September 13th, 2015

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95 Responses to “tan”

  1. it means to go out in the sun and lay down on a nice towel. Or there is the color tan.

    By Mason on 09.14.2015

  2. Someone who wants to become darker than she really is. The man gave the lady a tan at the tanning salon.

    By mackenzie URL on 09.14.2015

  3. Some people have ran skin and other people have dark or white colored skin. Tan is a color. I have tan skin.

    By Justice Doherty on 09.14.2015

  4. Many women think getting a tan is cool. I thunk the only good tan, if there is any, is a spray on tan. It is less likely to give you cancer.

    By Haleigh on 09.14.2015

  5. I am naturally tan, and have been for most of my life. It is something that white folks aspire to be and indian girls abhor. They use tanning sprays and we use whitening creams.

    By Minimunster on 09.14.2015

  6. I would love to be tan but my family history makes it hard. I’ll get a little tan but not more then like a light tan, because i’m part Irish and Dutch. so it is very hard for me.

    By Alisha W on 09.14.2015

  7. tan is a weird color that looks like caramel.

    By Kolby on 09.14.2015

  8. When I think of tan I think of people at the beach or when people tan fur for trading. When they are tanning fur they make the skin drier and so the fur lasts longer. It is a long process.

    By Grace Kauffman URL on 09.14.2015

  9. I tan at the beach.
    My dad is tan.
    I am tan.
    I am not tan.
    She is in the tanning bed getting tan.

    By Dietrich Herzberg on 09.14.2015

  10. Tan is a color, and you can be tan in the summer. You lay out in the sun, and it can make your skin a little darker.

    By Allison Spieker on 09.14.2015

  11. You tan in the summer you get darker. You tan fur so the inside turn it leather.

    By Jozie URL on 09.14.2015

  12. not once in her life had she ever wanted to be tan, but somehow she found herself in the beach with her friends and all had insited on it. So now she had to endure it

    By Ella URL on 09.14.2015

  13. I got tan during my summer vacation! It was great time with my friends and I almost toally forgot everything !

    By Phuong Truong URL on 09.14.2015

  14. haughty hide
    tanned and toned and
    silk strings pull
    velvet revelations
    fawn worn
    sorrel born

    By katiekieran URL on 09.14.2015

  15. a blonde girl had a tan, she wanted to go to the beach. she had always been pale but started going to the tanning salon a few weeks before her vacation. she wore a yellow bikini because it showed off her tan the best

    By kristi on 09.14.2015

  16. She looked down at her glistening skin, pursing her lips. Still not enough. She turned onto her side, the sun beating down on her hair and reflecting off the sand next to her. He would never notice her like this, pale and porcelain. The traits that had been beautiful in the time of Wuthering Heights were no longer enough. She adjusted her bathing suit, looking down at her cleavage. At least she had that.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 09.14.2015

  17. Saome peopel are tan if you outside. It is aa color in the colar chattch.

    By molly URL on 09.14.2015

  18. Her tan legs outstretched on the sand, like a cat waking up from its favorite napping spot. His eyes traced the length of where the towel kissed her silhouette and longed for her to lay those legs along his

    By AshleyKay URL on 09.14.2015

  19. my skin color is slightly more tan than other people. This is because I am an asian person. Other people have slightly lighter skin than other people.

    By dkopp on 09.14.2015

  20. I think of people in the sun when i here this word. It is the color of the skin.

    By Lane Thomsen on 09.14.2015

  21. After my grandmother’s funeral, I went out to her garden and threw myself on the grass. I let the sun shine on my face for a long time; I think I fell asleep. When I went back to work, someone I knew there snickered, “Where did you get that tan–at the funeral?” I said, “I got that tan in my grandmother’s back yard, just the way she used to when she’d take out the weeds and talk to the tomatoes and prune the flowers and laugh at me because I’d run from the bees. I got this tan remembering what she told me about people like you. “They don’t have gardens. They’re weeds.
    Let them grow their own way. And you grow yours.”

    By nyla on 09.14.2015

  22. this is what you are if you spend a lot of time out in the sun.

    By hunter on 09.14.2015

  23. A from of adjusting your skin and having it to have a mor aplinging and make you more liking in the summer.

    By colby0567 on 09.14.2015

  24. there once was a tan boy named ethan fast.Haha just kidding im pale and ill never be tan.

    By Efast on 09.14.2015

  25. It is a color of your skin, and you can go get a tan. When its spelled back words its nat.

    By kruddick on 09.14.2015

  26. Tan is a skin color, and color. I have tan skin. I have tan. Tan is a Number.

    By A Lung URL on 09.14.2015

  27. my sister likes to get a tan at the pool every time she takes us swimming. and ya

    By Jacob worthington on 09.14.2015

  28. Tan again? I’m writing about this word once more. Maybe that’s kind of what tanning is like. The slow gradual change of the chemicals under our skin. After a while of not being in the sun we get “less tan” ? And the process happens all over again. What a metaphor for life.

    By jlee URL on 09.14.2015

  29. The tanned skin was glowing as the person ran across the field, constantly trying to get the ball and score a goal. The audience watched from their seats, their banners held up high as cheers were thrown into the field. Among those audience, there was someone who looked bored, as if he was not there to have fun.

    By Randompeepur URL on 09.14.2015

  30. tan is when you o out side lay down and try to get some sun on your back and that is a tan .tan is also a color you get when you toast a piece of bread

    By denny URL on 09.14.2015

  31. The woman lie in the warm sunlight, on her fluffy red towel. The sand beneath her cradling her body as she soaked in the rays. The breeze was slight and pleasant. She wanted to remember this moment for as long as she could, for it was her slice of heaven.

    By Vanessa URL on 09.14.2015

  32. When I go to the beach I try to tan. Sometimes I go outside by my pool and tan or I’ll just grab a towel and go outside on the trampoline or on the grass and just lie on the towel and tan. Sometimes I like listening to music while I tan as well. And when I’m done tanning I get all brown and my family gets jealous because I am much tanner than them and I tan way better than they do. That’s what everyone says, so I agree.

    By Faith on 09.14.2015

  33. my sister faith is very tan, she goes out side for 10 minutes then crisps up, shes very good at lasertag because shes very dark and can blend in with the course

    By Devon on 09.14.2015

  34. The sea birds cried out above me. The warm sand told me to calm my nerves, as I lay myself on a bright-colored towel. Now was the time to tan this overly white skin tone I was cursed with the moment I left the womb. A rough breeze threw my hat off my head, wanting the sun to beat onto my head mercilessly.

    By Rosheen URL on 09.14.2015

  35. I haven’t needed a tan for weeks be because i go swimming a lot.and i have farmers tan

    By Samuel URL on 09.14.2015

  36. when i think pf the word tan i thonk of some one getting a tan or getting a spray on tan.

    By ghensley on 09.14.2015

  37. Tan is a really light brown. I don’t tan, I get sunburnt. My dad sunburns too.

    By MMcKee on 09.14.2015

  38. it is when you are darker becouse youve been out side and in stead of burned

    By colbyrich on 09.14.2015

  39. you go out side to tan.

    By ryan on 09.14.2015

  40. All summer I was trying to work up the courage to lay out on the beach to finally get some sun. All I needed was exposure to the rays because I knew that when I went back to school everyone else would have the perfect looking skin, so I couldn’t be the only Freshman in high school without color. I was not about to look like a ghost in front of the entire school.

    By Amanda URL on 09.14.2015