March 12th, 2014

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80 Responses to “dealer”

  1. Cards, A card dealer all they do is deal cards over and over and over again I wonder if any of them are Gambling addicts, Car dealers, do they own what they are selling I mean what if it turned out they didn’t owned it think about the twix commercial would it be something like that?

    By B on 03.12.2014

  2. You can’t deal with these tricks anymore.
    Sleight of hand, magic–bunny ears sticking out of black top hats, rainbow scarves pulled from inside coat sleeves.
    Card dealers, those who hit until you reach blackjack, the people who convince you to keep going until you can’t stop anymore, to keep paying money to drown your sorrows in games of money and high stakes.
    You can’t deal with these tricks anymore, and it’s this that finally convinces you to leave.

    By Jordan on 03.12.2014

  3. It started when he was fifteen.

    Jordan never saw himself being a huge drug lord in the near future. He always thought he would end up a grocery clerk or some other stupid job.

    By kenzie on 03.12.2014

  4. i called the drug dealer yesterday
    to see if there was a return policy on you
    and to see if there was a cure for the side effects you left on my heart

    By sarah marie URL on 03.12.2014

  5. it was a rainy, grey day. she was late. as i waited beneath the drizzling sky, i noticed daisies growing from the cracks in the pavement. out of the corner of my eye, i saw her.

    By Raquel on 03.12.2014

  6. My dealer was late. I hadn’t the slightest idea what he thought he was doing but he knew the longer he made me wait the more suspicious I would look and it would make our handoff infinitely more suspicious for it. I absolutely needed the next batch of medicine for Mother.

    By mack on 03.12.2014

  7. Someone that you think has your best interest, double sided coins are dealt daily by their slippery hands.

    By Darlin' Tree on 03.12.2014

  8. The man in the fancy hat [that I couldn’t remember the exact name of, I think it starts with an F] dealt us our cards. I looked at my hand. Two aces, not bad.

    By Loki on 03.12.2014

  9. Once I was walking over a bridge in New York city, and a man wearing the most absurd purple trench coat walked over to me. He offered me a game of cards, if he won he got my hat, and if I won he would show me the city. He dealt the cards and we got going. I won. What an an adventure…

    By Myles on 03.12.2014

  10. Excuse me.

    Could you meet me by the boulder this evening
    You know, the one that’s beside the dead tree that’s beside the polluted pond,
    And perhaps exchange a bit of nonsensical conversation with me?

    Would you also be ever so kind as to sneak out your broken bedroom window at midnight tonight
    And find me under the bridge tattooed with graffiti
    So we could maybe trade fairy tales and barter lullabies?

    Oh, and if we could please rendezvous at dawn by the littered field cluttered with cigarette butts and fast food wrappers.
    I promise I will listen to you speak of your dreams in the most vivid of detail, so long as you listen to mine.

    For you see, I am searching for a way out of this world where the smoke thrives and the wrappers gather…
    So could you perhaps be so kind as to help me escape
    and deal me a bit of your mind?

    By Luna-Ellen on 03.12.2014

  11. my dad was a car dealer. And it consumed his life perhaps it was sort of like being a drug dealer. Just slightly more legal. And anything that consumes you and your family that much is a drug after all, isn’t it?

    By robyn on 03.12.2014

  12. The dealer stood in the darkened alley, silently. It was his third night in a row without sleep, but he had to stay out as long as possible. He guessed it was around four A.M., and he would be leaving soon. He had to call his mother as soon as he got home. He had to maintain the lie that he was a regular college student. It would break her heart if she knew the truth.

    By Madison URL on 03.12.2014

  13. The dealer looked at her boss, who nodded almost unnoticably. They were game. Danny asked her to pick someone out of the crowd, and the dealer pointed at a young woman standing to his left. Danny then asked this woman to cut the deck, which she did. “That,” he said pointing to the top card on the deck, “is the three of spades”. The dealer looked at her boss, who nodded again, and turned it over. She gulped, and looked at her boss again. This time he was shaking his head. She pointed at the three of spades and whispered to Danny, “How in hell did you do that? You just took this place for forty million bucks!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.12.2014

  14. My palms sweat despite the cool night breeze. God damn, where is he? I can’t be here all night. My free hand toys with a small plastic bag that is tucked in my pocket. I didn’t want to do this. I never wanted to do this.

    By Jeff on 03.12.2014

  15. I never understood the insanely wealthy. It wasn’t an envy based wall I couldn’t get my mind to climb over, it was the weird entitlement issues that popped up in ways that were borderline sociopathic – lack of empathy being key. This is not like that strange art dealer or whatever society crowd is making the rounds, there is money and the illusion of it, but I mean someone who says things that are really out of touch with reality and its really not in that cute eccentric way. And I guess if money can buy anything, even a facsimile love, you probably could expect to get your own way a lot if you had too much money and not enough common sense, hence that whole “pride before the fall” phrase.

    Hubris, kids, is a hell of drug.

    By Intuition on 03.12.2014

  16. He asked for ten. I didn’t have it, so he asked for five. I didn’t have that either. He asked for at least one. I still didn’t have it. “Throw me a bone man,” I said, “Make me a deal. I’m good for it.” He obviously wasn’t sure about trusting me and I didn’t blame him. Fuck, I wouldn’t trust me. But he gave me a deal. He’d give me five grams if I gave him a blow.

