July 19th, 2015

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37 Responses to “timeline”

  1. So far as she knew, the continuation of the cosmos had ceased. She perceived neither the ticks on the clock, nor the distances between her and other objects. Even shouting produced no noise, and it was as if all had merely ceased to be…

    By Matthew URL on 07.19.2015

  2. Wow! It’s been a long time. I flip through the photo album. I see myself growing up, and relive my life before my eyes. But in the later photos, I realize something’s missing at the end of the timeline. I take a closer look. Not something. Someone. What happened?

    By Shr on 07.19.2015

  3. Maybe in an alternate timeline, things would have gone differently.

    They could have both escaped.

    They could still be with their family, living happy lives as free humans instead of livestock.

    The both of them could have grown into much more than they already were.

    Maybe they still can-


    As Mika gently pokes at his fangs, he knows that he can be nothing but a monster.

    Things could have gone differently.

    But, alas, everything is still the same.

    By A Paper Flower URL on 07.19.2015

  4. I stared at the messily written journal in front of me. What have I even done? Throughout these years? What have I accomplished? I frantically flipped through the pages of the stained journal. Were all those thoughts a lie? Were all those “great” things I done and the good times I had in my childhood, lies? Had I really accomplished nothing, all these years up till now? I threw my journal across the room. Worthless.Useless.You’ve always been. I cried myself to sleep.

    By Sapphire URL on 07.19.2015

  5. There was no real set timeline for the project. Tom just wanted it done. He didn’t care if it was done in five months or five years or fifty years. He simply wanted to work on it, work on it to his heart’s content and enjoy every fleeting minute or hour or day or longer of it so that life didn’t seem so laborious to him.

    He wrote and rewrote, drew and redrew, filmed and filmed again. He constantly edited. He didn’t know who would watch his project, or who would even care to. No matter what, this project was him. And it was all he had.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.19.2015

  6. I had to hurry and finish the video. Editing the timeline was the most difficult part because there was so much going on there. I wrestled with it for 2 hours and decided to just call it done after I found out from my cubicle neighbor that Applebees was having half priced beer.

    By Platinu URL on 07.19.2015

  7. Timeline, deadline
    all the same
    drag me down
    tie me down
    who’s to blame
    take aim at all I do
    Confused and tried
    my undoing
    can’t conceive of a better way
    bite the bit
    carry the weight

    By Protean URL on 07.19.2015

  8. “What’s the timeline?” officer Jared asked.
    “woman came into the bar… about… 12. Ordered a Gin and Tonic. Sat at the end of bar for about an hour then hunched over and died.”
    “Who made the drink?”
    “I did.”

    By Trista URL on 07.19.2015

  9. I was instructed to record all the information I have collected on the timeline. It was one of the tasks that bothered me the most, but I have no choice but to finish the task regardless of how unwilling I am.

    By CC URL on 07.19.2015

  10. On the timeline of my life, I’d say that his is probably the downfall. Where everything is dull and grey. Will I ever see color again? I couldn’t tell you.

    By jurnee on 07.19.2015

  11. the timeline of my life is waiting for it’s place… waiting to be put down in linear form that which exists in a scramble in my mind. I started one.. I got stuck.

    By Catawynn URL on 07.19.2015

  12. On the timeline of my life, I could place marks of where I met the important people in my life. January 2nd, 1987 was when I met him.

    By Jurnee URL on 07.19.2015

  13. Timeline.

    By Jurnee URL on 07.19.2015

  14. my timeline was filled with words of comfort. I should be thankful my friends were thinking of me, but I was consumed by an incredible anger at this sight. He is dead and their only worry is of how I will react.

    By Ashley Nicole URL on 07.19.2015

  15. When Kyungsoo thinks back to his life, images and an array of motions cover him like a timeline, and endless line of his past that never fails to catch up on him when least expected. Friends, family, peers, they all had a role in his life. However, Kyungsoo felt quite indifferent.

    By jotbab URL on 07.19.2015

  16. A graphic representation of a list of things on a line that have happened at a certain time and in a particular order.

    By jess URL on 07.20.2015

  17. denotes the series of events happened in a particular of time period

    By suthi URL on 07.20.2015

  18. Her timeline stretched through several decades, however she was still young.
    At age 40, she was a mom, a daughter, a friend, and a wife; titles she considered extremely important to call herself each day.
    She was proud to say that she has been positive of the aging process during her time here, and that focusing and using your time to do something beneficial in the world is never wasted when you enjoy it and work hard for it.
    She loves her children, parents, grandparents, husband, and friends who have guided her across the timeline.
    She hopes to never lose that sense of love and security.

    By Britt on 07.20.2015

  19. She’d once hoped that the past would remain so; that she would one day feel free of its constraints and decisions.

    But as she read the letter, shakily written and hastily sent, she knew that this was not to be. A single tear drop fell down her cheek, only to be followed by many more

    First her parents… now her sister.

