March 11th, 2014

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74 Responses to “terrain”

  1. one
    burnt and cracked
    foot in front of the other
    we walk
    hand in hand
    to a place where
    there is no rain

    By Jem Page URL on 03.11.2014

  2. waves of red desert sand
    vast rolling green fields
    sharp ice glaciers

    By Peter URL on 03.11.2014

  3. That’s just how it always was. Potholes covering whole sides of the road. The mills were run down and abandoned. The pavement cracks led up to long whispers of weeds that had dried up and left falling on the broken fence. The terrain was barren of anything new but cluttered with the feeling of a long heavy task ahead in cleaning up.

    By DMM URL on 03.11.2014

  4. “You bet these are the best goddamn all-terrain tires you’ll find anywhere. Trust me on this. I’m not someone who tells a lie–do I look like I’d tell you a lie buddy? And guess what, I’m gonna give you the best deal in town you can find. If you buy them all today and get them on, I’ll give you the best damn deal and I’m so not shitting you man. If you purchase a minimum of 4 tires today I’ll give you a really low price and a date my daughter. Do we have a deal sir? I knew you’d be happy with that deal. Thanks for your business.”

    By Ian on 03.11.2014

  5. terrain is a place where the people stay!

    By antonio on 03.11.2014

  6. hum

    By antonio on 03.11.2014

  7. The ground shook beneath them, the very rockbed shifting under their feet. Hawk looked at her curly-haired friend with wide eyes, the panicked look foreign on her battle-scarred face. She had been trained for war– to fight against enemies, people, overcome obstacles, shed blood… but this. This was different. This was something wholly and truly wrong.

    By Courka URL on 03.11.2014

  8. The land around me is flat, no rolling hills, no sandy beaches. I’m getting so tired of this place, but am afraid to leave. What should I do?

    By Riley on 03.11.2014

  9. The terrain was rough and without a path cutting across it. Craggy mountains with ravines meandering between them, this was going to be tougher than Murray had led her to believe. But what choice did she have? She had to be across it in time for the wedding the next day.

    By Shimmio on 03.11.2014

  10. People always assume terrain is speaking of the surrounding land. The trees, the rocks, the dirt.

    She made it sound so different.

    She spoke of the mudslide in her heart, eroding the cavity of her rib-cage, tumbling emotions over freshly healed scars.

    Oh it wouldn’t be so bad if I was not the beast that’s roar first began to shake the foundation.

    By Brooke Fwlr on 03.11.2014

  11. I looked out quickly over the terrain.

    Rocky. Sunny. Dry.

    Freakin deserts. And I was supposed to cross this mountain like range. For what though?

    A dark tower? No.
    A beautiful woman? No.
    Money and riches? No.
    Survival? No.
    Because some person told me too? Getting there.

    By mot256 on 03.11.2014

  12. Looking up at the rocky slopes above made the lush valley below seem so much more inviting. Alas, I must push myself to move on. Reach the top, no matter how rough the terrain.

    By Becky on 03.11.2014

  13. Looking out over the rocky terrain below was a little more than slightly frightening. One wrong step, one slip of the fingers and there was no hope. The adrenaline was pumping. Heart pounding. The top was so close yet so far away.

    By Bec on 03.11.2014

  14. they walked the earth together
    and saw the tracks
    where the old seeds had risen and fallen.
    Rome, they said. Nodded.
    Aztecs. Yep.
    United States. Check.
    this land was done, it would be put out
    for fallow.

    By Kairn on 03.11.2014

  15. The hills were rolling; fine and calling. Large hands tightened slowly over the bridle in his hand, large nostrils inhaling the crisp, harsh wind of the open plains. It was rugged, and beautiful. Sepia-toned earth with scarcely living brush. It reeked harshness, and freedom.

    By Michaela on 03.11.2014

  16. The terrain was rough and rigid, reminiscent of the mans hands. He bent over and quickly picked up the jar of water, as condensation slowly glided along the glass surface.

