December 2nd, 2015

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51 Responses to “sunset”

  1. Ridin’ off into the sunset, slumped over in the saddle as the last rays trail across the dusty plains. They used to call me Shane. Now I’m on a hi-ho horse with no name.

    By Quicksilver Screen on 12.02.2015

  2. you love sunsets. the way you just melt immediately when seeing the sun set on the horizon and the look of total enamor in your eyes is how i wish, one day, you might look at me.
    i hope to be your sunset.

    By y on 12.02.2015

  3. ah, sunset. the banal beauty of a dying day… how is it that death can become so trivial, so trite, at twilight? will our deaths, too, be so benignly beautiful to those gathered like pines at our bedside?

    By St Vitus URL on 12.02.2015

  4. rises then sets

    By Jenny on 12.02.2015

  5. orange in color. pink. purple. are favorites. why are you so short? a day drawn to an end. a beautiful end.

    By kella on 12.02.2015

  6. do over is upon us. significance. pre-stars. post stars. refreshing night ahead. sunset. refelction.

    By juno on 12.02.2015

  7. Sunset’s like pop-pop-popping your ballon, that red thing that’s been following you from dawn to noon, but come dusk, it’s bursting just to finish. Sinks like shadow fingers night crawling into all of the grooves, say ain’t no sunshine when no name’s gone away, and with’em the last of that wisdom, all that baggage packed in the back of your tooth.

    By Intuition URL on 12.02.2015

  8. Molly wanted to watch every single sunset with Nasreen. That was part of the routine. If Nasreen was going to stay with her, then a little bit of sentimentality was warranted. The two of them sat on the hillside overlooking Little Anthem, watching as flecks of gold kissed the black grasses on the horizon. Nasreen took Molly’s hand.

    “Your fingers are cold, miss,” she commented. Molly said nothing. She breathed in slowly, embracing the warmth of Nasreen’s skin.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.02.2015

  9. Sometime, I wonder how I am going to spend my sunset years. Would it be painful full of regrets, grief and a sense of loneliness or could it be peaceful and beautiful as a natural sunset. Leaving world with smile.

    By yas URL on 12.02.2015

  10. I saw the most beautiful sunset the other day. I’m sure my girlfriend would’ve loved it. I wish she was still around. It’s been three years since she passed…

    By Cooper on 12.02.2015

  11. I never thought too much about it. I suppose most of us don’t. But it has been years and I have noticed a deep melancholy coming over me. I have searched for ways to fulfill the need, but nothing works. Not the blood or the sex or the pure rage that I often found release in before. I miss the sunset, and that is tragic in the most honest of ways. Because that thing I need is something I cannot have, either by ownership or observation.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 12.02.2015

  12. Elizabeth got really into watching the sunset after she did her first psychedelics. Whenever I texted her to hang out, she’d be heading to some beautiful lookout point to see the sun go down. It reminds me of the quote on Bruce Lee’s grave stone. Something about how there is a limited number of times we’ll see a full moon or the sunset.

    By Steve URL on 12.02.2015

  13. Elizabeth got really into watching the sunset after she did her first psychedelics. Whenever I texted her to hang out, she’d be heading to some beautiful lookout point to see the sun go down. It reminds me of the quote on Bruce Lee’s grave stone. Something about how there is a limited number of times we’ll see a full moon or a sunset. A finite number exists but we’ll never know it.

    By Steve URL on 12.02.2015

  14. The sunset tonight was a blazing red glory, and it reminded me of the beautiful nights on the Gulf beaches in Florida.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 12.02.2015

  15. The sunset presses it’s ambitious charm onto the wet surface of the ocean. It boasts of its brilliance, taking in and mocking all other views of nature as a conqueror of all things natural. For it has always been the sun that has given us life and death all at once.

    By luckylucj URL on 12.02.2015

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    By amy on 12.02.2015

  17. The sun illuminated day break as violet, tangerine, and bubble gum pink stretched their morning limbs across your eyes. I never knew it was possible to blend sensations

    By AshleyKay URL on 12.02.2015

  18. Sunset gold against the texture of the high clouds, and I succumbed again. One name all you have to go on, and the lights have to go on, every idea exhausted, not even a feeling left as the gold dims to magenta, sky rough as sandpaper, but it was curiosity, it was idleness.

    By Ella Emma Em on 12.02.2015

  19. the sunset is over. next sunset in exact 22234 hours. this is a strange planet. whats the name of that fucked up planet. just sitting in on the veranda.

