June 27th, 2015

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37 Responses to “gated”

  1. A gated community seems to be the trend of late. I can’t help thinking that the gate is less a doorway and more an jail cell to cripple us in our fear.

    By HeatherB on 06.27.2015

  2. The theme that I drew out was self- chosen isolation in a world of diversity.

    By HeatherB on 06.27.2015

  3. In a word where gated communities are ever prevalent, one must ask: are we protecting ourself from those or isolating ourselves from diversity of the time.

    By heather_bou on 06.27.2015

  4. You know that feeling when you’re stuck? Gated. You can see a way out but you just don’t think about moving because you’re comfortable. You’re stagnant and used to being there. You don’t feel trapped but you are. You’re gated.

    By Angelica on 06.27.2015

  5. Gated, ya know?

    By Angelica on 06.27.2015

  6. He lived on the other side of the street in the gated community. The side that was off limits to her. The side with pools and gyms and grocery stores. The side with schools and movie theaters. Yet, here he was sitting with her, holding her hand. And all she could think of was “why?”

    By Trista URL on 06.27.2015

  7. I lace my fingers through the wire and shake as hard as I can. Surrounded by four walls with no way out. That’s how it felt to be gated to college.

    By simipoodle on 06.27.2015

  8. The gates of the graveyard swing open, and then swing closed with a gentle groan.

    By Lily on 06.27.2015

  9. It was a spacious lot in a gated community. The house was nicer than any we had lived in. The trouble was the gates, really. What kind of secrets were we going to be locked in with?

    By Chris URL on 06.27.2015

  10. Closed in. She was trapped. The heavy gates clanged with a deafening toll as a clock strikes midnight for a lonely young man on Christmas day, hoping she’ll call. She never does call; she can’t.

    By Bettexx on 06.27.2015

  11. The garden was protected by a tall fence- gated and painted white. The garden itself was small in size and simple, but still beautiful to look at. It held within it various flowers and foods.

    By Nicole M. on 06.27.2015

  12. Eternity exists in that which came before and will continue in the after. We might have known and possibly will know. But will remain uncertain until we reach the latch allowing us to protrude beyond our breath. Is freedom within this enclosure? What happens when we reach our gate?

    By Jeremiah on 06.27.2015

  13. This “intern” was a bit of a conundrum to Doyle. He didn’t ask for her, definitely didn’t want her, and didn’t know what to do with her. He did most of his work from his home in a gated community up in Silver Spring, and she would definitely be spotted by the security team if he brought her up there every day. As he knew that everyone involved would be washing their hands of the “political
    activism” they were indulging in, he wanted as little evidence as possible to remain that would show it had ever been going on.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.27.2015

  14. I lived in a small, gated community for thirteen years before I went to college, which was in a sprawling urban nightmare that burned like a sty in the inflamed eye of the landscape around it. Still, the university was good. I felt freer in my dorm than I ever had in my childhood house. When I looked outside, I could get a view of the skyscrapers and lit up buildings, and sometimes I could see fireworks from the closest amusement park. Back home, I saw other people’s yards, lines of cars, and fences, all iron.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.27.2015

  15. just before the sunsets it becomes a nightmare. everyones trying to get somewhere so they can break their fast. the road is gated on one side. trying to instill some order. doesn’t help. at all. give it another 10 mins. just after the sunset. when everyone is indoors. then it will become a ghost town yet again.

    By Pei Pei on 06.27.2015

  16. His sunglasses had a peculiar effect or tint to them — obviously custom-made — some kind of spanning horizontal bars which ran over the entire frame. It gave, quite strikingly, the impression of tiny metal gates being places over his eyes. Or prison bars.

    By John Doe on 06.28.2015

  17. The gated avenue was like a string plucked out from her guitar. She felt her heart sinking into sorrow thinking of the years she’d sacrificed to enter into her dream college. Much to her dismay, that sacrifice was still not enough.

    By kyungsoo on 06.28.2015

  18. she had worked so, so, hard to become gated into this new school. Bt what about jonathon? She didn’t know what she could do. this was her dream school, but he wanted to be with him. And she was nothing without him. He wanted her, she needed him, but she had to get into this school. She would forever regret it if she didn’t get in.

    By Tyler on 06.28.2015

  19. For four years they did their best to ignore the chemistry and they kept their happy marriages intact on either side of the gated fence between their houses. But us time went on, unknowable twists of fate would have them endlessly dropping in and popping over, to fix a fence or look at the tawny frogmouth owl that had taken up residence in the garden, and despite a lifetime of faithful intentions the forces of nature took over. Inevitably his lips found hers and those first few gentle licks and soft tongue kisses opened the floodgates to unchartered oceans of adulterous pleasure.

