July 6th, 2015

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61 Responses to “toned”

  1. I do not even know what this word means. The one thing I can think of is like, you know, toned muscles and that sounds really cheezy and stupid. So….toned. I think of color. I think of consistency.

    By Savannah on 07.07.2015

  2. He looked down the sidewalk and flexed his perfectly toned calf muscles. Readying himself mentally, he hopped onto his skateboard and let gravity do its thing. Starting off slowly, soon he was doing fast enough that the world blurred! Soon he saw the ramp. It was just as he had set it up. And then, he was airborne! And then he saw the sky, and then the ground, repeatedly, and then the ground and he met with a vicious cracking sound…

    By Platinu on 07.07.2015

  3. The couple sat on the beach, bathed in seawater and euphoria.

    “Darling, do you like how my skin tone is turning out?” she purred to the man next to her. He nodded, with an air of satisfaction.

    “Good, because it’s all the better to suffocate you with —” and she pounced.

    By betaveros on 07.07.2015

  4. You know, I actually don’t know what this word means but I guess it sort of like getting your skin tone darker or something. But I’ll try to make a story with it…
    As I walked into the room in the beach house everyone started to bust their guts laughing. For the past few hours I had been sitting on the beach and I fell asleep on accident and I guess I toned a bit. I guess they figured that out faster than I did. It’s kind of annoying how they always find someway to bug me, but this time it’s gonna’ stop. I was planning on showing them how to really bust their guts when I finally looked at the reason They were really laughing. I looked into the mirror and found out to my suprise that a dumb little seagull had chosen the perfect time to make a nest and hatch some eggs. but the worst thing is that that dumb little seagull made that little nest out of my hair!
    Ok, that was a kind of lame story but it was the first thing that popped into my head.

    By David on 07.07.2015

  5. Toned and hard his body glistening in the sun, scarred and weathered by years of enduring the elements and ocean, His hands hardened and rough like old worn wood. He scanned the horizon against t

    By indira on 07.07.2015

  6. he harsh sun.

    By indira on 07.07.2015

  7. yellow summer skies
    toned bodies on the beach lie
    I see you hide your face from the sun
    your long hair hiding your face
    i wonder if you are aware
    you are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever laid eyes on

    By minha on 07.07.2015

  8. i crave the summer sun
    just as much as i crave your toned body
    and the nights we spent
    on the beach alone
    cool. burning. alive.

    By minha on 07.07.2015

  9. Her toned body flexed as she flipped on the beach. The sun set in brilliant hues illuminating the perfect scene for the young gymnast. As time would go on, the nightly tradition would continue until one day, an old frail woman would sit in the same spot the young girl once flipped, reminiscing in old memories.

    By DareToBeDifferent on 07.07.2015

  10. He was tall, broad shouldered, and beautifully toned. She aspired to be him – to be like him. To have his thick thighs and broad biceps. When she flexed, she saw little of that in the mirror. She looked dainty, like a ballerina or an ice skater.

    She didn’t want that.

    She wanted to be a warrior.

    She wanted strength, power. To be like the tanned Greek lifting 30kgs with his legs, like the Canadian woman pulling herself onto a bar, weights strapped to her ankles.

    Raw determination poured over her. She picked up her weights, 5kgs in each hand, and chased it.

    By M Burton on 07.07.2015

  11. toned bodies
    glasses of champagne
    lost to the lights and glamor
    we’re all just chasing fame
    in this temporary abode
    this world we call life
    we’re looking for something
    to feed the emptiness inside
    we shall drink till we’re grey
    and smoke away our pain
    eventually fall to our death
    after putting a bullet through our head
    never realizing all along
    that the solution could be found
    in a song poem or a hearty laugh
    a kiss, a hug would make time pass
    but too much in a rush
    we threw it all away
    chased the money and glitter
    in the hopes that one day
    we’d find a reason to live
    and a reason to be
    wake up one morning
    and drink a new cup of tea
    but we fell we fell hard
    can’t go back to the start
    our toned bodies and fake boobs
    will become one with the roots
    decaying in silence
    our riches no good
    i guess we should have used our time wisely
    when we could’ve

    By minha on 07.07.2015

  12. cramped calf muscles
    sweat in eyes
    lifting. pulling. pressing.
    to feel new
    to feel seen

    By The Brain on 07.07.2015

  13. Skin tone gets affected in hot regions. Due to the sun’s extorting heat, the skin gets toned and usually causes a tan or even possible skin cancer. These rays from the sun are called UV rays.

    By Mashrur Haque on 07.07.2015

  14. The sleek brown arms reached up to slap the volleyball over the net. The toned legs flew up with the impetus of the hit and sand flew out from the manicured toes. Lila knew it was a score before she landed back down in the hot sand. Another hit for the team and another notch in her belt. The seat rolled down between her shoulder blades and made her back itch.

    By linda on 07.07.2015

  15. the reckless toned arm flexed through my mind,
    I was shrine, a picture of memories in my head,
    that dreaded me, where I am now,
    I am chasing empty wires that zap me only!

    By Milad URL on 07.07.2015

  16. He noted her body was toned and then he noted that toned was an anagram for noted.

    By Steve O URL on 07.07.2015

  17. I was toned. It was really great and enjoyable on the sea and it was layered with some good vibe, if I can say like that.

    By Stefan on 07.07.2015

  18. he jumped out of the wacky, thorny forest bushes, and toned his with embellished love, “My dear, how can you not catch my arrow?”.
    The rinky-dinky smile on a fleeing women responded, “idiot. Moron! why wouldn’t you warn me before popping out of shadows like that”.

    By Milad URL on 07.07.2015

  19. The way the sun hit the wall across from my apartment shone a light that emphasized the toned faces of weathered people walking past. Everyone pretends not to be watching each other and we pretend not to notice.

    By Mo Alcott on 07.07.2015

  20. And now this toned-up muther fucker, thinking he can all get all gain and no pain from me didn’t realize that I’m a equal-opportunity fighter. He’s bigger. I’m smaller. I grabbed a decent-sized bar stool…

    By blahblahchoi URL on 07.07.2015

  21. he said, “I am toned look”.

    His compadre, the one and only gym-goer who believed him responds, ” the only toned part of you is your left toe”

    “haha. Very Funny”.

    “your toes not even visible, that’s why”.

    By Milad URL on 07.07.2015