October 30th, 2014

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50 Responses to “bicycle”

  1. Tires Rubber smell fun childhood pizza xcheddar cheese easy good warm ddddddddd nice Work fall rocks ouch warm family dried up

    By Puddintane URL on 10.31.2014

  2. The boy on the bicycle pedaled quickly up the street. Each movement of his legs bristling with an energy that only comes from a man on a mission. His steady gaze hopeful as he pushed forward, eager and resolved. Today was the day for adventure.

    By CH on 10.31.2014

  3. I don’t know if I can keep up. My heart is racing and sweat is pouring down my face. I don’t know if I will actually stop breathing, but it is becoming increasingly harder to take in a breath. My legs are burning, my feet are aching. Can I do it? Can I get there? What happens if I don’t? I just have to keep pushing. Go and go and go. I’m losing her.

    By Beka URL on 10.31.2014

  4. The bicycle was tiny, a little thing. Indeed, as it was built for a child, it had the shape of one, the indelible marks of the little hands and feet that had touched it, the spirit of the people that it’d come across- the joy of the small ones, the pride of the older ones. It was a relic.

    By Brendan Frost on 10.31.2014

  5. She has one of those bicycle; the shiny ones with the obnoxious bell and woven basket. Everyday without fail she cycled to the village square with her bounty of eggs and milk. She was very careful to take the longer route just so she wouldn’t have to go over the ditch. She did so once and broke two of the eggs. Mother wasn’t very pleased that time.

    Each time she reached the square, Elias would be waiting for her.

    By Rachel L on 10.31.2014

  6. The creak of her wheel gained his attention.
    She was like a breath of fresh hair,
    The perfect contour of her body,
    The boy at the corner of the street stared right ahead,
    “Do you see her” I asked John.
    “Who” he replied and from the shock on his face,
    I knew my demons were back again.

    By Anita on 10.31.2014

  7. I had waited a long time for this day four months and two days to be exact. A while back my dad had promised me that he would buy me a bicycle and it had been the longest four months and two days of my life! The day was finally here I could hardly stand it!

    By Isabella URL on 10.31.2014

  8. A cobbled street may have charm, but it isn’t conducive to a smooth ride. The body on the bicycle bounces with ever revolution of the pedals.

    By Heather on 10.31.2014

  9. when i was young, i had a tricycle and my parents promised to buy me a bicycle, but as i grew old so did the expenditures aah did i want that bicycle.

    By Atif Ali on 10.31.2014

  10. this was fun!

    By Atif Ali on 10.31.2014