July 18th, 2015

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32 Responses to “indistinct”

  1. I couldn’t tell the color of his eyes. They seem to waver between green and brown, silver and gold, despair and euphoria. I couldn’t quite distinguish him, he was a bird on flight. He is Icarus before the fall, he is the wild winds amidst it all.

    By Pauline Cartagena on 07.18.2015

  2. Yeah I needed a warm up

    By Pauline Cartagena URL on 07.18.2015

  3. The way our lives are here, the way everyone goes nowhere, has gone nowhere, has no plans to go anywhere, the way they are here, the days begin to blur into each other. Nothing left behind to mark one set of hours from the next. It’s incredibly depressing, the desolation like a gag, suffocating, the wet heat that soaks this house.

    By ashley on 07.18.2015

  4. the fog made every thing seem indistinct. Corey could barely see the trees on the other side of the lawn, as the thick white fog rolled in across the lake.

    By Annie on 07.18.2015

  5. His voice was nearly indistinct compared to the noise of the stereo and the hammering of crickets outside. Everything seemed to pound against my head, and as he pulled me toward him, any sweet nothings he attempted to slip into my ears turned into liquid static that just trickled down the side of my face and left me with no response or real capability of listening. It wasn’t until I heard the clock strike nine that I finally found the energy to stand up and move away, quickly, to the welcoming heat of the kitchen.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.18.2015

  6. “I’m sorry…but what you are saying is rather indistinct.”



    “In the sink? What’s in the sink?”

    “What you are saying.”

    “Down the toilet maybe…but not in the sink!”

    “What?…..Oh…never mind…”

    By Pam Heighway URL on 07.18.2015

  7. There was an indistinct odor in his house–always. I suspect it was his newly installed cork floors. At least he said they were new. They were there when we met. I have always been suspicious of cork floors. I think they make your house smell. Some people like them, but I always wonder if their house smells. That’s what she said anyway.

    By Mistress Quickly URL on 07.18.2015

  8. Mist. It was settling into town from the mountain looming above. Sitting in a restaurant, immersed in a culture that is so different from his own, yet burdened with the same human wants, obstacles, needs. He pays the check, picks up his pack, and meanders onward. Into the mist. Contemplating whether life is actually any different in this place.

    By tay on 07.18.2015

  9. The colours of the painting are indistinct and blend in together in a swirl motion. As I lay my fingertips over the uneven surface of the painting, the feelings of the artist overflows in me.

    By Pepe on 07.18.2015

  10. You. I can’t figure you out. i’m trying my hardest…giving into all of my fears just to know you. indistinct.

    By Gina URL on 07.19.2015

  11. Indistinct. That’s they only way he could describe her. Her face was almost a blur, beautiful, he was sure, but he couldn’t focus on it, and her voice was the same. Nothing about her was defined. She was a monster. Surely no human could be so indistinct, she must have been one of those “I am whatever you want” ones.

    By Charlotte on 07.19.2015

  12. I swear I’m trying, but you’re more vague than vogue.

    By Charlotte on 07.19.2015

  13. ‘indistinct’ she said
    ‘in this sink? did you say?’ he said laughing.
    ‘You need to listen!’ she growled.

    By Steve O URL on 07.19.2015

  14. Her speech was slurred and indistinct, but he didn’t really cared. After all,he was not interested in her drunken advances anyways. He started thinking about how she would look like, dead

    By Li on 07.19.2015

  15. Doesn’t mean much to me. M
    Probably means without any qualities to estabilsh itself without any meaning and

    By Sunny on 07.19.2015

  16. It is with a very indistinct feeling that I can manifest feeling that I can manifest in my life what I want knowing that it is indeed coming my way to the greatest extreme,

    By trkstr67 URL on 07.19.2015

  17. In the dream, your face is a thousand shades of purple and gold and pink. No greens, no dragonflies behind those eyes. I shake my head to try to clear your fog, but the smear runs deeper, like streetlights spitting and splitting over water. I cannot, will not, do not ever get to you. Not to the you of you, beneath your colors and fog.

