March 14th, 2014

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70 Responses to “compete”

  1. Compete
    Life is a competition
    One big competition
    For food, love, happiness, jobs
    To see who is the happiest and who is living their lives the fullest
    no one ever really goes anywhere though
    We are all stuck looking at the same scenes
    Just some have the ability to close their eyes and imagine the possibilities
    And those who can capture their dreams
    and do what they imagine
    will live their lives better than any other

    By Kitkatt on 03.15.2014

  2. hasmik

    By hasmik on 03.15.2014

  3. He didn’t have the opportunity to complete his thought, for in the next moment her fist shot out and punched him squarely in the jaw.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.15.2014

  4. Our souls race around the sun at non-stop speeds, intertwining ribbons of person-stuffing. You wink, grabbing small handfuls of star as you outpace me, absorbing them into your whole. We grow together, bloated with sun yet never slowing down.

    By Jonny Arachnid on 03.15.2014

  5. I can’t compete with the others, and I know it.

    But damn I will try, and I grabbed the baton and started to spin and spin and spin.

    It was bumpy and I was going to fall.

    Compulsory athletics day in a wheel chair makes equal participation difficult.

    By Margot on 03.15.2014

  6. I do not like to compete. I really love to share. Sometimes when we compete it brings out the worst in us. Sharing is caring. Focus on personal growth more, and compete less. I love people, don’t you?

    By Leila Rose-Gordon URL on 03.15.2014

  7. It simply wasn’t in her nature to compete. Well, that was a lie. Of course it was in her nature but she didn’t like the person competition turned her into. Normally sane, stable and reasonable, the immersion of competition brought out the absolute worst in her and she simply wasn’t comfortable with that.

    By Amimee URL on 03.15.2014

  8. the fear that we possess about the world today has more to do with the ingrained lesson of competing than anything else. We should embrace everything and everyone with an without. the differences are what make this world, not the elite that make the top

    By Kathryn Reeve URL on 03.15.2014

  9. Compete is a good word. I can think of lots of sentences for compete but I doubt if I can compete with someone more wordy

    By Alexandra on 03.15.2014

  10. After a while it gets tiring. Why are we all trying to do the same thing, pry each other’s fingers off the same pole that we’re climbing? I imagine instead we all shoot in different directions, branching beams of light, into the vast unknown of the universe. But I suppose then we get lonely, pretty fast.

    By Holden URL on 03.15.2014

  11. They were always competing. He teased that she couldn’t bake a batch of cookies if it was the last thing which could save her, and she proved him wrong.
    Cookie batter had never tasted better on his lips.

    By Charlie on 03.15.2014

  12. There’s this person living with me.She’s always competing for my attention.She walks on my legs,breaths from my nose and feels like my skin.She lives quietly inside, in her own world. She is fierce and opinionated but speaks rarely. She is my mentor and my guide but never judges me.She is my friend ready discuss,debate,ridicule and fight.She is my shadow,my ego,my conscience,my confidante. When she’s frustrated of hiding,she demands to come out in the real world. She tugs at me,she tears me apart. She’s always competing to be real but is often reduced to a ghost.

    By inkyveins on 03.15.2014

  13. competing for the prize
    my thighs are skinnier than yours
    your eyes are bigger
    my stomach flatter
    your hair blonder

    why is it a competition

    i don’t want to compete
    i don’t want to be friends either
    but i don’t want to compete

    in competing there is more pain
    than there’s worth

    By sevenwords on 03.15.2014

  14. You cannot think, you are not allowed to think. Not in this game.
    I walked over the freshly dead body that now lay at my feet, barely thinking as I lifted my blade to mercilessly slaughter the next contestant in front of me.
    This time last year, I would have have more reservations about killing. This time last year, I would have cared. But that doesn’t matter now. You must compete to stay alive.

    By Ivanova on 03.15.2014

  15. I am sort of a hypocrite when it comes to competition. When the competition is short term, like a race or a soccer game. I enjoy the brief but intense adrenaline rush that it gives me. However when the competition is long term, such as exam periods, I tend to suffer more intensely.

    By thedarkestsheep on 03.15.2014

  16. “Survival of the fittest!” Rings the chant throughout the crowds. Hustling and bustling the weakest hits the floor, tears stream from his eyes. He knew he couldn’t compete with the rest, he was abundant in weakness, bulging with tenderness. It was over, the dream of being fed hit the dust and fluttered off into nothingness.

    By Jose on 03.15.2014

  17. It wasn’t as if she thought she was going to win. She didn’t. But it would have been nice. Tony, who knew a lot about these things, said that it was only ever people who won that got some of Hannah’s attention. So it was that. It was Hannah more than the winning. It was totally Hannah, in fact. God, she needed to win.

    By Jacky Hillary on 03.15.2014

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    By Janet on 03.15.2014

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    By Janet on 03.15.2014

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    By Carol Fox on 03.15.2014

  23. we competed for your attention time after time after time after time but you disregarded us like cracked dishes at a garage sale or broken branches of a tree. Do you even remember what I said that day? I miss the way we’d lay together for hours and the way we would take turns reading every other page again and again and again and again

    By Shayla on 03.15.2014

  24. She flew over the track, her short hair flying every which way. Her footsteps jarred her to her very core. Behind her was her brother, laughing softly.
    “I beat you!” She cried.

    By Song on 03.15.2014

  25. happy. I am happy this morning because I feel that I have accomplished something. I got up at 7 and walked dog and attended a webinar about writing. How interesting

    By Sue on 03.15.2014

  26. She made her love a competition,
    For all the neighbourhood boys to fawn and fight over.
    Billy brought her cherry blossoms,
    which turned out to just be those poisonous cherries parents kept their kids from eating,
    And Tucker brought her a stick,
    and proceeded to throw rocks at her.
    20 years later, she’s still going,
    desperate for the rocks once again.

    By Siege URL on 03.15.2014

  27. just sit here and don’t talk. when i bring the forms out, sit there and fill them out with this black pen. do not get up. do not talk to your neighbor. no gestures, no facial expressions. just finish it and when you are done, bring it up to me silently and when i point to the door – go out it!

    By Lee on 03.15.2014

  28. I wish I could say that I was complete
    That without you I’ll be fine
    That I never needed you, never will
    I wish I hadn’t built my future plans around a “what if”
    I wish I’d never met you
    You changed me so much
    You made me view the world so differently
    You were exactly what I needed
    But you’ll be completely fine without me

    By celeste URL on 03.15.2014

  29. Go! The pistol fires and immediately my legs begin to pump. Forward and back, forward and back. I thunder down the lush green grass, still damp from the morning dew. The one hundred metre race is the quickest of all track events and yet when you’re in the moment, when you’re thundering down that pitch, it feels like all time stands still. All things stop and wait, watching you compete. Waiting to see you crowned with glory or to see you suffer defeat.

    By Jamie on 03.15.2014

  30. It’s easy to just let go when every part of your body is moving. You feel the flow, and everything else falls away. When I looked around me, everyone was out of sight. I had made it through. I made it through first.

    By Joseph on 03.15.2014