June 26th, 2015

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29 Responses to “technique”

  1. Many people work on their technique for many years. It can depend on where you are in your activity as to what you will practice. I think wh

    By chris on 06.26.2015

  2. is something that you need to practise to have it. i have technique in basqetball and in the school too. techniqe is hard to get, but when you have it it’s a great thing, cause it means that you know a thing really good

    By Roser on 06.26.2015

  3. yes

    By Roser on 06.26.2015

  4. Cynthia had a certain technique when it came to making pancakes, which I really couldn’t figure out even while keenly observing. It was more than just the flipping, more than just the stirring of the batter and the greasing of the pan. There was something about the way she bent her wrist, or flicked the very end of the spatula while allowing the breakfast treat to spin into the air before landing, nimbly, onto an adjacent plate.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.26.2015

  5. Katie slipped into her bedroom and quietly found the iron mallet and her knitting needles and slipped back out the door. This was it. She had found her technique and was on her way to becoming the criminal she was destined to be. She had done it.

    By Savannah on 06.26.2015

  6. He had his own special technique for doing things, and he didn’t like other people telling him how, what, when, and where.
    Everyone thought he was a stubborn idiot.

    By Chloe on 06.26.2015

  7. The way it was done was wrong, but the end result was the same. The man was supposed to get the job done quickly and painlessly. For whatever reason the man decided against his orders and used a hammer to kill his target.

    By Nick on 06.26.2015

  8. “Good, but next time try aiming for the target”, Fred jokingly said as he wen to go retrieve the stray arrow. I sat down on the grass, dropping my bow next to me.
    “It’s hopeless, I’ll never be good at this”, I said.
    “It’s not hopeless, you have the right idea. But archery is like anything else, you just have to get the technique down.”

    By simipoodle on 06.26.2015

  9. Why are there people in the world who hurt? Displaying with such ferocity they are watching my blood run through my veins. That crippling shatter of bones when you leave with them. I have wiped my brow many times with hands painted red. And dug my nails into the apple of my cheeks. Please don’t leave with them. Please.

    By thewhiteroseturk URL on 06.26.2015

  10. “Ahh, i can do this!!!”,David screamed!
    He was at the margin of a cliff going to jump off just because he was dared to! He quivered as he looked down 300 feet and yelled
    “Why am i in this situation!!!! What can i do????”
    “Use the technique……”A mysterious voice whispered.So David had no choice, he had to trust the voice, nothing else would work! Finally, David pointed his toes down and one!Two!Three! He dove off quickly down hoping this would all be over!Wait!I,David was already at the ground, he did it, he had faced his fears and now can even jump off 300 feet distances!!!
    “Now.. which one of you is next…….” David muttered

    By Samuel on 06.26.2015

  11. Everyone has their own way of doing things. Some people mirror others’ way of doing something and put their own twist to it, thus making it their technique.

    By Nicole M. on 06.26.2015

  12. her technique was perfect– exquisite even. The way the knife glided through the flesh was seamless, quiet, beautiful. In the wake of the silent sacrifice, nothing stirred and the whole world seemed to hold its breath in anticipation as to where the knife we go next.

    By Jonnea on 06.26.2015

  13. The mere fact that I have no idea what technique to use to make my mother let go of this marriage issue is extremely annoying!
    I don’t have enough emotion to emotionally blackmail her into stopping.
    So what the hell do I do?

    By Yumi on 06.26.2015

  14. He lacked technique. His voice cracked a time or two, but it didn’t matter to anyone in the room. The songs crawled inside the hearts of the audience and nested there. The raw feeling made up for any lack of perfection. His mistakes only fed the dream shared from the stage.

    By Frankenstein on 06.26.2015

  15. Her disorganized desk looked like a legitimate area for all her garbage. No matter how hard she tried to organize the files in stacks, the usual mess returned in the blink of an eye. She was often suggested by her colleagues to throw away the pile of mess. But her technique, just like her attitude, opted to remain with the ignorant fool.

    By kyungsoo on 06.27.2015

  16. Living day-to-day is not something that should require tactical skill or advanced techniques. Breathing, though an art, demands no mastery; those for whom this is not true are the truly damned of this world.

    By John Doe on 06.27.2015

  17. “You girls still don’t have the correct technique. I have taught this to twice already and by now you should know it.” My ballet teacher said looking us in the eye all in turn. it was scary when she did that.
    “We’re doing Eisteddfod in 3 weeks and you girls need to know what you’re doing.”

    By DolphinDreams on 06.27.2015

  18. we should use technique in everything as a good technique can make everything possible. technique is the only technique in the world.we can use techniques to build anything and fix anything and to make it more useful to us. its only what we can do to save our money.

    By Reeba on 06.27.2015

  19. What’s the proper technique to make a snowball? My brother says to carefully handpick the pieces of snow. But I don’t have a technique yet I always beat him in snowball fights. Guess who’s the real winner?

    By Faren on 06.27.2015

  20. Doyle’s latest call from the puppeteer had been an intriguing one. They were very impressed with the work he had done, and had decided to expand the program. The puppeteer said they would be sending him a performance bonus, and an assistant. While he was happy to hear about the former, he was a little ill at ease about the latter. It also fleetingly concerned him that this was the first time the puppeteer had used a plural pronoun. But he soon reassured himself that he had to be dealing with an organisation rather than an individual; that was the only way this could all make sense. He let his phone slip onto the table, leaned back, and closed his eyes for a few moments of rest as he enjoyed his after dinner brandy. Then he felt a hand on his sleeve. Looking up, there was a rather attractive woman looking down at him. “Mr. Doyle, my name is Lucy. I’ve been asked to follow you around and learn your technique.” That was exactly what the puppeteer had told him she would say. But of course, that made perfect sense too.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.27.2015

  21. technique is restricting- technique is a burden, is heavy, results in feelings of inadequacy, impotence

    By h URL on 06.27.2015

  22. There was a technique to the way he killed them- a ritualistic pattern that resembled paganism, as though he had any gods to appease. First went the skin in a quick tear from breast to thigh: a nasty gash that bled more the bigger the animal (birds hardly made a noise, and men screamed); then he took a rib as a prize; and finally, before pushing the corpse into the mud, he painted his face. Cheekbones first, to highlight in wet red his native heritage; then lips, like the thick paint she wore sometimes; and then a design on his forehead that his mother had taught him.
    Then he ate the rest.

    By Hannah on 06.27.2015

  23. their is technique in everything and nothing all at once and not once at all. So when you feel 11 feat tall, dial your head before you fall.

    By Naddy Sane on 06.27.2015

  24. A Skill in which everyone has differently or some the same.

    By Sheila Brown- Ramos on 06.27.2015

  25. why a word is named technique? technique is a word named something that you get to be teach by a teacher,children,adult and…People but thers more people that teach you some technique and technique is a talent a talent is something that you are good at that thing if you want to learn something new all abot something pesse give me 16k or more likes il tipe something new for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to learn something new plesse give me likes plesse!!!!!!!

    By joshua on 06.27.2015

  26. why a word is named technique? technique is a word named something that you get to be teach by a teacher,children,adult and…People but thers more people that teach you some technique and technique is a talent a talent is something that you are good at that thing

    By joshua on 06.27.2015

  27. booooooooooooooo! to short

    By joshua on 06.27.2015

  28. i think you guys need to tipe more words!!!!

    By joshua on 06.27.2015

  29. Que? China. Cuppa.
    Cuppa China Tea.

    By Russ URL on 06.27.2015