    By Yona URL on 07.19.2015

  18. Doyle spent the election day itself making a few phone calls, deliberately to catch people while they were tied up in other things, so they would be more likely to let slip what he wanted to know. His strategy worked, and he had a productive day. Within a few days, the result of the election was clear; there had been an indistinct shift to the right, presumably caused by the replacement of hardline veterans by fresher blood who were seen as less extreme by moderate and floating voters. Doyle presumed his job was done now, and was thus surprised when the Puppeteer instructed him to attend a face to face meeting in Bethesda.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.19.2015

  19. She tried to peer at the building in this distance, but without her glasses, she could only make out an indistict rectangle. She sighed. Why did she have to lose her glasses of all things?

    By Isabella URL on 07.19.2015

  20. Vague and swirling, blurry. Feeling around into the abyss, wondering, but never truly seeing. What shape, what meaning, lies in the indistinct? Smeared symbols and writings, were they once measurable? Were they once meaning to a hidden truth?

    By Sushi Shea URL on 07.19.2015

  21. An indistinct, hazy feeling of comfort grew inside of her, expanding the walls o her chest cavity like a blight. She hadn’t felt this secure in years—probably not since leaving the safety of her mother’s arms. She dreaded the knowledge that she’d have to let go, but she didn’t have much choice in the matter.

    After all, that was just part of growing up.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.19.2015

  22. a scream lodges in her throat, sweat beading on her brow. the noise grows louder, a sickening, slick whispering sound that dances down her spine in cold rivulets. she shudders hard, and she squeezes her eyes closed, wishing she could decipher a word.

    By tombstoneshadow URL on 07.19.2015

  23. The horizon appeared as an indistinct line between fog-topped ocean and cloud-filled sky. “Sailing today will be rough,” she thought.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 07.19.2015

  24. I cannot see the mountains behind the pollution. Perhaps if I move a little closer, bend upside down I will see the beauty behind what is infront of me.

    By Elsie URL on 07.19.2015

  25. It lurked in the distance hiding in the shadows. It moved like the wind making no sound but floating quickly closer. I steeled myself and moved one foot forward. It felt like it was weighed down, keeping me from moving.

    By whitney on 07.19.2015

  26. sixty barrels of strawberries at the farmers market, all red shining, perfect because the imperfect ones were tossed out, arranged in a row. Seen through new glasses they even have the sticker still on,a new world sharp but blurry. Indistinct.

    By Holly on 07.19.2015

  27. Aren’t many things in life indistinct? We often use labels in order to make things appear more different than they really are, especially when it comes to people, but we were all created by the same God. We can be individuals while being one.

    By Bobby URL on 07.19.2015

  28. I saw a word and wondered, what is indistinct? I think that life is all about distinction, so things that are indistinct are not necessary. Now I have to go look up that word and see its precise meaning. There must be some sort of distinction, no?

    By michaelbuzz URL on 07.19.2015

  29. Most nights my dreams are incredibly vivid. I can see the places clearly. The colors are brilliant. but the people, they’re blurs, with indistinct qualities.

    By Katie URL on 07.19.2015

  30. I awoke. A distant beep buzzing in my ears and a fog clouded over my mind. My eyes were glued tightly shut and I couldnt remember anything. The beeping got louder, more rythmaitc, sounding like a heart beat. But the haze wouldn’t disappear, if anything it got stronger.

    By rachey on 07.19.2015

  31. It was indistinct, he felt the touch of something from another dimension than the confinement of his own mind, as if someone the held the space between his fingers tracing the pieces he was missing in his life

    By AshleyKay URL on 07.19.2015

  32. As the murky clouds cover the sky, everything in my vision becomes indistinct. The silhouettes of moving crowds appear as millions of shadows pinned to the beautiful background of a blend of violet and blue colour.

    By CC URL on 07.19.2015