October 31st, 2014

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69 Responses to “takeoff”


    bee-line for that moon baby

    take off your helmet

    take a deep breath of the cold vacuum

    let everything inside you become outside you

    that’s show bizz

    By Benjie on 10.31.2014

  2. I can’t just sit here forever, waiting for the muse to strike before I start to write about the word for the day. The time is now. The muse will come to me. Just like it all ways does. Gear down. Engines blaring. Speed: fast. Time to takeoff!

    By Joey Robert Parks on 10.31.2014

  3. now that the place was closed it was time to take off. sure she could leave at rocket speeds, that what she named her bike, but instead she chose to walk it home.

    By feliciadelaawesome URL on 10.31.2014

  4. The plane was clear for takeoff until the shadows came. We thought it was too good of timing, given that it was Halloween, and we just wanted to go home after a very, very long week. Still, the sheer thickness of the darkness was almost heavy and sticky, and I actually found it difficult to breathe. I groped for my cellphone to try to call someone, anyone, but discovered that I couldn’t move my arms from where they were rested on the seat.

    “A plane is just a metal coffin with wings, isn’t it?” a voice grunted beside me. It was not a familiar voice. It came from the shadows.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.31.2014

  5. The metal of the wings creaked.

    Al gulped for air, and his heart strained against the seat belt, against the force of gravity plastering him to the seat back.

    And as the plane lifted into the air, so did his stomach…

    He turned to the right and watched the world tip below him. It became a cartoon of itself.

    By Yona on 10.31.2014

  6. Taking off on a plane is fun. Have you ever taken off on a plane?

    By tyler on 10.31.2014

  7. HEY! This word has been used before! Nearly three years ago, I believe. I remember distinctly because it inspired me to write one of my first short stories, about a plane that takes off from a runway without a pilot, locking it’s own doors with the crew inside, and crashing into an oncoming 747.

    By torin URL on 10.31.2014

  8. This is my second time writing, or rather, typing this stuff about takeoff because I did not get what I was doing before. Takeoff, in my mind, is an astronaut who had always wanted to be one as a kid and is going to take off on a rocket.

    By Cynthia Sparrow on 10.31.2014

  9. Sometimes i like to just takeoff and get away. I like to set by myself and enjoy the quiet time. Why the worlds weight gets off my shoulders.

    By jessimcfadden9@gmail.com on 10.31.2014

  10. It’ll only be a matter of time before I takeoff.

    I just need to start, but starting is always the hardest part. Well, sort of. I know how to start, but I fear no one else does. This is a “it-takes-two-to-tango” sort of scenario.

    I just know that once I get started, I won’t stop.

    But starting is just so hard…

    By Iceman on 10.31.2014

  11. the plane had just left the ground, the wings opening up as it soared through the clouds. a calm had seemed to settle over the passengers as it seemed guaranteed that it wasn’t going to plummet to the ground below. the pilot’s soothing voice came on over the speaker system, te=hough the words that left his mouth were unexpected.
    “ladies and gentlemen, you are free to move about the cabin.”

    By amity winters on 10.31.2014

  12. i literally already did this prompt. i dont want to do it again. i talked about the plane taking off and the pilot’s unexpected words, but i didn’t get any further than that due to time constraits and an overwhelming aura of cliche. i dont think that was proper grammar, but you know what, i dont really suppose i give a flying flad

    By amity winters on 10.31.2014

  13. Today the dessert swept of the table in a riveting dance. The forks met with spoons in a symphony of sugar. Crystaline ginger, though a strange cousin indeed, rifled through the chocolate mound in one fowl swoop.

    By Hanna on 10.31.2014

  14. Off alone and no where to go
    beyond the reach of those who seek
    to cast me among the debris of loss
    and remove my thoughts from the
    warmth of hearth and loom
    adrift in the gray morass of forgotten dreams

    By Protean on 10.31.2014

  15. The relief flooded through me as I was instructe to put on my seat belt and turn off all electronics almost had me welling up with happy tears. the pilot came over the speaker telling us our flight to Georgia would be smooth sailing without any stops and we were scheduled to arrive right on time was an even bigger joy. Here I was, leaving. It was something I said I was going to do.

    By Samantha on 10.31.2014

  16. 5…
    He didn’t know where he was going
    He was afraid
    Just get him off this thing, dear God, get him off
    He missed Martha, where was she
    It was too late
    Now it all began

    By harlow on 10.31.2014

  17. “Takeoff” is a noun which is formed through the compounding of two free morphemes, namely “take” and “off”. “Take” is a verb, and “off” a preposition. In this case, “off” is also a particle.

    By SoloSlinger on 10.31.2014

  18. Takeoff was in 5 minutes. Sitting on the plane, I looked outside the window, observing the workers loading luggage onto another aircraft across the way. I looked inside and saw passengers loading luggage into the overhead bins. So much luggage. So much baggage. Why did they have so much stuff?

    By nikhil on 10.31.2014

  19. I could feel the pavement vibrating underneath us, feel us vibrating in a crescendo as we hit dizzying new speeds. So fast that the ground flew away underneath us, growing further away and more and more distant.
    There was an odd feeling, almost like a bump as we leveled off, and then we were free.

    By terradi on 10.31.2014

  20. The ship flew into the air like some archer ready to take down the elk that would feed his family for the next month and this was the last chance to keep them alive. Fire fucking flamed from it’s rear as if the sound it was thundering out wasn’t enough. HERE, it shouted, LOOK AT ME.

