March 13th, 2014

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101 Responses to “swimmer”

  1. The swimmer did everything possible to save the yong man who had fell orve board the friegther. That was the third person to have lost their life that day.

    By victor URL on 03.14.2014

  2. i wasn’t pushed off the ship, mother;
    i jumped, oh i jumped
    into the embrace of the sea.

    i was not sad, father;
    i was merely—in one word out of millions—

    and i did not cry, sister;
    the water was just too thick
    for me to see.

    but i will not come back for you,
    because under the waves,
    your daughter i have ceased to be

    and here, finally here, i am happy.

    By F URL on 03.14.2014

  3. As i swam in the ocean, preparing myself to dive deep into the depths below to explore the underwater sea life, I was met with an alarming realization. A great white shark was closing in on me.

    By Andrew on 03.14.2014

  4. he was just one of the millions that were dashing to the warmth of the unknown. the others careened into him as he strove on. he noticed the weakness coming on him and he found himself losing ground…

    By Lee on 03.14.2014

  5. she woke up with a start. sweating,panting,panicking. it was almost like she could taste the salt from the sea in her mouth. she wondered whether it was sweat or seawater that wetted her hands.she felt her life being sucked back in the vacuum of her body,like a fist on her chest that had kept her from breathing had suddenly lifted itself off. the waves that were once her friends,her slaves if she wished, lifting her up on her surf board, thriller her,caressing her like a fond lover, had suddenly turned her nemesis…with one motive : Kill her. she could hear the waves whisper to each other sinister plans of gulping her and spitting her out.
    She watched the sunrise seep in through the curtains.The sweet,gentle face of her husband smiling down at her. He was wearing the khaki shorts that she had gifted him on his birthday, with the hideous hawaii print shirt that had coconut trees that shouted to the world that they were on a holiday.’let’s go for a swim honey’.
    ‘i’ve never been much of a swimmer’

    By inkyveins on 03.14.2014

  6. She was a swimmer. Her hair was bleached due to the chemical nature of the pool. She looked sleek and ready to swim away from any of her problems in the world. All her life was spent in the water, swimming laps around the community pool.

    By Kailey on 03.14.2014


    By OWEN on 03.14.2014

  8. I was a swimmer in high school. I raced the back stroke events. I thought that if I kept my head above water I would not run out of breath so fast.

    By PJ Eubank URL on 03.14.2014

  9. canals, she swam in them. dirty fucking canals. A real shame too, as she was actually olympic level at one point, the doctors had to take a chunk out of her head for the epilepsy.

    By Barlow on 03.14.2014

  10. I wish I had learnt to swim when I was younger. If I had then maybe I’d be a better swimmer than I am!

    By Alexandra on 03.14.2014

  11. Alex forced his arms through the water, his muscles tightening as the force of the liquid tried to hold him back. This was the final contest of the year and he wasn’t going down without a fight. He had trained his hardest to get here, forcing his body to do more and more until he was too exhausted to stand.

    By Emily on 03.14.2014

  12. Once there was a swimmer called Jonathan, who was very good and did it part-time on a voluntary basis. He was really good until he came up against someone whom he could not win against. This had never happened, because he usually won all of his races . Frustrated, he swam over to the other person mid-race and dunked their head beneath the water until they swam no more. Then, as he came second in that race, he deemed himself the winner by default.

    By Dean on 03.14.2014

  13. silver swimmer
    like liquid
    the double identity
    you wouldn’t share
    with me

    By katiekieran URL on 03.14.2014

  14. The swimmer appeared to be frowning. His arms were flailing wildly, like he was sending a message in semaphore. Perhaps we was, Mary wondered, as she sad idly on the shore munching her way through a cheese sandwich. In any case, who cared? Not her problem if he drowned…

    By ATP on 03.14.2014

  15. he was the swimmer.

    she never learned to brave the sea as he did, all water-born limbs and eyes that matched the water he floated in.

    with him, she believed that she could stand up in the deep end

    By klm URL on 03.14.2014

  16. I thought I was a swimmer but things got dimmer as I sat at the bottom.

    By Chuck OBryan on 03.14.2014

  17. ok

    By Chuck OBryan on 03.14.2014

  18. He swam.

    He swam away from everything he hated and into everything he loved.

    He swam.

    By karan on 03.14.2014

  19. She watched as he made his way through the water. So graceful. Sleek. His movements, effortless. She loved him, her swimmer.

    By weakmoments on 03.14.2014

  20. she was a swimmer, he ran track. he saw her everyday in the pool as he ran laps, watching her go back and forth, arms and legs pumping effortlessly. He was a bit envious. He was so lanky and awkward, he hated running with his peers. He felt self conscious.

    By Taylor on 03.14.2014

  21. How could I ever become a swimmer. Not just a swimmer, but the best swimmer. I wanted it so bad, yet the people who were the best put all that time in. How could I have the other things that I love in my life? I guess i wasn’t actually much of a swimmer. I didn’t want it that bad.

    By kacee on 03.14.2014