    By bfj on 12.02.2015

  20. up
    i stare
    at the
    blood orange
    optical illusion in the air

    By Annalisa on 12.03.2015

  21. It is the process of nature when the Sun sets. After sunset comes night wnd the Moon appears.

    By Oleg on 12.03.2015

  22. Calmness in my soul
    You left , horizon came
    Why did you leave , and left me with the sunset
    So bright yet cold within my soul

    By Diana on 12.03.2015

  23. Having lived in Florida and Hawaii, I’ve seen so many beautiful sunsets, but I never realized how truly breathtaking they were until you were gone, and every sunset that followed fell just a little short of all the ones that came before.

    By Angel Gage URL on 12.03.2015

  24. Every day
    they leave me
    a little more.

    Wisps of sweet
    them breeze
    further away –
    so softly
    into the

    By dinamspice URL on 12.03.2015

  25. The sky was Creamsicle colored. But she didn’t even notice. She was too busy hurrying along, glancing at her watch, hoping that she wouldn’t be late. The sun set slowly and she attempted to keep up with it.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 12.03.2015

  26. There was a little sunset and there was a little girl she could fly and she flew to the sun and it was too too hot and she just died.

    By shakeria smith on 12.03.2015

  27. Someone had cut the sun down. It was low in the sky, half of it gone, and worse of all, bleeding into the river. Perched on top of her father’s shoulders, Katrina watched as blood orange stains spread across the water. She screamed and reached out with grabby hands, trying to stop it.

    By Soft URL on 12.03.2015

  28. the couple stood by the lake watching the sunset just before it went fully down he kissed her

    By i am crazy URL on 12.03.2015

  29. It was a beautiful evening with the sun setting against a blue sky. Marvin turned to look at the ocean and saw the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. What was this thing? How could it

    By Midge on 12.03.2015

  30. It was a beautiful evening with the sun setting against a blue sky coated with seagulls. Marcia turned and looked at the ocean. What was that creature emerging from the spray? What should she do now!

    By LigTechie URL on 12.03.2015

  31. “Because the day was beautiful.”

    . . .

    After the diagnosis, I asked him if there was anything he wanted. Making patients as comfortable as possible was always a high priority, and I had seen to it more times than I care to remember. That said, I admit to some surprise upon hearing his final request; no elaborate arrangement, particular meal, no guests, not even music, just one last chance to see the sun go down. And then he told me why.

    By Brandon Steward URL on 12.03.2015

  32. The sunset is so beautiful. I dream about how bright the sunset is. The sunset looks like the heavens. It is so bright and BEAUTIFUL. I love it. It makes me think of a rabbit bouncing around a carrot patch. The sun and the sunset makes me so happy. It just makes me feel happy inside.

    By Samantha on 12.03.2015

  33. the sunset purrs to signal its lowering shine;
    the snuff in my head, puffs out a picture of a shrine;
    coral inside of my veins tangles and bumbles through the sea water in which
    my body floats in.
    Shining, beams the sun, the surface is always close!

    By Milad URL on 12.03.2015

  34. You wonder how many of them you’ve seen; how many more you’ll be blessed to see. Always breathtaking, never the same. You grab a camera to capture it, but you never really do. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime every day. Something only Nature could do.

    By nyla on 12.03.2015

  35. I sat on the sunset and was doing A birdhouse when an alien came and abducted me into outer space and i saw everything.

    By D.A.T guy URL on 12.03.2015

  36. Beautiful. Orange. Peaceful. There is nothing more beautiful than sitting on the beach with the one you love while you watch the sun set over the water. Or just sitting on the porch watching the sun go over the horizon…watching as it slowly disappears to that unknown place.

    By Debra on 12.03.2015

  37. the sunset is a beatiful thing to watch by yourself when everyone is gone. you get to think about who you really are with no fear. you’ll get to be with the real you infront of the most beautiful thing on earth?

    By Siima on 12.03.2015

  38. impending, my heart pounds faster
    there but few useful hours left.
    less and less as the year moves forward
    that’s just less time for these goals i work toward.

    By molly on 12.03.2015

  39. Sunsets. They are such a beautiful thing to watch alone, untill you remember all you misery and heartbreak. You feel so good for a moment, until you remember the horrific world we live in.

    By Siima URL on 12.03.2015

  40. The light plays off the water in oranges and reds and blues. My stomach is still turning from being on this boat, but it isn’t half so bad as last night. It’s the worst when the sun sets. I couldn’t lie still for five minutes in the belly of this hell-pot. The other men snigger at me, thinking I’m unable to handle the rocking on the water. They don’t see the faces though. The faces of all the other men who have died on this godforsaken ship. I can see them, and they’re coming for me.

    By A. G. Russell URL on 12.03.2015