August 16th, 2015

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57 Responses to “undo”

  1. She searched frantically for the undo button, only to find that three r wasn’t one. She was going into space

    By Miss Madelle on 08.16.2015

  2. She clicked furiously, trying to erase the words from her thoughts as well as from the page in front of her. Seeing them in black and white, the words didn’t sound nearly as part of herself as they did when she heard them in her head.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 08.16.2015

  3. Undo the typing. We are writing together in a moment of clarity. But instead, let’s focus on each other. Let’s talk. Once we better understand what the other person has going on, maybe we can explore that a bit more, and write about it

    By Charlie on 08.16.2015

  4. He kept his hands around her waist, holding her still, worried that she might slip away now. Her husband walked away without saying a word but gravity was bearing down on them. They couldn’t undo what had just been done.
    He was still drunk from the cognac and it gave him too much courage. This isn’t over, he implored, his eyes owning her.
    She ran her hand down his face and sighed. I think it is.

    By bb333 URL on 08.16.2015

  5. This is a delicate web we are weaving. Glossamer strings sewn together by deception and by love. Yes, it is love. Be careful not to undo it my darling. That pattern can never be repeated. You can’t rebuild it once it is broken.

    By bb333 URL on 08.16.2015

  6. My One Word today is Undo – I suppose the easiest thing to write about is things that I can’t undo, things that have happened in the past and the mistakes that I’ve made. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life and I’m not proud of them, or of myself for them. I don’t see myself as a good person, and deserve all the bad karma that comes my way and probably don’t deserve any good karma for a long long time

    By Julie URL on 08.16.2015

  7. I lie there as my soul leaks out of me, scarlet and crimson and ruby and gold. I can see the streetlights reflected in the glistening pool of it, I can see the flashing lights, I can see starlight.
    I want to scoop up my soul and pack it back inside my body. I want to reverse every droplet, put the life back into my lungs and heart. I want to undo this. It hurts. I want to sleep, and this isn’t sleeping. I want to soar, an angel, back up to the edge. I want this to have never happened.

    By Archanza URL on 08.16.2015

  8. Can I undo it? Can it be undone. Imagine if with one click or keystroke it could all be erased. No more abuse. That night could just disappear and all the suffering along with it. Never again.

    By Jessy on 08.16.2015

  9. Undoing, she is my undoing. I don’t know how or when except tomorrow, the future. I feel it in my bones, my blood pumping faster as she is near. I want to destroy her, eat her a bite at a time, take her into myself. Maybe that’s it. She’s the reason I snap and become a cannibal at long last. Or is it something else?

    By Percy on 08.16.2015

  10. Why can’t there be an undo button for a day ill-spent? Perhaps a week or a month or a year? I wouldn’t want an undo for life because then I could lose all the good things I had salvaged from the wreckage. If it were all a Word document, a glaring white screen of text that I could edit and add to and omit details, that would be ideal. Just a little ctrl-Z command in case I need to avert a storm on the horizon.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.16.2015

  11. I will love thine own eyes like the mote that is cast into my being. The only repose will regress with fierce infamy. I love to blacken the edges of my paper as I love to transgress into the empowerment it provides.

    By cary on 08.16.2015

  12. Wouldn’t it be so great and helpful to have an “undo” button for life? All the things you did wrong, and now you have the chance to fix them, make them right. You could choose left to find your happiness instead of going right towards your doom.

    By Ashi URL on 08.16.2015

  13. “You can not undo who you are.” quote from gravity falls.

    By chris URL on 08.16.2015

  14. there was only hope as they left the church together. The feeling of warmth between their clutched hands gave hope for today. And hope that tomorrow could undo the past, at least the parts that could be forgotten.

    By ina URL on 08.16.2015

  15. I cannot undo the chase that brought me here. I can’t take off my coat. walk back upstairs and sit on the bed. I can’t erase the days it took to get me here.

    By Dan on 08.16.2015

  16. Sometimes I wish there was an undo button in life. “Don’t have any regrets. You learn from your mistakes. It helps you grow.” We’ve heard it all before. But you know what? There are some things that just should never have happened or should never have been said and that’s that.

    By Junco URL on 08.16.2015

  17. I wish I could undo this summer. I wish I could redo it. I want to relive the best moments: first kiss with boyfriend, trip to Bahamas with best friend, drive myself somewhere by myself for the first time. I wish I could unravel the worst moments: messing up at my first job, procrastinating until the last couple days to do my homework. But time travel is impossible.

    By Kumquat URL on 08.16.2015

  18. if we could go back and start again from the beginning, you know that we would. maybe this time we would use all our wisdom and all our learning to love better this time. give a shot that really counted, for once. maybe we’d have lasted this time, been something worth remembering. been something worth writing about. or maybe we’d do the same love, all over again, with all its hurt and all its lessons. because how else would we have come to love as we do today?

