyn ripped the hood off of Setomus, finally showing his face. A kick and he was tossed back, however Setomus rose again. He ran back at Aztarwyn, swinging his sword wildly again. Aztarwyn ripped off his vest and threw him against the wall again. Khione had thrown a dagger at Aztarwyn, who became distracted and Setomus managed to get off a blast of light and threw Aztarwyn at the wall, damaging his armor. His armor dispersed in shadows and finally, Aztarwyn’s face was revealed. His black hair a mess and beard fairly kept, his eyes of death looked upon Setomus’ blue eyes of hope. Shirtless and armorless, both the men now, they continued the fight that would be won by sheer muscle and mastery of the magics. Ahriman finally got Khione, however a missed bolt of light from Setomus intended for Aztarwyn hit Ahriman, releasing her and damaging Ahriman’s armor. Their battle had finally taken to the roof of the castle with Setomus constantly in retreat to rethink his plan while Khione and Ahriman continued their fight upwards as well, Ahriman trying to end it quickly.
    Aztarwyn began to push Setomus back. As Setomus paused to recalculate his move, Aztarwyn pulled a crimson shard and threw it behind him, shattering it and a beam of light shot into the sky, clashing with it and the clouds began to form and the seal of the Gonzo covered the sky. The snake and the pentagram, a curse that haunted Setomus’ family since the day Bruce met Aztarwyn. Setomus was caught off guard as Aztarwyn hit him with shadows and with a kick, he fell off the ledge of the castle.
    Falling, Setomus thought he failed. He didn’t want to use the evil forces of shadows to help him get back up and light would burn him to death. However Samuel’s part came in just on time. Verde, the green dragon his grandmother had as a pet, finally flew in and caught Setomus, and Setomus mounted him and flew back to the roof. Khione looked, astonished, and Aztarwyn looked very angry as he hated the dragon. The dragon stopped him from killing Bruce before, which wouldn’t have led to this if he had done so. But then, he called upon his beast. A mass of shadow taking the form of a Kraken came from the seal, being transported from the realm and Aztarwyn turned himself into shadows, flying to the Kraken and mounting him as well.
    The two stood on their beasts as they flew at each other. Swords extended, as the two flew by, they swung at each other and clashed swords, forcing their beasts to turn around. Verde shot fire and the Kraken shot shadows, clashing in the air. Aztarwyn jumped and landed behind Setomus on Verde, and they did very little combat before Verde flipped around in the air to shake them off. As Aztarwyn fell, half of his body took the form of shadow and flew away from Verde and did combat with the dragon. Setomus finally caved in and used both shadow and light to fly, tearing him apart from the inside. He landed back on the roof as he looked up. Aztarwyn had slashed at Verde and then stabbed his head, and the dragon fell gracefully. having done his duty. He landed away from Setomus, taking a bit of the castle with him, and with one final roar of pride, the dragon closed his eyes and began an eternal rest.
    Aztarwyn landed upon the roof and the Kraken looked upon Setomus, preparing to strike. “It’s over, boy. I must end this now, I cannot allow you to live.” Setomus looked at him with a look of defiance, and charged a spell of light. Aztarwyn began to prepare a counter with shadows, however before he thought, Setomus shot. The bolt of light went to the Kraken and struck, The shadows of the Kraken began to crack and soon, in a huge explosion of darkness, it was gone. Aztarwyn, outraged, used the shadows to throw Setomus back to the floor, and he rose again. Defiance.
    The two wielded their swords, and they charged back at each other. Blood coming from the slashes from hits they got off each other and bruises from how physical they got, as well as burns from the magic. Aztarwyn was a master of fire and was utilizing it against Setomus, however not successfully. Aztarwyn raised his sword and swung downwards, Setomus blocking. Their harmonious battle began to slow down as Khione and Ahriman continued to duel on the roof near them, Khione holding her own with swift, nimble fighting skills. Aztarwyn and Setomus had now charged their swords with their respective magics and clashed, a huge aura of energy coming off of the collision and they stepped back, charging again. They launched again and a huge collision once again occurred as the two beams of magic hit and broke. Aztarwyn rushed to Setomus and managed to grab him. Using magic to enhance his already overpowering strength, he slammed Setomus down and the roof collapsed, landing in the throne room where Aztarwyn had confided all this time, ruling over his people with tyranny.
    Khione and Ahriman fell, however Ahriman got up quickly and watched his father rise above Setomus. Setomus had a broken arm, however could still use his sword. He stepped back, preparing for one final drive. He had tears in his eyes, as he knew this was it. It was either kill Aztarwyn or Aztarwyn kills him.
    “I’ve taught you well boy, I must admit that. You’ve learned much more since the first encounter.”
    “Of course I did, my father is Bruce Clough, the man who defeated Aztarwyn time after time.”
    “He was also the man to be defeated by Aztarwyn time after time before he died.” Aztarwyn used fire to light the room up in flames, only the walls, to keep anyone from running now. “You know I cannot die, so what’s the point.”
    “Gods can be defeated.” Setomus charged forward, bearing through his pain and using his broken arm to assist his sword. Parry after parry, block after block, the two fought tooth and nail. Setomus went full force into Aztarwyn and knocked him back, rocking his throne, Setomus made another and Aztarwyn dodged, causing Setomus to smashed open a cabinet hidden by the throne chair and there it was. His phylactery. Setomus couldn’t get to it and Ahriman marched forward, however he wasn’t quick enough. Khione launched herself at it and using a dagger, smashed the gem into pieces and a beam of shadow shot into the sky, causing it to thunder and Aztarwyn stood.
    His protection was gone.
    Setomus reacted quickly and shot up, overpowering the now weakened Aztarwyn and finally, stabbed him through the chest and his heart. His cold, black heart. Pulling the sword out, he was surprised that he bled. Setomus sat down, and Ahriman had retreated for now. He gazed upon Aztarwyn as shadows began to pour out of his body and unto the ground as if it were a misty fog with nowhere to go but down. Aztarwyn dropped to his knees, looking to the sky, screaming in defeat. The God of Death had chosen his own fate and after the shadows stopped, so did he. Aztarwyn’s limp body dropped, his aura was gone and it was over.
    “You… You did it.” Khione began to get on her feet and Setomus only looked at the body in shock. He did it. Setomus Jackson Clough had slain the God of Death. The bane of the Clough was no more. Khione managed to help Setomus out, as he was too injured to make it far. “Are we sure he’s going to stay dead now?”
    “I’m positive.”
    They went back to the camp, where Irano and Samuel were. No applause, only a look that said “Good job.” Irano told his story on how he fought the Grandmaster of the Army and failed to eliminate him, so Dargonia would remain at full strength, only with Ahriman at the helm. He was going to be next, Setomus thought, but not for now. What he did know was Dargonia was going to need to rebuild now.
    Nobody knew who killed Aztarwyn except for Ahriman and Setomus’ wife, Rachel, the daughter of Aztarwyn. Setomus went to the funeral as he was still a member of this occultist family. It was upon the mountain that Aztarwyn was born on, called Ice Mountain. Ahriman gave him a nasty look and carried on, and both acknowledged that they would clash some day. Arrondal, the father of Aztarwyn, looked at him as well and nodded. Arrondal knew by feeling it was him, and the nod guaranteed that his respect was earned and he would leave them alone. Setomus began his leave and felt it again. He excused himself and looked, and sure enough, there was Bruce. The spirit that could now rest.
    “I’m proud of you, son. I was watching you.”
    “I’m pretty sure you weren’t.”
    “I was. I liked your speech.”
    “Thanks. So, what now?”
    “I can rest. I also have to deal with Him over here, you know.”
    “Just make sure he doesn’t come back.”
    “He can’t now. His phylactery is destroyed, you destroyed a part of his soul that was clinging onto this world and kept him alive. Now he doesn’t have that. It’s over for him. And now I must leave. Remember the day you did it.”
    “I always will.”
    And with that, Bruce left. Rachel was behind Setomus, her lover and she had witnessed the ghost of her step-father.
    “You know I was suppose to marry him, right?”
    “Yes, I remember the stories. He said he’ll marry you to keep you away from your father.”
    “And then I ended up with his son, who’s just like his father. Defends and protects me, despite the fact I tell him don’t push it.”
    “I know you’re mad that I did what I did.”
    “I’m not mad. I loved him just as much as any daughter would, and of course I’m still hurt. But you’re alive and you are just as important to me, if not more.”
    “So shall we get the hell out of here, then?”
    And so he took her hand and they began to walk away, constantly being watched by two spirits that weren’t only enemies, but friends.