    By bb333 on 06.28.2015

  20. She sighed and looked away, tearing up. Jonathan was in front of her, looking so angry.. She loved him and wanted to be with him, But then again, This was her dream school. SHe couldn’t give that up. She needed to decide between what she wanted, and what she really, truly, needed.

    By ty carlile on 06.28.2015

  21. technique

    She was astounded by his mastery of her body, the way he knew how to touch her and where to touch her in endless, blissfully surprising combinations. She was unsure of whether to just surrender to his encyclopedia of techniques or whether to die of embarrassment over the lack of her own.

    By bb333 on 06.28.2015

  22. FOLLOW

    If I left, I know you wouldn’t follow me. I know you would stay for her. She’s lovely. Why wouldn’t you? Stay for her. But it breaks my heart. Because you are my fleeting glimpse of a miracle, of a life that could be lived waking up and wanting to sink my flesh into someone else’s soul, of a beautiful voice in my ear pushing me to the edge, knowing me. Wanting me. I want that. I want you. But you won’t follow me. And in the space where you should be following my tracks is my sadness, as endless as the sky.

    By bb333 on 06.28.2015

  23. In her presence…..Jane’s intuition was suddenly gated….probably for he own protection. Unsure how to function without it, she retreated into the barn waiting for the stampede….

    By Pam Heighway URL on 06.28.2015

  24. We don’t live in a gated community but sometimes we’d like to have a barrier between us and the rest of the world and the grass in the garden would be greener than green but it would be greener still from the other side of the barrier where we are now because we don’t live in a gated community and don’t imagine we ever will.

    By Steve O URL on 06.28.2015

  25. We’ve been standing here for years now, and every time they say something had changed, something has evolved, it all seems like a lie when we see we are still stuck standing here, looking at the same thing. They’re keeping us separated, segregated, gated in to our own little world. They could never bear to have people like us intermixed with them.

    By Kirsty on 06.28.2015

  26. struck trapped locked no where to go. golden gate bridge. no escape. wanting to leave. isolation. by yourself. no freedom controlled sheep specimen science lost

    By jaime on 06.28.2015

  27. The wall was gated close for the things behind it were unimaginable. No one had gone behind the gated wall in centuries. Now no one remember what was behind it. Until now. Three kids in the early teens jumped the wall that they had know all there life. As they fell to the other side they saw the things that no one was suppose to see.

    By Zoe on 06.28.2015

  28. the community in this case was segregated from the rest of the world not in the normal sense. No iron gates with yellow warning stickers that told any would be trespasser that a storm of riot police were within listening distance and itching to pounce.

    By mark de la rue URL on 06.28.2015

  29. Enclosed. Limited. Phobia.

    These are only a few words that describes how we think of the word gated.

    By Rye on 06.28.2015

  30. I feel kind of trapped within these town entrance gates.
    Like I’ll never leave this rundown, quiet suburban town.
    Like I’ll always be encumbered by haunting memories.
    Like I’ll never be able to fly, to reach.
    But I can still dream.

    By Shr on 06.28.2015

  31. I never wanted to live in a gated community. My neighbors think the gates keep the bad guys out….I think it keeps the scared folks trapped inside the walls. That’s not for me.

    By chana orit on 06.28.2015

  32. When you’re young, no one ever thinks to carry a key
    It’s always assumed you’ll sneak in somehow or you’ll just appear
    Parties in middle school at your friend’s gated neighborhood
    Public pools glistening through cracks in a fence
    Summer laziness and cracks on a sidewalk and protection against yourself

    By peach on 06.28.2015

  33. under lock & key, protection against oneself
    in class we learned about weathering and we were
    asked how to prevent it and i always said
    “put walls up by the shore”
    but i never thought about waves
    big enough to wash over the wall
    and take a whole city with it

    By nellie on 06.28.2015

  34. As I walked pass the interesting and very freightening man I was so relieved that I lived in a gated ranch where he couldn’t follow me but to my suprise, as I stepped through my gate he ran behind me and bolted for my car! But then I remembered something even better than a gate…I lived in Texas. As the thought crossed my mind I quickly reached for my backpac and pulled out my old Smith’nWesson and shot that man dead on the spot without the slightest guilt. Then I knew why all those sighns say,”Don’t mess with Texas”.

    By David on 06.28.2015

  35. I don’t even know what this word means…

    By John Arthur on 06.28.2015

  36. “Who saw him?” she asked, hesitating to stand and greet her visitor.
    “No one, miss,” said Miles, one of her personal guard. “‘Least, not until he climbed over the wall. He never went through the gates.”

    By Cinnia on 06.28.2015

  37. The gated community were unforgiving. Forgiveness was left for everyone else. Not me. Not you. Not anyone. I gated my problems and left. Waling aimlessly. Free at last. Freedom. Free.

    By Jo on 06.28.2015