September 14th, 2015

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65 Responses to “scene”

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    By Computer- technology URL on 09.15.2015

  2. the scence in the movie that I like the best is when the boy gets to cross the water and find his long lost friend. I like it because it is really cool to get to be reunited with a friend that you haven’t seen in a while. I remember one time when

    By christine cooper on 09.15.2015

  3. John SCENA! Scenes of a movie. Movie scene. Dirt pile. Pile of dirt. Scenes. Scenes is a hard word to write about…. JUNNNNNNNN SCENA!!!!!!! Uhhh rip in scenerino?

    By DerpyPuppeh on 09.15.2015

  4. I hate when people make scene’s. They take something little and make it huge just so they get all the attention.

    By Alisha W on 09.15.2015

  5. The crime scene was messy. It had obviosly been a homicide. It was a terrible thing. Even the most expirenced cops were shocked at the amount of blood by this poor woman. Now all they had to do was bring justice to this lady at the crime scene.

    By Haleigh on 09.15.2015

  6. He’s standing at the corner of 56th and 3rd. The sky is cloudy, deep grey, snarling. He is hoping it will rain for no reason he can think of. He is wondering why everyone is so crazy about kale.
    Cut to a man driving a BMW faster than he should be. He’s also thinking about kale. He was supposed to pick it up at a produce stand for dinner. Forgot. The bitch will make a scene about that for sure. Next thing he knows, there’s a man splayed across the front of his trunk. Kale. What good is it?

    By nyla on 09.15.2015

  7. Minutes. Care, there is an monster in all of us, like and old men how want to write a film of all our live and we only let he scape in the last minutes of our lives.

    By Aquitan URL on 09.15.2015

  8. scene is a word that it says you scene her doing something. I’ve scene you before. It also can be in a movie scene one, scene two.

    By katie on 09.15.2015

  9. the rain congregated the bower in which my golden retriever lodged within
    quaint silences harked
    life’s luscious lattice moving beside an algae cavalier…
    as we shut down the switch of the rain–from a cloud shaped as a switch–
    the thunder gods gave us a lightening bolt, a lark swooping in to peck at an antenna;
    and we began dancing….

    By milad URL on 09.15.2015

  10. The scene that was unfolding before me was something that I thought only happened in fairy tales and fiction novels. But, alas, there he was. He was bent forward and grumbles escaped his chest. He spoke in a low harsh voice, “Look away, Penelope. Please, close your eyes and turn away.” I heard the desperation in his voice and did as I was told. Right before I turned away and closed my eyes, I caught a glimpse of him looking up with glowing yellow eyes.

    By Caitlin on 09.15.2015

  11. “Scene,” she proclaimed. She stood and stretched. “Great, take five everyone.” The stage manager did the obligatory math as she strutted out of the rehearsal room, eyes on her phone and not on him, staring at her, trying to get her attention. She was in full director mode and now was not the time for his limpid eyes. Could men even have limpid eyes? Whatever.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.15.2015

  12. Before we all lived in our phones, we lived in the scene. Kids in a shit town with nothing to do but throw their angst in the faces of their parents. Black hair, tight jeans, loud music, primal screams.

    By asavas on 09.15.2015

  13. a scene at the seine,
    quiet with birds
    soaring above,
    wind in wings fluttering like

    stone steps graduate the bank,
    the concrete ziggurat of
    and I’d be lying if
    I said I didn’t feel a
    fluttering in my

    By Eliza on 09.15.2015

  14. Scene is a clip,sequence,segment,or part
    A sceneis in movies, books, operas, ect

    By Nadia on 09.15.2015

  15. the scene was so amazingly scary that the old lady died of fright. the scene that the young boy had witnessed had been a horrific one.

    By levi on 09.15.2015

  16. The scene described in the book was of a pretty lake and a rainbow

    By Becca Seale on 09.15.2015

  17. i once was in a play, i was in a scene called the secret garden, my favirite part of that scene was talking to the birds and playing with mary

    By Devon on 09.15.2015

  18. The scene she witnessed that day was unlike any thing she could have possibly been prepared for. As the sun was meeting the crashing waves twilight creeping in to steal her rays, she squinted to see if that was really what she imagined seeing. To her surprise, the tall figure walking towards her became more and more clear. This face that was once ingrained in her memory and yet now almost unrecognizable brought back so many feelings emotions and thoughts that were almost flooding her entire being.

    By Shelly on 09.15.2015

  19. I don’t really have a favorite scene from a movie. But I like to watch play’s. It depends on what the scene is about.

    By Faith on 09.15.2015

  20. If I am watching a play I have to really enjoy it. I can’t really choose a scene I like because I really have to enjoy it. I don’t even think I have a favorite scene.

    By Faith on 09.15.2015

  21. some are more monumental than others. when i saw Maxim act, like everyone else watching, i was mesmerised. charmed by his wit, lulled by his sparkling black eyes and harshly slapped awake by his youthful cynicism which he could not, did not want to suppress, even on stage, even when he played a lover.

    By berenique on 09.15.2015

  22. The stage is set. The curtains rise. The first actor comes on stage. Then the next few. Lastly, as if on a cue, the last actor falls from the rafters, dead. She was bleeding, unmoving and more importantly, she was the director.

    By Logan URL on 09.15.2015

  23. constructing all the tiny parts, not only the furniture and human inhabitants, but manipulating the lights and the shadows cast, the smells, the ambient. and just when you are about to say “Action!”, a fly lands on the counter, and the whole scene shatters into a the fragmented truth that it tries to mask.

    By dominguez URL on 09.15.2015

  24. The scene took place at the train station just me myself and I to think if she’s was a killer or the dame of his dreams but no one trusted a pair of long legs and a skirt.

    By bailey on 09.15.2015

  25. We did this last night??!! A scene is moments in a movie? Comic scene. Scene two. Stuff like that. Is it ok that i’m listening to Cinema by Skrillex as i write this?

    By Neko-Chan!! on 09.15.2015