October 24th, 2014

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60 Responses to “thirst”

  1. She watched as they preached about this water you could get and you could never thirst again what could that mean? was she hearing this correctly it was confusing.

    By Isabella URL on 10.24.2014

  2. She didn’t understand the need for more, until her goals were in sight.
    Blowing through stop signs, jumping the hurdles,
    creating new goal-posts from the husks of the ones before.

    She was thirsty. Desperate.
    Challenge deficient.
    Nothing gave her more thrill, more joy,
    than the next chase, the next ride, the next run.

    By teachthegirl URL on 10.24.2014

  3. she thirsted for the power of transparency. this would bring her to the forefront of all the powerful ones and she could let it be known publicly. it was what she always wanted, but was she ready to give up her daughter for a second time?

    By feliciadelaawesome URL on 10.24.2014

  4. “I have a mighty thirst!” roared Rowan as he entered the tavern. He promptly crashed into a stool and slammed his fist down on the bar, nearly knocking over a poor woman’s ale.

    I rolled my eyes and called for the barkeep again, watching as he refilled my glass with deep, sweet amber. Then I forked over a two-coin to Rowan with a lazy flip of my hand.

    “Enjoy quenching your ‘mighty thirst,'” I teased before heading back to the corner table where Liza was waiting.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.24.2014

  5. He tilted his head under the leaf and let the dew drip into his mouth. So thirsty. God, so thirsty. The first few drops hit, melting the thin cotton lining of his tongue, but swallowing only made the raging fire in his throat worse. He was pouring acid on an open wound. A few drops of dew wouldn’t cut it–he needed some real water, and fast.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 10.24.2014

  6. The awakening was excruciating. Amelia had been on watch, immediately alerted by the sudden sharp rustling of dry leaves and roughspun. In a heartbeat, she had an arrow sitting on her bow string, aiming down the shaft. But eventually, Amelia realized that the sound was coming from the seeker. Directing her attention back to the camp, she found Norine thrashing around, her eyes shut tightly enough to carve wrinkles like trenches around her eyes.

    By Tone Deaf The Bard on 10.24.2014

  7. The lust I have for you and all that you give me. I wander in the desert without the love that quenched my soul. The dryness of my throat when you don’t compliment me enough and I gasp to swallow. I gasp for air. The thirst of love endeavors to be more than despair. Giving the idea that we need to have love and booze over water both intoxicating to the point of dehydrating you to the core of your soul.


    By ClevaCrisp on 10.24.2014

  8. Did you think that you could live this lie, all curdled up inside you?

    Did you think that I’d stand for it, let you traipse around apartment throwing things at the wall?

    Ha! You must think me a fool then. And maybe I am one, but this fool will wring the reparations out of you, mark my words.

    By Anna Meursault on 10.24.2014

  9. thrst is the answer to society. Without thirst people will not have the drive to succeed in life. We can look at the term as to a liquid and feeling thirsty for water, however we need to look at it more brodly. People need to be thir

    By bob dylan on 10.24.2014

  10. Maggie stopped at Starbucks . Her thirst for coffee specifically a cafe mocha was churning in her brain and stomach Starbucks was the place to be to quch that thirst. she used to work there so she knew just how her coffee. Should be made…just how much java and chocolate. Just thinking about that coffe st her stomach to rumbling again. she braked her black Volkswagen in front of her sister Damaris’ house.

    By Althea on 10.24.2014

  11. vczxv

    By bob dylan on 10.24.2014

  12. She moved forward, centimeter by centimeter. It felt like even though she was moving she wasn’t getting anywhere. The sand lodged itself under her already dirty nails and she fell to her hands and knees, feeling to weak and tired to walk she dragged herself across the dirt instead. Crawling like a scared and wiled animal. It was only a little ways away yet she couldn’t seem to get there. The water was in front of her and yet she couldn’t move the last bit to get there.

    By Lily on 10.24.2014

  13. I was so thirsty that day, my mouth was dried and cracky full of blisters I hardly could breath, but that was my last chance and I couldn’t fail.

    By juan wieczorek on 10.24.2014

  14. Her mouth was cracked, and she coughed. Looking around her, all she saw was the bleak darkness of the room. As she closed her eyes, she smiled. Maybe she was going to see her family again, after all, they had been taken from her long ago…

    By Maggie URL on 10.24.2014

  15. What remained of the newspapers all had one headline: The End of the World as We Know It. It might have taken a millennium longer than scientists had first predicted, but the human race had finally exhausted its resources and grown weak to a number of better-adapted predators. An estimated five percent of the North American population had survived the freeze and were migrating South, in hopes that the Mexican government would soon open the borders. All of the creeks, rivers, and lakes were either frozen solid or polluted by industrialization. Adam hadn’t had a drop of water in days, and his thirst was rendering him delirious–easy prey for the brascops.

    By Delaney on 10.24.2014

  16. First I think of thirst.

    By Traliou on 10.24.2014

  17. I pawed my way through the sand, grasping feebly at the grains, trying to find a purchase.

    “Just… a little… further… It’s right… there…”

    By torin URL on 10.24.2014

  18. Thirst of demolishing my barriers and controlling myself to focus on the waves’ atoms. Thirst of atomic details in the same time. Thirst of wine and happiness with simplicity. Thirst of flying and sinking with all the light in me. Thirst of explosions, my rose. Find me and pour my soul into you.

    By Fatima on 10.24.2014

  19. If there’s one thing I know about thirst, it’s the desperate need to feel it quenched. Yeah, I could talk about the thirst for water, but I’m thinking about my thirst for Her.

