July 6th, 2015

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61 Responses to “toned”

  1. I don’t even know what that really means!
    I think I just thought of tanned instead of toned.
    And immediately after that I thought “hum, this adjective comes from tone, so it’s about music, or voice bla bla bla…”
    But I realize it can be about my muscles too!
    OK I speak English like a Spanish cow, as we say in French!

    By Elise Dune on 07.06.2015

  2. a toned stone breathen wall of linen
    white pure shine dopeness all over the
    camouflage forever forgotten war experiences.

    we don’t wash anymore, we just don’t
    do it anymore, we never wanted to


    By newdawnfades on 07.06.2015

  3. Remember the sound
    Music rings through
    the air and the sky
    a voice we found

    Ring through the path
    the path we took through

    By Nathan on 07.06.2015

  4. After the party had toned down somewhat, four of us broke away from the rest of the group and went out for alcoholic milkshakes and cheap appetizers at the closest bland diner. As we sipped on Bailey’s and mint and chewed on rubbery mozzarella sticks, we got on the topic of high school, and how lousy it really was. I remembered going to prom with the class stoner, who spent the entire evening getting high in the parking lot and then getting dragged away by the cops.

    “That’s nothing,” my friend Alec said, “compared to the date that took me to the worst pizza place ever when I was a sophomore.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.06.2015

  5. The toned muscles on the body guard had driven me crazy before. But this time I noticed the markings on his arms. I realized he must be the enemy, and that was when I threw up on my best friend because I felt so sick and guilty. It was horrid and embarrassing.

    By Smalls on 07.06.2015

  6. muscles twitch and turn
    twist and burn
    ever-pursuing the endless goal my mother mentioned
    thick skin thin waist
    thick skin thin waist
    thick skin thin waist
    i’ve got it backwards

    By Grace on 07.06.2015

  7. Solid surface with smooth characteristics. Attractive to the eye it draws curiosity in appreciation of something different, that looks healthy and natural. You almost want to touch it with the eyes.

    By Dominique Godefroy URL on 07.06.2015

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    By Nexus66 URL on 07.06.2015

  9. she flicked through the dictionary, trying to find the word to best suit her mood. she wasn’t sure which it would be, or even if she could find one. she was always at a loss these days. well, she thought, tipping her head to the side as she skimmed through the t-words, it could be worse.

    By WrittenOut on 07.06.2015

  10. Toned? What kind of a word is that? I have nothing to say. What can be toned? I have tone, am I toned. I have no idea. I believe i can get toned. How?

    By Corin Tol on 07.06.2015

  11. This word always reminds me of how in tune to music you are. I feel that right now there are so many different meanings to toned. Toned as in colour, the tone of your voice.. how toned you are. Its such a complimenting word. my feelings are mutual towards this word.

    By Katie on 07.06.2015

  12. a simple ping, pong, in a deep puddle sea. My ears opened like shells, toned, round pink cave hollows, toned. Yellow illuminating light on the skin.

    By Fawn on 07.06.2015

  13. I experimentally played on the piano, cringing at the out of tune sound it gave off. I wondered how long it’s been since someone has been here. I looked around. Probably a while ago. A century maybe. I fixed my gaze on the piano once more, and started playing.

    By Sapphire on 07.06.2015

  14. I would so love to be toned. Even if I couldn’t lose all the weight I’d like, I would gladly trade being toned. Unfortunately I ca t do anything about it until I get off my butt. I know I can do it if I can just take that first step back to the gym …… Maybe tomorrow. Supposed to rain, so may as well plan to do spoke thing inside.b

    By Snarkshift on 07.06.2015

  15. The blue ribbon had a meddlesome tone, but no one seemed to recognize the difference. The difference that could make or break a case. The case I called “Toned.”

    By t miles on 07.06.2015

  16. Being toned has become an obsession. Men are asked to show their muscles or abs off in order to ascertain their worth as a fellow “manly man”. But being fit/toned/in shape does NOT “make the man” in my opinion.

    By Chelsea on 07.06.2015

  17. “I don’t care for your tone,” she says flatly. There’s a sharp edge that drives home the point, well for anyone listening, that this is the last time she intends to talk to whomever was on the other line.

    I try not to peer over the book I’m reading, but the edge in her voice compels me to glance in her direction. Just as I suspect, this woman is world weary. There are lines around her eyes where mirth could easily reach, but instead I see tension and ultimately a hard resolve. She pockets her phone and nods towards me, acknowledging our proximity and how strangers must share these spaces. I give her thumbs up, we all have our limits.