    By sunnysuraj URL on 08.16.2015

  19. she clicked. clicked again. It was gone, spread out to the world and she could do not one thing to change it. Why would she send it? She knew it would hurt her friend. She knew that picture would destroy their friendship. Oh well, there was no going back now. everyone would see it…

    By MJC URL on 08.16.2015

  20. I undo my hair and the ribbon falls seemingly quickly to the floor. In reality, it slows and stops in mid air, the knots in the long silky string coming undone on its own.

    By Anonymous on 08.16.2015

  21. Walking through the shallow waters ..paths untamed enconters ubln every concern in the chaos of subtle reality there awaiting the things can’t be undone..

    By eswarama on 08.17.2015

  22. Undo me from reality. Make this void leave. Undo my mind from these thoughts that shouldn’t be allowed in the world. Undo this world from torture.

    By Leah on 08.17.2015

  23. i wish i could undo some of the decisions i have made in life . but then i think that would i be what i am without those decisions …as everything happens for a reason

    By pallavi singh on 08.17.2015

  24. In life like in drawings there are things that cannot be undone. It would be nice if there was a rewind, pause and undo/delete button in moments in life where you wish you could go back and re-do it all over again. Said and done. not undone.

    By Pei Pei on 08.17.2015

  25. There’s a lot I wish I could undo in my past. Obviously I can’t, but I feel like that longing is going to remain until I can somehow manage to let go of it. I’m not doing too bad, all things considered.

    By Goddess on 08.17.2015

  26. If there was one thing the girl could undo in her life, it would be the time when she has lost the innocent spark of her childhood. Seeing how the world changes as the girl changes as times passes by… that the world is not just the backyard of her home, that the people are not limited to her parents and relatives…

    If there was one thing that could be undone in the past, where she could untangle the thread of a twisted fate connecting to that particular time of her life, the girl would trace every step backwards, remove the tangled knots carefully, little by little, just so she could have that brilliant spark of innocence she once had.

    By Wil URL on 08.17.2015

  27. If I could edit>undo some purchases i have made and receive the money back that would be useful. I could sell them I suppose but that would be too much effort. Why did i buy them back then?

    By Steve O URL on 08.17.2015

  28. Daria pressed her keyboard frantically, oblivious to a key flying off and hitting her chin. From the corner of her eye, she saw the security squad walking briskly towards her, guns unholstered. She only had a few seconds to undo the network intrusion sentinel program. As the last string was entered, she laughed, knowing they were too late. The cyber attack has commenced.

    By Mighty Magulang URL on 08.17.2015

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  30. My eyes are heavy. 3 hours of sleep is not enough for a growing kid. At least that’s what I tell myself. In this day and age, 3 is more than enough. That is more that what society requires us to have. We are all zombies and that cannot be undone.

    By Boo on 08.17.2015

  31. You can’t undo hurtful words once they are said. You can apologize and that helps, but if they keep coming it becomes just another hurtful word.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.17.2015

  32. It wasn’t enough. She tried to take it back, to make it all go back in the ether where it was living unsaid, but it wasn’t going to. She had said it and there was no undoing what had just been done. He stared at her with those eyes, those stupid fucking eyes that she felt like she drowned in. She looked down at her shoes, trying to think of a plan. There wasn’t one.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 08.17.2015

  33. She’d expected him to be a smooth talker, loose with his hands, and innuendos. What caught her off-guard was the heat behind his gaze and his silence. Her carefully placed mask of propriety slipped, spilling parts of herself she thought she’d hidden well.

    By Soft URL on 08.17.2015

  34. My undoing is not the same as my death. The unravelling of my life is a careful affair. A plucking of strands similar to dewiring a bomb. I poke gently into my psyche and see what muscles twitch.

    By Percy on 08.17.2015

  35. I hit the undo button again and again, but it didn’t work. I had accidentally deleted everything on the page, and I hadn’t saved. Oh no. This couldn’t be happening.
    Exasperated, I dropped my head onto my folded arms. “AGH!”

    By Shr on 08.17.2015

  36. I don’t know what to type ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    By Jonah URL on 08.17.2015

  37. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    By Jonah URL on 08.17.2015

  38. Undo means to erase or get rid of something. Mostly used in typing. To undo a word is to erase your writing.

    By Jeremiah on 08.17.2015

  39. Undo is a very interesting word. you can undo may things such as a button. But you cannot always undo things in life.undo has many different interesting ways it can be used.

    By Alisha W. URL on 08.17.2015

  40. Nothing can ever be truly undone. Things can be Forgotten or objects, such as buttons, can be loosed for a time, emotions can feel undone but order, seen or unseen, is the glue that makes the undone, actually “done.”

    By Alisha W. URL on 08.17.2015