    By Evan on 03.11.2014

  17. The terrain was treacherous. She couldn’t see where he had ended up; all that remained now was the faint clatter of rocks that echoed off the canyon walls.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.11.2014

  18. Terrain. Landscape. Scenery. Backdrop. Setting. Place. Memory. Sensual. Beauty. Lust. Human. Terrain.

    By artfulataraxia on 03.12.2014

  19. Terrain made from the beauty of her lines

    She laid.

    Barren and awoken.

    A being of pure beauty

    A land not yet fully found.

    By Phoebe URL on 03.12.2014

  20. The most splendid terrain I had ever in my wildest dreams beheld. The sun was shining brightly, and as it’s light stretched out to kiss the soil it was interrupted by large burly fig trees. Shadows were cast over the moss covered stones, a most fluorescent green moss that had ever been witnessed. The light shone and reflected off the perfectly clear water painting the stones with the colourful, vibrantly shifting fires of light.

    By Jose on 03.12.2014

  21. We so loved visiting Kenya and going on safari. It was beautiful and we saw the big five after driving over very bumpy and flooded terrain in a jeep.

    By Alexandra on 03.12.2014

  22. My lungs felt as if they were going to burst. It was the final stretch, and I knew that this was a do or die situation. So I went for it…

    By Scmidaldhaven Guptra III on 03.12.2014

  23. The rocks that covered the road were going to make it difficult for Casey to cross in her sandals. She hadn’t expected her car to break down in the middle of nowhere and now, as she looked over the undulating hills and saw no sign of a town or even a gas station, she started to fill with dread. What the hell happened here, she wondered.

    By Beka URL on 03.12.2014

  24. The terrain of the alien world was unhabital. Molten lava covered 60% of the planet

    By Jerri on 03.12.2014

  25. the land rolled out in front of them undulating like a tablecloth spread out on a beach. the snow was melting and a thin layer of fog hugged the ground.

    By Lee on 03.12.2014

  26. New terrain for us: a thousand porcelain doll arms, a hundred-million toes, cracked off like popcorn.

    Bill takes the gun, holsters it. Takes out the flamethrower.

    The smell of burning plastic hair and melting faces gags, but we’ve got to get through. She’s on the other side…

    By RS Bohn URL on 03.12.2014

  27. Her dream had a surreal terrain. It reminded her of an Alice in Wonderland setting. Trees with velveteen stripes and mushrooms with furry dots lined the potmarked path.

    By Rosie on 03.12.2014

  28. My terrain is that of rocks and mountains. It climbs and breaks away quickly without form or reason. This terrain, however, is only in my head. The true terrain is desolate. It is empty. I am useless.

    By Chloe on 03.12.2014

  29. That was cool…

    By Chloe on 03.12.2014

  30. The terrain of a country can be hilly or flat. It can have lots of trees such as an olive grove or it can be farmland. The right terrain can command lots of money when the land goes up for sale. I would like to have a terrain of an olive grove situated near the seaside. A nice little cottage would be wonderful as well.

    By Linda on 03.12.2014

  31. Forces at play underneath
    skin and scars of smooth cracks
    scattered and strewn
    a storied surface of life
    grounded and present

    By Engel on 03.12.2014

  32. teaching is the terrain of my carrere. it has always come to my mind

    By khadija61 URL on 03.12.2014

  33. It goes with the terrain. Terroir, it is called among the gourmets-for wine, cheese. From the land, part of the land, for good or bad, it is all to do with the territory, it goes with the territory, and you just hope that what you get goes with a good, delicious terrain.

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 03.12.2014

  34. terrain I don’t really use this word ever in my life terrain I don’t know what it really means I think its some kind of land by water or something. green. dirt. misty air. I don’t have much to say about the word terrain. except it makes me think of water

    By Casey Hudson on 03.12.2014