June 25th, 2015

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59 Responses to “follow”

  1. The trees were wary.

    The way their branches waved and wept in the winds was unsettling to say the least, but at least they couldn’t move. Not like the eyes he kept seeing out of the corner of his vision.

    He walked faster, pulling his hood over his head again. The winds blew it back soon enough.

    By anzo on 06.26.2015

  2. Through high grass and over the hill, he stayed in line with her footsteps, careful to walk on his tip-toes. Ballet lessons had finally paid off. With his eyes fixed on her yellow dress and anticipation speeding up his heart, he broke into a sprint to catch her when she turned around and started to run.

    By Soft URL on 06.26.2015

  3. The afternoon came slow over the neighborhood, old battered beldings and tired shingles all lit up in a lazy incandescence. There was a slow, drab kind of excitement in the streets, and it was nothing short of ordinary.

    After all, the evening followed noontide, and night followed evening, and morning followed the night. All time itself seemed to have reached an understanding with this slow, meandering town.

    By H. P. Garnish on 06.26.2015

  4. There it was.

    A tiny, beautiful light buzzing around in the dark. I wondered what it was. I wondered how it came here. I wondered if I could keep it. I wondered if I if it would die as soon as sun comes up. I wondered if it would glow forever. I wondered if it would stay with me in this darkness.

    Or leave me.

    But I decided on it anyways.

    My eyes followed the firefly everywhere.

    By Marissa Sparks on 06.26.2015

  5. I follow leaders . that is what we are taught as kids to follow anyone that leads us. I like to disobey leaders.

    By Ben on 06.26.2015

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    By Ben on 06.26.2015

  7. The world goes by following, people follow people, words follow after each other, and animals follow there leader.

    By Sammy on 06.26.2015

  8. The world goes by following, people follow people, words follow after each other, and animals follow there leaders. Are world is all about follow.

    By Sammy on 06.26.2015

  9. Oh so dark and dreamy yet light and creamy
    Clouds and lace beat in time as cloth on the line where gentle breezes sweep and billow
    Do these sheets that crest and peak, whisper speak for their comrades to up and follow?

    By Intuition on 06.26.2015

  10. How does one follow? Follow who? follow where? To what end should we follow someone or something? Why do we have the urge to follow other? why not forge your own path? Why must we choose someone to follow?

    By Cameron Russell on 06.26.2015

  11. I’ll follow you into the dark isn’t true. People aren’t selfless enough to follow those they love into the unknown. At least I don’t think they are. Everytime someone I love has had to deal with something hard they run away from their problems, from their mistakes, from me.

    By Piper Lewis on 06.26.2015

  12. follow. i want someone to love me enough that they’d folllow me. not trail me like a puppy, but be willing to take the risks that I want to take and go on adventures with me. i wish i could love someone so much that i’d do the same.

    By Piper Lewis on 06.26.2015

  13. i’ve written this already.

    By Piper Lewis on 06.26.2015

  14. I want to follow DJ Premier steps, because he is one of the most talented musical producers that i have ever seen in my whole life til now. Of course i could give a lot of other examples of some great producers, but in my opinion he is the best.

    By caio on 06.26.2015

  15. I dont want the wrong people following me, because i dont know if i am a example to be followed. I think we all commit mistakes in life, but what makes the diference is the will of being a better person each day

    By tricix on 06.26.2015


    By BIANCA TERRA URL on 06.26.2015

  17. why do we follow trends? I want to be my own kind of person but I can’t let go of the urge inside of me that wants to fit in with people. do you remember me? do you remember me as a rebel? or an outsider? would I want to be remembered that way?

    By tuvana on 06.26.2015

  18. I followed the brightly colored gnome down the shrouded path in the dead of night. I have no idea what willed me to pursue this amazingly random creature that somehow identified me in the darkness, but for some reason the manner in which it said my name so delicately and with a subtle edge of confidence; I knew that this luminescent creature would lead me somewhere new.

    By Evan on 06.26.2015

  19. i would follow you
    to the ends of everything
    cliche as it sounds

    we would follow
    gut instincts and
    starry ideals

    for a lifetime
    to neither lead
    nor be lead

    to exist as circles

    By katiekieran URL on 06.26.2015