    By fruipit URL on 07.20.2015

  20. “So, this is what happened two days ago…” Leo made a line on the board as he stared at the timeline. “Yesterday was pretty Quiet. But this morning he struck again.” He circled the date at the end of the board. “There’s no real pattern here Oscar.”

    By Lucas Coon URL on 07.20.2015

  21. I know that the only timeline i need to worry about is my own. The Universe is taking care of me in the best know it knows how…the way I want it to. So all I have to do is enjoy what is here in my present because it is so AWESOME!!!

    By trkstr67 URL on 07.20.2015

  22. hello, im gay haha. lol timeline who even cares. time is not time if u do not spend it well. what is life when u hav no timeline. lol can u smell that smell

    By bobby ewell on 07.20.2015

  23. “Can I take your order?” he asked with a sexy little smile. Her previous hunger and menu selection forgotten, she began to mentally calculate how long she could create a future with him in it. It would take a few dinners before he would become completely smitten, but by the end of the month, she was sure they would be dating. “Yes…and you can have my number as well.”

    By Soft URL on 07.20.2015

  24. A line with other lines passing through it to mark different points along a linear path. Laughable. As it any movement through time can even begin to be thought as linear. As if the random and chance interworkings of fate do not come along and make the shortest distance between to points a circle or a rhombus much more than it could ever be a line.

    By Bridget on 07.20.2015

  25. “So here is where we are now,” Commander Archibald pointed on the prickly line diagram on the screen in their top-secret headquarters, “and here is where the time machine will place you. Is that clear, Cadet Jackson?”

    “That’s where the guy who stole your girlfriend did so? Are you sure we need all this gadgets for this?”

    “Do as I say, Jackson, or your girlfriend might not last long either…” the commander snickered.

    By betaveros URL on 07.20.2015

  26. As the luxury of time piles up–reflected into the pages she’s skimming through her fingers–she’s reminiscing if all these years she spent wandering and wondering were worth it, if only she decided to stay for another half minute before he arrived, if only she waited much longer, maybe things would’ve been different. Of course it will be different.

    Maybe in another timeline, the pages she’s flipping rapidly through her fingers didn’t hurt as much as it is hurting her now in this side of reality.

    By nom de luc URL on 07.20.2015

  27. We need to go back for them! How could you just leave them.

    I had no choice. Time only moves forward, and they got left behind. it’s too late.

    So what you’re saying is, it was either us or them.

    Yeah, i made a choice, you can blame me later.

    I blame you now.

    By stimjim URL on 07.20.2015

  28. I was reading something in my facebook timeline, when a friend, on the chat application, ask me if i’ll be going to his birthday party this sunday.

    By Flávio A P URL on 07.20.2015

  29. How similar, this girl to the last.
    How fickle my feelings,
    how flighty her heart.

    By Sean on 07.20.2015

  30. “I want it on my desk by tomorrow,” she says, the words tossed over her shoulder as she click-clacked away.

    Nevermind that you have other obligations. A family to come home to. A weekend ahead of you.

    You have to set aside your timeline for theirs.

    By A on 07.20.2015

  31. Life sometimes feels pointless. It’s all a lottery, every last inch of it. A timeline that must come to an end eventually. Everything comes to an end. A life, a friendship, a relationship, everything.

    By Jess URL on 07.20.2015

  32. I made a timeline consisting of all the events I’ll be remembered for. At first, I couldn’t think of anything beyond “born,” but once I started thinking of the “echo effect,” everything came into place. Kissing my wife every day set a great example for my children’s relationships, even if she died young.

    By Bobby URL on 07.20.2015

  33. I refreshed my timeline for what seemed to be the fiftieth time that night. Nothing new; the usual chain mail, selfie. It got quiet old after a while.
    My computer sounded and my heart stopped beating for a second. The sound buzzed in my ears and I knew that this was what I had been waiting for. Everyone would know I was going out with him now, this was the next part of my life being documented. My face grew hot as the notifications rolled through, people approving. For now at least.
    But non of this mattered, not really.

    By rachey on 07.20.2015

  34. On a long enough timeline, everyone will quote Fight Club. It’s a cultural touchstone that was misunderstood, misappropriated, and totally just plain missed – the point that is. People saw that movie, read that book, and said “hey, I should fight my buddies.” It’s the Catcher in the Rye of the Facebook generation.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 07.20.2015

  35. The timeline of her life had fallen into one moment of sonder. Every life became so vivid. So complex. This initial though grew into bubbles of epiphanies. She had become overwhelmed by this state of mind that she felt a single tear leak from her lashes.

    By Taylor on 07.20.2015

  36. His smile stretched on for days, like a dog enjoying the shade. Like everything time came to an abrupt stop; meteors hit the earth, people disappear and become a face on a billboard, and sadly their time was up.

    By AshleyKay URL on 07.20.2015

  37. I created a timeline today detailing the lives of my fictional characters and the events that lead up to each of their fates. one in particular stands out and Im not looking forward to writing it. I don’t want Amy to die but she’s already dead.

    By karmel on 07.20.2015