July 20th, 2015

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43 Responses to “suit”

  1. I dressed well but it wasn’t a suit. I hadn’t owned a suit since the fire back in ’77. I don’t even recall how that fire was started but it didn’t matter, all my suits went up with the building. And now I was going to a job interview in a Polo Shirt. Of all things. A shirt with a horse on it with a guy on the back playing Polo was considered ‘dressy’ nowadays; it was enough to make me wish I’d burned up in that damned fire along with all my suits.

    By Steve on 07.21.2015

  2. the main and actual reason for putting ourselves in dangerous situations is to gaining better quality for life, you deserve to live in a golden palace and having no fear of our future but changing the way we live to suit our capabilities is all on our own efforts, not nagging about everything while doing pure shits hours and hours a day then die like a lazy ass motherfucker

    By Nave on 07.21.2015

  3. Suit! No way…
    Today it’s only SUITS, isn’t it?
    This TV show with these two damned sexy-smart-lawyers, no?
    What else?

    By Elise Dune on 07.21.2015