    Worth it.

    By Ian on 03.12.2014

  17. The euphoria of drawing an ace and a king
    Was fleeting.
    I looked down at my winnings,
    Everything that should make me completed
    This sentence
    From the brain I once used to call my own,
    And knew that with this new found wealth
    worth nothing
    I could never buy my freedom.

    By Siege URL on 03.12.2014

  18. he was a dealer, a pusher of death, the one good he had in store. He was a harvester and when the seasons shifted he filled his stores.

    By eyeballkid on 03.12.2014

  19. I am a pack of cards. I have no start, no end, just this endless shuffling. If you pick apart my insides you will unravel me: heart as red as fire, spades as black as choices I should have never had to make. It’s not up to me though: pick a card, pick a card.

    By larieness on 03.13.2014

  20. The dealer spat hard and far on the distant tiles down the hallway. He grinned crookedly at me. “How about we make an… agreement.”

    By WearyWater URL on 03.13.2014

  21. cards and automobiles. a guy who usually sells stuff. rush hour comes to mind.

    By PB Lalrinchhana on 03.13.2014

  22. She slipped the money into his palm as he passed the baggie into hers, brushing past her without a backward glance. For her part, she pocketed her ‘merchandise’ and, hunching her shoulders against the cold, started the long journey back to her apartment.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 03.13.2014

  23. Dealer are very professionals ,they deal in very attractive manner and earn profit from there deals .

    By Priya on 03.13.2014

  24. I was looking to buy a new car and found something I thought would be perfect but when I took it for a test drive it wasn’t as good as I’d thought. The dealer tried very hard to sell it to me but it was a definite no.

    By Alexandra on 03.13.2014

  25. if we wanted a bag or two – even if it was 2 or 3 am, we would just text him and in half hour there would be a knock at the door and the bags would be given to us by one of his messengers – usually one of his more trustworthy minions, but that isn’t exactly what happened that Thursday….

    By Lee on 03.13.2014

  26. the dealer was most loyal. right on time–even when let. he kept the fix and distributed it willingly–even kind enough to share. the doses seeming smaller yet remaining potent. the feign momentarily satisfied.

    By Safon on 03.13.2014

  27. When I sold me jewelry, I didn’t realize that it would be gone forever. I had assumed, stupidly, that the pawn guy would give it back once I’d made good on my loans. That was my grandmother’s ring that my granpa gave her almost 90 years ago. I can’t believe it’s gone and I only got $200 for it.

    By Beka URL on 03.13.2014

  28. cards are shuffled,
    the first one’s burnt.
    each one
    then lain,
    but never once does she
    break eye contact.
    never once does she
    explain her smeared

    By NuSol URL on 03.13.2014

  29. my uncle is a car dealer , but when i think a bout the dealer in my country that is mean you have to be careful when you deal with them

    By bahaa on 03.13.2014

  30. love is a drug
    drip drab needle explosion
    happy sad all over
    then nothing at all
    dealer deal me
    another, to others
    too tougher
    than the last
    past passed
    only to return
    dealer deal me another

    By matt m on 03.13.2014

  31. Not a guy in a trench coat, lurking under a bridge. Not a gangster with a beanie and wifebeater. Not a college kid with dreadlocks in a dorm room. Not the guy at the poker table groaning when you don’t follow the rules.

    By asavas on 03.13.2014

  32. I deal you what I think you deserve
    It’s not what you might want

    for life and death are in my hands
    I control your fate
    your path

    I deal in death
    and yours comes soon

    By Stefan URL on 03.13.2014

  33. forget everything you though you knew. the dealer is on his way. when he arrives he will hand out one thing that you will place on your tongue and as it melts away so will your perceived reality.

    By gertrude on 03.13.2014

  34. Entranced by the sparkle of metallic green, I stepped onto the Suburu lot. “Get the froggy green, get the froggy green…” urged my dad. I walked up to the dealer.

    How much for that froggy green car in the window? The one with the roof rack?

    By Joon URL on 03.13.2014

  35. Her wheels were turning
    her eyes were bright
    lashes sparking & burning
    in the dying light

    By TheBowlerCapFairy on 03.13.2014

  36. What kind of dealer? Car dealer, drug dealer, card dealer. Let’s make a deal. What a deal, what a steal.

    By Tom URL on 03.13.2014

  37. Dealer? Really? I don’t even know what to say. It reminds me too much of the things I don’t wanna think about. About the way he could be destroying his life and I can’t even do anything about it, because he won’t let me, damn it.

    By Andie on 03.13.2014

  38. I met this dealer once. His name was Greg. He was a very nice guy. HE tried to sell me all these cars but I didn’t want a car i wanted a friend. So i asked him to be my friend and he said ok.

    By Chloe on 03.13.2014

  39. Playing dice like God in the waves. Tide after unknown tide. Filling the quanta with glory and effect, praying for salvation from the roulette board. Only everyone knows it never comes.

    By JC Blanco on 03.13.2014

  40. He was a dealer of dreams. A dealer of illusions. He made me think I was better than I was and my vision of success became an illusion. But this dealer of dreams had no idea that this hallucination of success, this vision, was soon to become a reality and that he turned out to have given her not such a bad deal after all.

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 03.13.2014