July 7th, 2015

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61 Responses to “corrosive”

  1. whenever i speak, someone elses thouts are there to corrose mi, or peone,
    whatever i think, there is a stone or rock, or pebble, emerging from the pavement to corrose me.
    barney knew his limits, so he admited to his family, that they were his own.

    By milad URL on 07.08.2015

  2. a meek boy, with a corrsively stacticy voice, stumbled from a mountain summit, tumbling down to land in a small body of water. When he had arhe rived, in a swimming wade of wonder, he drank the water to feel the corrosive tingle of failure.

    By milad URL on 07.08.2015

  3. I didn’t think she would be so corrosive about the situation. Like seriously, she should calm da faq down. It’s not like I actually would go off and do anything that would cause any harm1

    By V on 07.08.2015

  4. His entire being was corrosive. He would insult you. A little bit at a time. Make off hand, debilitating comments that no one seemed to notice. Every day, he wore you down. He was eroding your self esteem, making you cry. He was tearing you apart. He was… corrosive.

    By grace on 07.08.2015

  5. acid eats away at whatever it touches. nothing can escape its grasp as it unleashes it diminishing effect. stay away if you want to stay whole.

    By Troy Woods on 07.08.2015

  6. When something crumbles and falls apart. Like wather whiling aroun an empty tin. You feel drifting. An that’s it. Corrosive, red and rough. Sore blood.

    By Afariz URL on 07.08.2015

  7. corrosive is when something gets rusty because there is too much humidity in the air. it is red, and people like to clean with a special type of liquid. some things cannot

    By lolagaray on 07.08.2015

  8. corrosive is when something gets rusty. It can be a corrosive substance or a corrosive material. it is cleaned with a special liquid and a special material. It is red.

    By lolagaray on 07.08.2015

  9. Life in his house could be called,,,how do you say,,,corrosive. Although he was very aware and mindful of his life, noone else in the household thought he that….

    By trkstr67 on 07.08.2015

  10. Corrosive

    By waleed URL on 07.08.2015

  11. Relationships can be corrosive. They can break us down. They can be destructive. I have seen relationships become corrosive and begin to destroy the fabric of groups and communities. Thankfully, I have been fortunate to have a great deal of supportive relationships that build up rather than tear down.

    By Andrew on 07.08.2015

  12. maybe her heart’s just corrosive to contact. she gives it away reluctantly because she knows it’s going to tear in half like it’s a piece of loose leaf and thrown into the air as if it were a boomerang, only to get slapped back into place in her body behind her breastbone.

    upon realization, it was like a blow to the chest, finally understanding the love she received was nothing but a blatant fabrication. she was walking around with a blindfold and her arms outstretched, trying to reach out and touch something real, only for it to bite her back.

    By amandaxx on 07.08.2015

  13. His behavior was so corrosive that she found herself being chased away from him even though she didn’t want to be, which made her very sad.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 07.08.2015

  14. We made our roses copper,
    as if to avoid the wilting
    of temporaries, but the rust
    and the oxidization into
    personal lives, so the beds
    just grow smaller, and the doors
    just grow bigger, and fiercer,
    like a plague of remembrance
    that you can’t avoid intimacy,
    yet you can’t let it in.

    By Pandatry on 07.08.2015

  15. I dare not touch it. The color was magnificent yet, your eyes could only feel it. How could something so beautiful be so corrosive.

    By Helena Sauda on 07.08.2015

  16. It burns. It hurts. When they said you were harmful to me back then, I never believed it. I was in danger but I wasn’t aware of it. I regret that I got myself into this. The toxic in your aura have a big “corrosive” sign but I refused to pay attention to it last time. Now it is sinking into my skin, destroying everything in me. Are you happy now?

    By abigail rae on 07.08.2015

  17. Battery cables. They get corroded. When they get too corroded the car won’t start. I wonder what chemical reaction is involved in corrosion. Also there is beach corrosion.

    By britany91 on 07.08.2015

  18. I took the corrosive chemical and rolled it in my hands. I gave it to Tom. He poured it into the bubbling pink liquid. We waited. What would happen? We stared at the pink loiquid, as if on que it turned a dark purpe and ….boom bang clash…exploded before my very own eyes. Left at the bottom of the test tube was a small pellet about the size of a paper clip. I slipped it into my pocket and rubbed against my finger tips. Then I relaized what it was…what I had made…or rather we had made. My fingers tingled at I suddenl felt light. When I looked down I was hovering in mid air. Tom was below trying to pull me down. But it was too late. now.

    By bb urni on 07.08.2015

  19. When my bike is sitting there, looking sad and stale. I haven’t been outside for days because of the rain that continues to corrode it with rust and grime.

    By Mariah on 07.08.2015

  20. “This liquid.” Leo scrubbed up the pool with a cloth. “It’s acidic; some sort of corrosive substance. If you look, it’s been sitting here a while.” He pointed towards the small carved out section of the floor. “It shouldn’t be here though, that’s for sure.”

    By Lucas Coon on 07.08.2015

  21. The corrosive moral values of the United States are causing a decaying social structure. What will come of our society?

    By Yanola on 07.08.2015