    By Kyle Porter on 05.27.2015

  33. I have until thirty seconds to finish this. Kyle is so tired that he doesn’t care for it. :D.

    By Kyle Porter on 05.27.2015

  34. ‘Until next time.’ he tipped his hat, jumped onto the majestic horse and galloped away, matching the mysterious circumstance in which he arrived.

    Jane stood bewildered, surrounded by nothing but rustling trees and the wildlife hidden amongst them. Had that really happened? A hero, seemingly from the Victorian era, here, in the 21st century, in the woods just over the field from her house.

    By insanity rambles on 05.27.2015

  35. “…until death do us part.”

    And with that their lips collided, sealing a life-long vow. They vowed to love each other, to protect each other, to be there for each other.

    By E on 05.27.2015

  36. until the time comes i shall persevere. I know its going to be long and hard but i wont give in, For hope is the only thing that this life is all about. If not we shall all die now.

    By Shanmuga on 05.27.2015

  37. We meet again….
    things are different….
    wishes could turn into fairy dust and make everything that is now broken whole again…

    By AmieElizabeth on 05.27.2015

  38. We meet again….
    things are different….
    wishes could turn into fairy dust and make everything that is now broken, whole again…
    I will love you ….
    the heavens fall from the sky and the stars no longer shine.
    Until… forever and always … until … it is going to be okay.

    By AmieElizabeth on 05.27.2015

  39. Addig.

    Riza mélázva álldogált a folyosón, alig látta amikor a bátyja elhalad mellette. Persze azt sem vette észre amikor lassú léptekkel vissza tolatott elé.
    “Mit csinálsz?”
    “Mire?” mérgelődött Reez.
    “Márkra.” szögezte le a lány továbbra is a folyosó végén lévő ajtót pásztázva.
    “Meddig még?”sóhajtott a fiú de mellé lépett.
    “Addig amíg kell.” mosolyodott el a vörös lány.

    By vinczu URL on 05.27.2015

  40. makes me think about work, home and life choice,, am i waiting ,,, or am i enjoying the moment i am in .. even this site was brought to me as i keep waiting “until”….

    By richard URL on 05.27.2015