March 10th, 2014

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87 Responses to “deranged”

  1. He loved me. i know that he did. in a deranged and sweet kind of way, he reminded me of my 11th grade english teacher. i loved that man. for all that he was and all that he wasnt. he taught me how to love.

    By Laura on 03.11.2014

  2. The spider crept along the deranged window sill, and ten kyle just walked up to me and laid down his sandwich. Jack: How are you doing? Kyle: I’m eating. Jack: You thick fuck!
    I Lost my Virginity. Well find it you thick fuck!

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 03.11.2014

  3. You’re deranged. Honestly, what were you thinking? I leave the house for five minutes only to come back to a destroyed kitchen. How do you even do that? Either your an evil genius or you’re just crazy. either way, I want you out of my house.

    By Hank on 03.11.2014

  4. The youngsters on the train were drunk and to look at them you would think they were a bit deranged. It was quite scary.

    By Alexandra on 03.11.2014

  5. Oh, deranged?
    Deranged. I can be deranged. Does that mean to de-range, to lessen the distance of my haphazard shot? Just tracking you through a camouflaged scope juryrigged to my shotgun. Or derange, does it mean to close the gap, bring the knife up to your neck, take a lick.

    Not of the the neck you idiot, of the knife, salivate on it before I slide it right into your cerebellum, empty my coat pockets and turn your neck into a nice new knife set. Then your blood and them knives can clot my spit in your brain, eat your mind out.

    Oh deranged, deranged, like, strange, pains, crimes, screams and stains, reveals
    the heart’s inward motive, a sinner’s cross, immolation to the third degree,
    the killer you have now seen. “You’re mean. You’re scaring me.”
    Bitch shut the fuck up.

    I’m just kidding. Ha. Ha ha. Ha

    By La Bête becomes Man on 03.11.2014

  6. being different being odd standing out being strange being coragous

    By Arron on 03.11.2014

  7. He was deranged. There really was no other way to say it. Well, maybe crazy. But deranged still felt the most appropriate for the situation.

    By Leah Wright on 03.11.2014