    By Ashe on 10.24.2014

  20. Slaking my thirst was paramount. Only then could I start to think about how I was going to get out of here. My tongue felt like a lizard, raspy and reptilian. My head pounded. Metallic and harsh, the sun was merciless.

    By LittleLoui on 10.24.2014

  21. Damn, Im thirsty as all hell. Stuck out in this god awful wasteland, with nothing but an empty shot gun, three dead bodies and a half dead horse that is probably going to leave me stranded in less than a day. And the nearest civilization is three days east. Fuck.

    By Erik Watkins on 10.24.2014

  22. She drank him up with a thirst like an empty camel. She lingered on every word, every moan. He was so mesmerizing and abundant, and he became her quench.

    By Dharma on 10.24.2014

  23. Thirst for blood, sweat, and so much more. Maybe they wanted him like that. Maybe he was supposed to be like that. To be a monster, a crazy bat-shit monster.

    By Seraphim on 10.24.2014

  24. i’m so thirsty. thirsty for life, travels. i’m thirsty to stop being thirsty. i want to feel full and fulfilled. unlike right now. maybe someday. maybe never.

    By Andy on 10.24.2014

  25. No more, no more. Maybe it was them who was slowly killing the people from the inside. Destroying, killing, changing. Their thirst for death was terrible and unimaginable.

    By Seraphim on 10.24.2014

  26. When you’re sick, all you can think about is how thirsty you are. The problem is, even though your throat is dry, you don’t want what you should be drinking. You want what tastes good. But that isn’t good for you.

    By Micah on 10.24.2014

  27. In the morning there was this dryness of the mouth. Everyday, water was the only thing I wanted, to make sure my tongue didn’t feel like sandpaper. I needed it, two, three glasses, until I finally felt sated. That night my glass would be filled with something different and the next morning, I’d be thirsty again.

    By Minna on 10.24.2014

  28. The boy slid down the tree, panting heavily. Each step he took made his thirst grow stronger. But wherever he went, he could never find not even the slightest bit a drop of water. The rain hadn’t come down for days, and he was close to dying now from his quench of thirst.

    By Tsuki on 10.24.2014

  29. Michiko walked back to the kitchen and poured herself a large glass of water, which she then gulped down. Sudden thirst was one of the symptoms they had warned her about. She hoped the kids hadn’t noticed yet, but knew she would have to tell them soon.
    At least she had assured their future, and wouldn’t have to worry about them struggling with a single father, especially not one like Dave. He was a good guy, she knew; – she had married him, after all, but he was just not up to the task of raising her kids in Japan. She wanted the best for them, and he could not provide it.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.24.2014

  30. thirst for knowledge. thirst for passion. thirst is something that defines what our greatest desires are. if we are thirsty, we will have the drive to succeed and prosper. thirst is a prospect of human nature that leads them to innovation.

    By anon on 10.24.2014

  31. Her throat was parched and her mouth unreasonably dry, but she was pretty sure she’d rather die of thirst before asking Karina for a drink of water. The satisfaction on the mages face would be FAR to much for her ego, fragile as it was after everything that had happened, to handle.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.24.2014

  32. She felt like she was starving for human contact, although she was constantly surrounded by people. She needed something physical to remind her that she still existed. She needed human touch to prove that she was still there. Otherwise, how could she say she was real?

    By Foshizzlebeth on 10.24.2014

  33. The fresh crimson pool lay right there,
    And he stared, not knowing what to do.
    Was he distraught?Frightened?
    Should he run?Should he call the police?
    The world around him spun like a broken carousel,
    But The voice in his head beat his conscience.
    “Go forth, quench your thirst, my son”
    And that, he did.

    By Anita on 10.24.2014

  34. thirst is something you need to quench. It can be for liquid or something else like sex. wow I can’t beleive I typed that. I have been not wanting sex the last few years my drive has been gone. I hope that the thirst for it comes back again.

    By nurture on 10.24.2014

  35. She watched his Adam’s apple bob in his throat as she brought the glass to her lips and tipped her head back. She drained the glass in a few long gulps. Smacking her lips, she set the glass down again. His eyes fixed on a single droplet of water remaining on the table between them.

    By Yona on 10.24.2014

  36. His throat contracts in the darkness. The blonde watches his beloved sibling, his brother, his own kin underneath him, whimpering, wriggling, writhing as he placed kisses on his neck. He had a thirst that only his brother could relieve.

    By Catherine URL on 10.24.2014

  37. His throat ran dry as the day continued on. His throat grew dry every time he thought about her, though. It’s not that he didn’t like her… no, he loved her. But the simplest thought of her took every single bit of energy out of his soul.

    By karisa on 10.24.2014

  38. Thirst… What one feels when one lacks water in their body. If it isn’t quenched, one could die. Unfortunately, we are polluting our most valuable resource. All for the almighty oil, for transportation, for the almighty dollar. There are places in the world where people have a hard time getting rid of their thirst. Their water is toxic because of chemicals. Death by thirst or by poison, that’s their daily dilemma.

    By Cam on 10.24.2014

  39. She sank her teeth into the cactus, ignoring the bleeding and needles that were now in her mouth, desperation driving her to attempt to get to the water inside of the cactus. Her skin was baggy and pallid and she was as thin as a toothpick, clearly malnourished.

    By Dawn on 10.24.2014

  40. This is the feeling of a clucked up throat. Like it’s eating up my whole body. A scratch that isn’t remedied by fingers meeting skin or skin meeting a palm or a palm meeting another palm. This is the feeling that never is but is always there.

    By Chase on 10.24.2014