    By Intuition on 07.06.2015

  18. 1toned = to only now exumerate done

    By Garz on 07.06.2015

  19. Pretend you’re an easel
    and paint pretty pictures
    tapestry of flesh
    on brittle bones of calcuim crust
    do what you can with what comes naturally
    a blend of songs and poems
    dowsed in tawny sinews

    By Protean on 07.06.2015

  20. the reds were all at varying tones – yellowish-reds, deep oranges, dark pinks – but they seemed to bleed into each other so that they became one solid type. she liked it like this, so she added more paint on to the canvas. the red became more toned-out and prominent.

    stepping back to admire her work, she tilted her head at different angles to see what this picture could become. she sighed. her brain was too worn out for this.

    cleaning herself up, she went home.

    By amandaxx on 07.06.2015

  21. I stood next to the man in line, gaping at his massive arms. Most women would be attracted to that hunk of muscle. I’m not most women. I wrinkled my nose and looked up. To my horror, he was staring back at me with that handsome smile on his face. Slowly, he winked.

    By Hannah on 07.06.2015

  22. Toned? As in abs in muscles? Doesn’t everyone want to be toned? Or is this supposed to be in context of colors like two-toned photographs? Maybe this is actually supposed to do with music? Ah! What am I supposed to write about any of these things?

    By BlueMoon on 07.07.2015

  23. Jesus I love you. It’s u who guided me here. Be with you in my daily life. Replace me by You.

    By Jie on 07.07.2015

  24. His body was toned. Typical for an athlete. He was just another stereotype of a guy. Strong smile, perfect face, perfect body, all of that. Except, he was more than that, he wasn’t a stereotype. He had a secret.

    By Float on 07.07.2015

  25. he wanted to get fit. his stomach was fast. he was drinking too much beer. he missed his toned abs. and his toned pecs. and his toned biceps. his beer belly was growing too much.

    By Pei Pei on 07.07.2015

  26. I don’t think I could ever have when the timing or that } really not now

    By Garz on 07.07.2015

  27. She had toned arms, the kind that spoke of hours of lentils, kale, gym visits and the odd shopping trip with too many bags. Katie was essentially Mrs perfect and as such, an anathema to everyone who knew her peripherally. She functioned not as a person but as a reminder of everyone’s perceived failings.

    By Amanda on 07.07.2015

  28. She sat in the sun all day long and ended up with a beautiful toned skin that was sort of like an olive color. She as proud she had tanned so well.

    By Emma on 07.07.2015

  29. Toned is a thing to describ the difference of music , sounds.

    By William an on 07.07.2015

  30. “His shirt was two-toned and he was wearing Khaki pants.” She made her comments with a tone that was obviously shaken. “I don’t remember anything else about him…”
    “That’s alright. You may remember more as time goes on.” Leo smiled at her. “You’ve given us plenty. We’ll set up an APB in the area and see if we can’t catch him before he gets too far.”

    By Lucas Coon on 07.07.2015

  31. Toned is a word that describes music sounds,like the speed and the feeling of a music

    By William an on 07.07.2015

  32. She looked down at her scrawny arms and legs, vowing that things would be different this year. She would win that race – all she had to do was tone up a bit, and actually work out like she was supposed to.
    This year would be different.

    By Ms. Thilgen on 07.07.2015

  33. He was a dark red, darkened by the worries of the world, by the shade of the thoughts that waited for him in bed. And then he saw him, a light rosy pink; innocent.

    By Babet du Toit on 07.07.2015

  34. Tara stared at the foamy white waves lapping at the sand, just thirty feet away. Her friends, who could be models for Seventeen, were screaming and laughing, and waving to her. She gave them a rueful smile and swallowed down a sob as she pulled her legs to her chest to hide the rest of her fat body beneath her large blue cover-up.

    By Soft URL on 07.07.2015

  35. He had toned up his act. He was ready to step on stage. He put all the fear behind him, walked out, and took a deep breath. The curtain went up. The crowd went wild.

    By Dave on 07.07.2015

  36. Just a practice. I need to see something and i can’t think of what to write for the word ‘toned’.

    By DolphinDreams on 07.07.2015

  37. People exercise to get their muscles toned. It’s a good thing that more and more people are becoming more health conscious than before, people have learnt to make time for their health.

    By mercadomia on 07.07.2015

  38. he walked back into the gym 6 years later with his body still looking ridiculously toned and yet he had spent whatv had seemed like a lifetime lying at the st.mary hospital beds whilst nursing what had been a gruesome acccident.

    By nawal on 07.07.2015

  39. The word in the back of my mind everyday. The idea of health and fitness versus the stereotypical hott body. Is life about being healthy and feeling good, or showing off on instagram? What a paradox. I still want it though?

    By Jenna Gupta on 07.07.2015

  40. sweat beads down
    his forehead.
    his eyes, focused
    with a piercing stare.
    he can endure this self-inflicted pain
    he puts himself through.
    he can do it for the beach.

    By NuSol URL on 07.07.2015