September 13th, 2015

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95 Responses to “tan”

  1. when i think pf the word tan i think of some one getting a tan or getting a spray on tan.

    By ghensley on 09.14.2015

  2. some people like to get a tan so they can look pretty

    By eyon steffensen on 09.14.2015

  3. I don’t like the tan I got last weekend on the beach.

    By Emily on 09.14.2015

  4. His tan skin glistened as the sun shone down on him, he was the most popular kid in the school and he was looking at me.

    By bailey on 09.14.2015

  5. I don’t think I will ever get a tan from a machine because that is just bad for your skin if you get too much of it. I only ever naturally tan like from the sun.

    By Emily on 09.14.2015

  6. In the summer girls like to go to the Beach or pools and lay in the sun to get a tan.

    By Becca Seale on 09.14.2015

  7. Saome peopel are tan if you outside. It is aa color in the colar chattch. A couth of leather on an amalis.n

    By molly URL on 09.14.2015

  8. Dark

    By Hartlem19 on 09.14.2015

  9. i ame varie tan in the summer

    By serickson on 09.14.2015

  10. The way you look after a full day in the sun and yet another day of letting the rays settle into your skin. I got tan that day. I met you and we spent hours in the park, jumping and climbing. The brown tones of my skin the following week reminded me of you. They reminded me of who I want to be and how to get there. You are the bridge.

    By Alison Greenberg URL on 09.14.2015

  11. Tan: is a somewhat dark color to the skin. It becomes darker when the sun hits it, some people use Tanning lotion to help them get darker when they are out in the sun !

    By Becky on 09.14.2015

  12. Everything about him was beige. His skin had the tan of someone rarely outside. His eyes were a light brown as was his hair. He had on tan khakis.

    By Gail on 09.14.2015

  13. tan is when you are on a beach.You lay on your towel face your belly down and your back up.

    By smiterling URL on 09.14.2015

  14. the tan man at the beach started to eat a sandwich but something was wrong ah worms.

    By Caleb gayton URL on 09.14.2015

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    By Caleb gayton URL on 09.14.2015