October 31st, 2014

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69 Responses to “takeoff”

  1. The takeoff was somewhat successful, considering the non stop family of crying babies in the front row would not shut up. Suddenly, they all hushed up. It got really quiet. I swear nobody noticed it but me. Then, a huge flash of light followed by a rush of heat. The babies all survived, but I was ripped from my seat and then…

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 11.01.2014

  2. “…and it was a spectacular takeoff, but in the end…LOL! He hit the water like a ton of bricks! Hahahaha!” I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of my brother’s first attempt at a dive, which had ended as a terrible stomach ache for him when he hit the water and did a gigantic belly flop instead!

    By Tammi on 11.01.2014

  3. The space stuttle blast off the ground fire and smoke come out though the bottom. I took up at the marolivoius sight. the shuttle soars higher and higher. I can’t believe it. Man is finally going to the moon.

    By A.J Jennings on 11.01.2014

  4. Why are they so excited about a 5?

    By Ghost like Swayze on 11.01.2014

  5. I had a head start because Darcy told me about the word today takoff. We had a big conversation about bob and doug mackenzie and take off, eh vs. an airplane takeoff dealie. I had a lot of thoughts about song lyrics and their importance in my life

    By Kallie on 11.01.2014

  6. Ready for takeoff.
    But there is always something to hold her back.
    Ready for takeoff.
    But she does not know where she would go, or what she would do.
    Ready for takeoff.
    But there is no one to cheer her on and watch her soar.

    By Amanda URL on 11.01.2014

  7. The takeoff was smooth – I hardly even noticed I was in an airplane. Well, other than the cramped seats, the tilted-back cabin and the white noise whine of the engines.

    By Doug URL on 11.01.2014

  8. Take off to the southern skies and drift effortlessly to another time and place. A time and place that is tranquil, warm and safe. Far removed from one’s daily inhabitance that is emersed with the feelings of doing and not being.

    By Elizabeth Bright on 11.01.2014

  9. 3.. 2… 1.. 0… Takeoff. These are the famous words that everyone thinks about when thinking about nasa and its space program. However, not all words associated with this great program have such great meanings. “Houston we have a problem is one of them.”

    By Christopher on 11.01.2014

  10. i need better non-skid shoes

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 11.01.2014

  11. So…I’m about to takeoff on a writing adventure. I’m doing this on my phone so there may be some spelling and punctuation errors due to my fat little fingers hitting the wrong buttons. If you want to criticize, you can just “takeoff.” (Smiley face here)

    By Darcy B on 11.01.2014

  12. The take off was sudden, intamite, and all the while infuriating. He ripped off my blouse like it was some obstruction of justice and threw it across the room, i was infuraitingly mesmirizez.

    By Regina Dawson on 11.01.2014

  13. Gritting her teeth though the stress of takeoff, she’d just managed to nod off when the guy next to her decided it was finally time to start ‘laying on the charm. Unfortunately, she was pretty sure he wouldn’t know what charm was if it was a stick and she started beating him with it. Fuckin’ dudebros.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.01.2014

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    By Regina Dawson on 11.01.2014

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    By Regina Dawson on 11.01.2014

  16. the rocket launched into the depths of space. standing below the roaring wind, a lone woman. A single tear trails down her cheek as she watches the man she loves disappear, forever. He will not return. He, along with seven thousand other people are the sacrificial lambs the government are using to secure intergalactic security. As the rocket disappears into the black sky above her head, she feels the last of her heart rip in two. He’s gone.

    By Sherry on 11.01.2014

  17. The man nervously gripped the armrests of his seat.
    “You sure this thing is safe?” He jokingly asked the man sitting next to him.
    “Well,” replied the man, “I haven’t been one one that’s crashed yet.”

    By Nick on 11.01.2014

  18. She was flighing through the air! At last she had made it into the sky into the clouds. She had made it off the ground. The takeoff had been beautiful but the flight was magical and perfect! Selia looked around keeping her eyes on the horizon . The way the sun shined off the coulds made heaven not look so far away. So now here she was to high for those doubters to pull her down, to high for the ridicule. Selia was as high as Amelia Airheart must have been on the flight she never returned from. Sometimes Selia thought that Amelia didn’t come back because the sky was to perfect, to heaven like.

    By Tiffany on 11.01.2014

  19. It was the last Sunday before Christmas. Dad was ready to head out. Later in the day, I saw dad get into the spaceship on TV. I watched it takeoff. The engine was faulty. Dad died that day.

    By HijjasH on 11.02.2014

  20. Dave was going bananas. He had expected things to takeoff now that they had found his family, but it seemed to be moving even slower than ever. He could understand why so many left behind parents were so bitter. This was maddening. The whole system was designed to prevent people like him ever seeing their children again.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.02.2014

  21. please i want to love you as much as i could people say that sex is a bad thing but in reallity everyone in this life is living in purpose to do it , so take off your clothes and let me love you

    By reality on 11.02.2014

  22. I am going to takeoff from Japan to America. I will become a bigger person than I am today. I will enjoy and appreciate the time I get to spend in America. I still have 8 months in Japan but I will treasure these days so that I can takeoff for America happy and satisfied and determined for a new life.

    By Nozomi Tanaka on 11.02.2014

  23. I will takeoff next year to America. I’ve lived my entire life with my family, but from college, I will be living in a dorm, thousands of miles away from my family. I know it’ll be tough but I am determined to make a beautiful flight for my future. I will treasure each day with my family until my day of takeoff.

    By n.elizabeth on 11.02.2014

  24. rocket left the ground at a high speed after the sixty second countdown. the astronauts in the body on the ship were buckled in and prepared for the immense force on them from the lift off

    By fds URL on 11.02.2014

  25. from this perpetually unfinished launchpad, the rocket remains in the stage of blueprint. a few chicken scratches on the paper. we have run out of concrete, so we lay foundations of wood that most certainly will conflagrate the moment of ignition. no moons. no clouds. a treetop may as well be the other side of the universe.

    By dominguez URL on 11.02.2014

  26. The man next to me gripped the armrests so tightly, his knuckles turned a pale shade of yellow, particularly noticeable against his red, sweaty hands. I wouldn’t have minded an armrest, actually, but I felt that it wouldn’t be the best idea to ask him to move his hands.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 11.02.2014

  27. The plane was ready to take off but was I ? No.I firmly put my baggage down and then slowly picked it up again.I turned slowly,and began to walk away from the check- in.Why won’t I let myself take that flight?

    By Margaret Mitchell on 11.02.2014

  28. She had a 50 second takeoff career. One day she woke and she was famous, the next day no one remembered her name. “There is a certain skill to being a has-been,” she use to say in interviews with a sparkle in her eye. The sparkle was forced though, strategically placed to camouflage the pain. She would do whatever it took to get her fame back. In the end the only thing that work was death.

    By Trista URL on 11.02.2014

  29. She flew into the air without even realizing she was going to do it, just spread her arms and soared into the sky like a bird or a rocket. Well, rockets don’t spread their arms, but you know what I mean. Ha. I got off track by thinking about the image of a rocket being so unstreamlined. I don’t think that’s a word. Huh. Having trouble staying on track today.

    By Kimberly on 11.02.2014