    By Moosecat on 10.31.2014

  21. She stared out the window wondering if she was even going to ever see him again. She was busy daydreaming about what everyone would say if she didn’t reach the landing. If the plane didn’t make it. Then out of the speakers came the words that broke her silent daydream, “It’s time for takeoff”

    By Faith URL on 11.01.2014

  22. take off–she said. why? I said. Because I had to, she said, because—because I had to–I had to–don´t you understand? I thrust out my wings, I jumped, and the wind was sharp. I was running out of time.

    By Antonio URL on 11.01.2014

  23. They reconnected after a short separation of time. And now she prayed their love would takeoff and take them to a place of lasting peace and contentment together for the rest of their lives.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.01.2014

  24. Stepping carefully onto the plane, I sit down and sigh. I try to sleep, but nothing happens and I just stuck listening to the roar of the plane and the snores of my fellow passengers. Five more hours. Four more hours.

    By Senah URL on 11.01.2014

  25. no.

    By W.C. Degradation on 11.01.2014

  26. Time to takeoff to new heights-to impact generations-to be the great influence that God has called me to be.

    By Ericka Renee on 11.01.2014

  27. 3…. 2…. 1….
    Jeremy and Isaac ran furiously from the centre of the football field, sprinting as fast as their wobbly little legs could take them, and fire shot up into the air and illuminated the night sky. They were sick of the high school taking over their forest. These little badgers started the war with a bang.

    By Siege URL on 11.01.2014

  28. “Annnnnd we have takeoff!” Church laughed, ignoring his panicking friends as he jumped off the cliff face with his hang glider.

    By Ninja URL on 11.01.2014

  29. “Three. Two. One. Takeoff!!!” Came the words in a deep enthusastic voice that would never sound the same to me again. This time I had finally done it. I’d made it through my training, out the doors of the gate, and on my way to somewhere no one else could ever go. I was off to see the red planet.

    To get dirt and dust of my favorite color to cake the outside of my stark white suit and hear the words I’ve lived so long in anticipation of. And I know you’ve been gone almost 5 years, but somehow I know if you could, you’d be out here with me, cheering along at my side. So proud that you actually did rub off. That I learned something in the time I had with you. That I was the girl you always swore I would be, even though it was beyond clear I’m not. And maybe, just maybe, there aren’t aliens out there – but ghosts of loved ones and the blood spilled as tears is really the only thing making the ground so red… That would be nice.

    “Three. Two. One.!” I screamed in my head as we neared the surface, “Maybe, just maybe, I’m about to see you again.”

    By Madison on 11.01.2014

  30. The adrenaline pumped through the veins of my body,
    As I held on to his arms,
    I am as strong as ever,
    And with you by my side,
    We can takeoff,
    Go higher and higher,
    Until we can touch the skies,
    Once and for all.

    By Anita on 11.01.2014

  31. An airplane would takeoff. That’s one thing I know about takeoff. Another thing I know about takeoff is when someone would leave you. That person tookoff. It may be difficult to move on from it but either way, we will learn to move on from that takeoff. We are stronger than we think.

    By Ces C. on 11.01.2014

  32. Ok for takeoff….she heard over th intercom. Terribky nervous she thought….was she making the right decision. Without further. Hestatiin, the plane. Rolled forward and quckky eccelerated until gaining eniugh speed ti take off. Uo, up and away she went. Her untold destiny awaits her.

    By RaShelle on 11.01.2014

  33. My head reeled back. You want me to go now? I think. How can I? I just got here. What was this woman playing at. Sure she looks normal enough, her pencil thin arms and legs, barely there breasts and a mouth so tight it looks like it could break. But why was she so agitated?

    By Beka URL on 11.01.2014

  34. takeoffyourfeelings
    i want to skin you

    By Kairn on 11.01.2014

  35. Takeoff was coming. My first flight. There was a feeling in my stomach, and I didn’t know if it was fear or excitement; maybe a little bit of both. The world was finally getting ready to meet me, and I it. Wonder-lust is a wonderful thing when your dreams finally come true.

    By SaltwaterHeart on 11.01.2014

  36. I want to takeoff every layer of negativity from my soul. I have spent 27 years doubting myself and living for everyone else. It’s time for me to be happy. It’s time for me to enjoy my life. I don’t want my sons to look at me and think that they should live the way that I am…sad, depressed, and angry. I have to set an example for them. And the example starts today. I will no longer live in fear. I will put all my trust in Jehovah and he will see me through.

    By Brittany Buchanan URL on 11.01.2014

  37. “Zulu-2 is ready for takeoff, command.”
    “You are cleared for launch, Zulu-2. Godspeed.”
    The commander flipped the switch, and enough power to blow up New York sent him and his ship hurdling towards Jupiter.

    By David Foget Noltensmeier URL on 11.01.2014

  38. the take off wasn’t so bad. I was more scared of the landing. The start is easy. Because you have a goal in mind. I know where this plane is supposed to land and I know where i want it to land The hard part is making sure that it gets there on time and the right way or at all. That in between is what worries me. We may crash and die or we may get there just fine. But anyone who’s afraid of flying isn’t going to think about the smooth landing.

    By Sam Tilo on 11.01.2014

  39. Go into the field and dance in a circle you crazy little bastard! You’re ideas #takeoff life a soft noodle leaving a bruise on someones face after you smack them with it. It doesn’t work! It never will! No go! #oneword @oznolem

    By Oz Nolem URL on 11.01.2014

  40. i took off and saw the city below me fade to a distant memory. I only see my future, my sun, my light. will this thing that i have managed to form into my current state of being be enough? I am uncertain on how this will end…

    By matt on 11.01.2014