August 15th, 2015

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41 Responses to “scripted”

  1. there’s nothing about life that’s scripted, i mean, you just have to make everything up as you go along – sometimes I try to script conversations ahead of time, just potential things I might say with imaginary responses; sometimes I do this with arguments and get really worked up and then they never happen! Other times I do it *because* I don’t want the argument to happen though, because then I can work through my feelings without actually upsetting a relationship with someone I like and care about. Occasionally I’ll start to script essays (or stories, or whatever), just things I have to do, ahead of time but when I inconveniently can’t actually write – like in the shower or something – just to get me in the zone. Of course, then I come up with something that seems amazing but forget the exact wording later…

    By Emily on 08.16.2015